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Joy of Life Exhibition


Joy of Life Exhibition

Joy of Life Exhibition
PORT commune, Seksyen 51 Petaling Jaya (opposite Old Town)
8 January 2017 – 7 February 2017

LAUNCH -- Sunday 8 January, 7pm to 9pm
OPENING HOURS -- Weekdays 10am to 6pm, weekends by appointment basis

The Joy of Life Exhibition brings together 17 international artists from 10 countries, namely Tjaša Iris, Jiyun Jung, Breda Sturm, Emily Morey, Brina Torkar, Beata Filipowicz, Fiona Stanbury, José Galant, Amalia Gil-Merino, Anila Ayilliath, Jaleela Niaz, Catharine Gellings, Paula Faraco, Frank Vanhooren, Crisia Miroiu, Ralf Obergfell, and Maya Sikorska.

The works are carefully selected by the future curatorial team of the upcoming Awe-Some-Fenix Art Gallery from Singapore, presenting an eclectic and multi-generational exhibition.

The artists have in common the Joy of Life, each of them expressing it in his/her unique way through painting, photography, mixed media works and sculpture. In today’s hectic world we often forget to stop and see how much our world is beautiful and special, as well as how much joy is in it. We are on a daily basis bombarded with news that bring us fear to the bones and make us feel sad and unsafe.

The exhibition is meant to bring you into a different higher dimension, into a world of a higher vibrational frequency, into an oasis of peace, beauty, joy and love. Through the works of art of these exceptional, highly creative, innovative and deeply feeling artists you have a chance to experience their positive and optimistic world view.


TJAŠA IRIS (Kranj, Slovenia-born 1968, Kuala Lumpur-based)
She is known as a colourist, for her large paintings painted with bright colors, vivid atmospheres of gardens with lush vegetation and bright light. Colour is the main concern in her painting, exploring its emotional and expressive qualities. She is an avid traveler. She lived and created in 7 countries in Southeast Asia for the past 7 years.

JIYUN JUNG (South Korea-born 1988, Chicago-based)
She creates works in different mediums based on dreams and desires in the context of gender and female sexuality. Jung often works with her legs, which is about feminine power, gender ambiguity, voyeurism, narcissistic conciliation and psychological and socio-cultural identification. Her family history and Korean culture has expectations on the first-born child, which upholds traditional gender roles. She questions these roles and identities of gender in the patriarchal culture and society by using her legs to form an octopus who is an alien in her dreams.

BREDA STURM (Ljubljana, Slovenia born 1976)
She primarily deals with the research of sound, image, space, rhythm (of the heart / life), patterns of relationships through the detail of the whole unit to infinity and exploration of the fonts. Through the symbolic field of the sign language new dimensions of transformation, tactile, auditory, and visual search continue to be revealed.

BRINA TORKAR (Jesenice, Slovenia-born 1978, Ljubljana-based)
Her canvases are full of fluidity and ecstatic energy as if she would wish to dance out of her body; through the research of female archetypes she explores her position on Earth; nevertheless, her expectations are directed toward beings from the other worlds.

EMILY MOREY (London, U.K.-born 1989)
Her work involves storytelling, conjoining elements from observation and the imagination. Through the interaction between conscious thought and the subconscious, stories are told and memories and dreams are explored.

RALF OBERGFELL (Freiburg, Germany-born 1971 / Berlin-based)
Shifts, flows, transformations – these processes capture his imagination and he uses his camera to trace the paths of developments, sometimes over the course of many years, whether it’s the rising surge of globalisation and climate change in Southeast Asia or an intimate rite of passage in the life of a young man in post-capitalist Europe.
He wants his photographs to capture the sites of change, giving a glimpse of the interface – a space of complete paradox – at which we mourn what has been lost, even as we are turning towards what has been gained.

