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Travel & Adventure Events in Phoenix

Adventure, Outdoor Events And Trekking In Phoenix

To Travel the world is to travel within oneself. For all the adrenaline junkies out there are cool adventure events in Phoenix like hiking in the forests, camping in mountains, hanging by the cliffs and a lot more. An adrenaline rush is sure to have when one is out there on adventure. Whether it’s swimming, river rafting, rappelling , riding with motorcycle club or cycling with friends or just a weekend getaway near Phoenix, we have got you covered.

Find your adventure and trips near Phoenix.

Upcoming Trips & Adventurous Activities in Phoenix

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    Experience Adventure In Phoenix 

    Exploring new places is always exciting. New climate, culture, people, language, food everything associated with it remains a splendid memory. Adventure trips are the best memory one can have of a place. Phoenix, one of the largest and most populous cities in the USA boasts of all kinds of adventure activities any adventure enthusiast will love. There are several day trips from Phoenix that you can book to experience a thrilling day. 

    Adventures In Phoenix

    In Phoenix, adventure sports are must to do activity involving natural and man-made wonders. Cliff jumping at Fossil Creek is a certain visit in Phoenix. You can go camping Verde and from there you can have a beautiful hike along Fossil Creek. At the end of the trail, you can view the steep valley or jump from a rock wall that is 25 feet high. Camping near Phoenix gives you a break from the city’s hectic life. There are many camping parks operated by Maricopa County. They are found in local parks. You can enjoy horse riding, hiking, and mountain trekking in these parks. For the nature lovers, there are exotic locations like Scottsdale and Mesa. You can also reserve your spot in a place like Usery mountain county park campground to get the real feel of camping. The famous Wind cave hike is near the campsite in Usery mountain. Also Lost Dutchman state park campground with its level parking pads and water hookups are all spectacular to watch and enjoy. These can be made as weekend trips from Phoenix.

    Castles n coasters water and amusement park with its giant wheel, roller coaster trains, exciting skydiving, and other thrilling activities is also a must visit place. Bif surf Water Park, which is 15 km away from Phoenix is a lovely summer destination. The park offers a lot of water rides for all ages with sliding pools and tub water baths. A Jeep tour in rocky areas is an unforgettable experience. Sedona, with its rocky hilltops and stone valleys, is a sure jumping jack experience. The rough terrains and hard rocks in the place literally make you roll around in the jeep but is a joy for adrenalin junkies.

    Summer Camps In Phoenix 

    Summer camps are well suited for kids of any age and also help in the overall development of children. From toddlers to young kids, summer camps in Phoenix offer a variety of activities, practical learning, field trips and fun to do things. They cover every part of a child’s mental and physical development like indoor and outdoor activities. You will not want your child to give a miss to all the exciting activity-based learning.

    Some Other Exciting Places To Visit In Phoenix

    Desert botanical garden is a unique place which has as many as 50,000 desert plants on display. Camelback Mountain, which gets its name because it looks like the hump and head of a kneeling camel, is an excellent destination for trekking. Joshua Tree National Park, a protected area, is an abode of forest trees and animals and is offers good hiking trails. Papago Park, designated as a Phoenix Point of Pride, is another unique place for hiking. 

    Make a definite trip this vacation to find a way for an unforgettable adventure in Phoenix. Go to and make your plans today.