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Yoni Print Retreat Phoenix, Az

Yoni Print Retreat Phoenix, Az

An Intimate Self Portrait | Yoni Print Retreat

Yoni, translates to "Source of Life" and "Sacred Space"; encapsulating the whole of a woman's genitalia from fallopian tubes to outer lips.

Today, the awareness of appearance has never been at this level of heightened sensitivity with genital cosmetic surgery up 45 percent each year. The way we see ourselves, down there, without proper knowledge of how we are designed to be diverse and unique, is driving women into suffering from the feeling of being "ugly", some going so far as to go under the knife and cut away parts of themselves. The female genitalia is naturally hidden away, turned downwards to the earth, where male genitalia is turned up towards the sky. So in order to get to know ourselves and our connection to our sexuality, we have to go under, down under.

Looking outwards to media, movies, magazines, advertisements for what is the standards of natural beauty, when their motivation is financial gain put's us against a version of ourselves that can be hard to attain and maintain. However, if we look to the source of natural beauty, Mother Nature we see that even within the same species there are never two that are the same. This is because she knows beauty comes from diversity and change. Our yoni's also change throughout the course of our lifetime. During puberty, intercourse, sex change and childbirth they transform. When we can give ourselves the space to mourn the passing of what was it leaves us open to embrace what is. A new us, a change that marks a transformation of continued growth of our womanhood.

These transformations are to be celebrated, honored and loved!

This workshop gives women a platform to discover their unique, to give them a voice and to learn more about their Genital Sense of Self through the teachings of Native American Sacred Sexuality, Quodoushka. These prints are treasures; each woman has her own look, her own "yoni print". Each time she paints, she uncovers more of who she is NOW and how she wants to be seen and expressed. During this workshop you will also go on a Shamanic Journey giving your womb a voice and listening to the wisdom that she has for you at this time and you'll leave with a new understanding of yourself, a deeper appreciation and love for the wisdom that is always flowing through you. Our bodies, our wombs in particular are directly connected to the cosmos, the void. They hold the wisdom of our past, present and future. It is here that we become truly connected to ourselves, and thus one another.

What to Expect
Morning Gathering | 9am
- We will gather together to learn about one another.
- Our Yoni's are unique, like a fingerprint to each women, we'll learn the external anatomy and explore our genital sense of self through the 9 different "types" as suggested from Native American Sacred Sexuality Author, Amara Charles.
Afternoon Yoni Printing and Meditation | 1pmish
- This is when we will uncover to our level of comfort and discover how our Yoni's want to be expressed thorough Yoni Prints. Each woman will paint herself.
- Yoni Meditation and Journey
- Customize our Prints and place them in their frame.
Closing Circle | 4pm
- Share our experience.

Registration $120 is Required in FULL 7 days Prior to Workshop
Full Registration Covers | Supplies, Food, Beverages and Sacred Space. All Registrations DO NOT INCLUDE your individual framing supplies (5x7 frame or larger).
Food and Beverages will always be available, there will not be a designated "lunch break".
Nudity is not expected, always welcome. Sarongs will be available. This is a safe container for women to be comfortable in their own skin and supported by other women.

What to Bring
Wear loose comfortable clothes. A dress or skirt if you do not wish to take off any layers.
Water Bottle | 5x7 Frame (only if you desire)
Anything that will make you feel more comfortable.

How to Prepare
Self Aware
- This is a transformational and deep process that may cause a variety of emotions to bubble to the surface. Many women have never seen their Yoni's before, let alone step into a room full of women to discover themselves so intimately. Know that YOU ARE AT CHOICE every step of the way. There is no expectation for you to do anything and you are held in a container to go as far as you feel comfortable. We highly encourage you to go at your own pace.
- Do not compare your experience to another woman. Everyone expresses and processes in their own way and at their own time. We encourage you to BE in your own experience and present with your emotions. Trust the process. Trust yourself.

Self Care
- What ever you feel, is Normal. Some will be really excited to experience themselves in this way and others will be totally freaked out. It Will Be Ok! You Will Be Ok!
- Do not compare your prints or experience to another woman. Everyone expresses and processes in their own way and at their own time. We encourage you to BE in your own experience and present with your emotions. Trust the process. Trust yourself.

Stay Connected
- Like minded people with open hearts are drawn toward one another, it's wise to keep connected to nourish your spirit and soul. We encourage you to share contact information.

Map 78 W Vernon Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85003-1039, United States
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