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Breathwork and Meditation Circle

Breathwork and Meditation Circle

10 Dec, 2023

Breathwork and Meditation Circle

Time Sun Dec 10 2023 at 09:30 am to 12:30 pm

Breathwork Studio, 51 Grosvenor RoadBayswater, Perth, Australia

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AUD 80 Tickets
Breathwork and Meditation Circle , 10 December | Event in Perth | Breathwork and Meditation Circle

Experience the magic of conscious breathing at our Breathwork and Meditation Workshop.

Breathwork is a holistic and intentional practice that involves conscious control and manipulation of one's breathing patterns to improve physical mental and emotional well-being.

During the three hour workshop I lead;

✅ a guided meditation with gentle movement

✅ technique demonstrations and discussion

✅ up to an hour and a half of guided breathwork

✅ a safe space for questions and emotional exploration

Breathwork offers;

✅ Stress reduction

✅ Releases held trauma

✅ Emotional regulation

✅ Assists with pain management

Breathwork and meditation workshops are limited to 4 participants providing detailed attention and care.

Cost: $80 per ticket plus booking fee. Everything you need is provided; just come with an open mind and wear comfy clothes.

Shanie Sim

I am a dedicated Transpersonal Breathwork facilitator with over 450 training hours and 10 years’ experience. Breathwork changed my life and I love to hold space to share its magic. I am proudly a Professional Member and Secretary of the Australian Breathwork Association

“Shanie held space with a compassionate integrity that made me feel like I was home and safe to feel transmute release and integrate with complete freedom. I can highly recommend gifting and honouring yourself a session with Shanie.”

- Sarah B.

Can’t make it to this event but would love to know more? I have a range of offerings and free resources on my website 


Tickets for Breathwork and Meditation Circle can be booked here.

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Sun Dec 10 2023 at 09:30 am to 12:30 pm


Breathwork Studio, 51 Grosvenor RoadBayswater, Perth, Australia

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