CRISIA MIROIU (Romania-born 1987, internationally based)
She explores the way in which we ‘see’ a landscape, delving into the relationship between: the physical reality of a landscape as it can be seen with the naked eye, the appearance of a landscape as it can be seen through the lens, and, ultimately, the appearance of a landscape as it can be seen after capture. Views of the selected landscapes as they eventually combine within a single picture shows different visual representations of the same physical space.

BEATA FILIPOWICZ (Poland-born 1992)
She is a painter and printmaker inspired by nature. Her art projects tend to be an interpretive challenge. The creative process is guided by her intuition where case plays an important role. She is fascinated by nature in its various aspects. Sphere of her research is metaphysic, the process of transformation, mysterious and unattained experiences. She also draws her inspiration from the nearest environment, cultural traditions and poetry, philosophy or science. The outside world comes to her so much that she started to eliminate shapes from works.

PAULA FARACO (Blumenau, Brazil-born 1985, Berlin-based)
She believes her photographs explore either the beauty or the strangeness of the world. She tries to convey her own truth connecting her emotions and memories. Her work captures particular moments of her life with no preconceived form. It's when dreams become reality. For her a photograph might not always be what it seems. Colours merge, black turns into white like a secret that only the photographer knows the real truth.

AMALIA GIL-MERINO (Burgos, Spain-born 1974, Germany-based)
Her ancestral and Celtic echoes from her homeland Spain, her Old Near East archaeological background, and the identification with the Neo-Romanticism during her education in Germany allowed her to regard different cultures with the power of one united. The pure pigments she used for her works from the precious stones and minerals are reduced to powder, which are mixed carefully with oil, obtaining oil paintings which are worked with the resin dragon blood. This process of using precious stones with mythical anthropomorphic forms creates a new mythology (mythopoeia) integrating traditional mythological themes and folk art into the contemporary context.

FIONA STANBURY (Malta-born 1956, U.K.-based)
Her paintings always express her interest in the emotional dynamics of colour and composition. She explores colours, shapes, textures, drawing, and enjoys spontaneity and the sudden emergence of the unexpected. She is also interested in creating space and movement through the use of colour. There is often an underlying reference to landscapes, cityscapes, and the female form. As well as a memory, word, phrase, or sequence of colours.

JOSÉ GALANT (Barcelona , Spain-born 1977)
His multifaceted work ranges from modern surrealism artworks of Steampunk Science Fiction, and Art Nouveau Fantasy genre to 3D Geometric Abstractions. He alternates between traditional techniques in acrylic or watercolour painting to augmented reality. His current project called “Imaginary Destinations” is a personal metaphor of the 3D virtual worlds. In the initial phase of the project, he is painting a wide range of artworks. In its next phase will then select which one of all the paintings and will transform it in a virtual world. End users will be able to interact with each other through online 3D avatars. He wants to convert the exhibition spaces into imaginary destinations, and the public into avatars combining the paintings with augmented reality, virtual reality and augmented virtuality.

ANILA AYILLIATH (India-born, Singapore-based)
Her work is about enlightening experience with a miraculous vision to see and express the hidden beauty of the world.

JALEELA NIAZ (India-born, Singapore-based)
She is walking a fine line between Indian tribal art and contemporary art.

CATHARINE GELLINGS (U.S.A.- born, South Korea-based)
In her work she draws comparison from the roaring 20s in the US and today. She is depicting the excessive wealth emanating from 1920, trying to recreate1920 pictures by drawing Flappers, bobbed hair, pearls, tiaras, and Art Nouveau. She wonders if it is possible for her to obtain medical care in her country, to ever buy a home or have a middle-class job.

FRANK VANHOOREN (The Netherlands-born 1963)
His sculptures are about human figures with the absence of hair, captured with closed eyes, to enclose the beauty of the soul that breaths inside.

MAYA SIKORSKA (Poland-born1988, Germany-based)
She is working in the field of visual arts using most often painting as her medium. Her works touches border issues of psychology, phenomenology and the idea of "nature”, "natural”, and "over-natural”.

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