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Gamification Solution For Your Class

Gamification Solution For Your Class*

Jun 20, 2017 - Dec 07, 2020

Gamification Solution For Your Class*

Time Tue Jun 20 2017 at 09:00 am to Mon Dec 07 2020 at 05:00 pm

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16 Arumugam Road, Paya Lebar, Singapore

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Gamification Solution For Your Class* | Event in Paya Lebar | Gamification Solution For Your Class*
"A Proven, Unexpectedly Powerful Approach Where Educators Will Be Able To Deliver Highly Effective Teaching, Fulfill Learning Objectives & Students Will Able To Achieve Their Learning Outcomes – All At The Same Time."

To be trained personally by Anm who has the experiences in Education for 12 years + Games Design for 16 years  

Already adapted in many countries such as China, Japan, Finland & the US, Gamification is the next Best way in helping Educators & students level Up & achieve > 90% increase in accelerating learning, boosting retention, achieving Content Mastery practical learning that sticks, in today’s Education Landscape.


Conducted by Singapore’s Leading Gamification Specialist, Educator, Researcher & Best Selling Author Anm Pek, Educators, Teachers, Learning Designers & Curriculum Developers can look forward to a whole new experience with less stress in nurturing students effectively & preparing them for the real world.


A passionate educator herself for over 10 years, Anm has experienced the very same problems & challenges all educators face. Problems & challenges that are largely centered around a single core – Student Engagement in class.


Thoughtfully designed to help other Educators, she has specially created this Course to counter the BIGGEST problems that hinder progress Educators & Curriculum Instructional Designers in fulfilling their learning objectives.


With Gamification, Educators, Trainers & Curriculum Designers will be able to apply Gamification to increase the value & effectiveness of their teaching by 90%, sustain students' interest & attention span in fulfilling their perspectives.


With this 1-Day Course, Educators will be able to awaken the learning genius in each student using a proven step-by-step Gamification Framework with the following outcomes:

1. Understand Gamification As A Critical Element In Shaping The Future of Today’s Learning Worldwide, In Achieving Learning That Sticks & Content Mastery In A Shorter Time, While Keeping Students Engaged & Motivated.

 2. Differentiate Between Gamification In Learning, Game-Based Learning & Games. And Why Gamification Is The #1 Learning Tool That Works Powerfully For Educators & Students Of All Ages - In Achieving Learning Objectives With Minimum Effort.

3. Understand Our Proven “EduGamification” Framework As An Effective Tool For Educators to Easily Engage Students, Stimulate Creativity, Lock In Focus, Strengthen Understanding & Develop Soft Skills.

4. Discover How Our “Jumanji” Trans-Disciplinary Approach To Gamification Piques Learning Interest & Sustains Students’ Attention Span By Triggering 10 Emotions All At Once For A Holistic Learning Experience!

5. Unlock “Speed Learning” Even For Slow Learners, With Our Proprietary Approach Based On Game Design, In 3 Simple Steps By Using 7 Game Design Principles To Overcome Learning Problems & Achieve Fast Absorption & Retention In Each Student.

6. Learn Gamified “Learning to Learn” Techniques & Discover A Renewed Interest In Teaching for Educators & Learning For Students - That Newly-Found Sense of Purpose & Achievement.

7. Achieve Positive Personal Development By Combining Story-Showing, Aesthetics & Replay To “Questify” Students’ Learning Journey, Especially For Preparing Every Student For The Real World!

BEST OF ALL: Whether you’re an Educator or Student, Everyone In Class Is Happy – As A Result!

Be Among the Asia's Batch of Educators and Trainers to Embark On This Journey of Gamification with Anm, Achieve Your Learning Objectives & Set The New Trend To Drive Student Engagement & Easily Achieve Practical Learning That Sticks.

NOTE: GAMIFICATION IS NOT: Playing Games During Learning, Game-Based Learning, e-Learning. 


Course Title:

Gamification Solution For Your Class: A Quick Guide for Educators and Trainers to Transform Your Teaching into Exciting Game*

Course Code: LC01

Duration: 8 hours


Raving Reviews: 

“My first time meeting Anm and she wowed me totally. Her depth of understanding of gamification was amazing!!! Her ability to stand on stage and share with a group of youngsters and capture their attention was impressive! We have organized our industry talk for 5 months and this is the first time I have seen my staff so engaged! Thank you Anm on sharing. I'm sure now we will all be able to level up because of you!”

- Tay Ling, Client Services Director, Singapore

“Cannot wait to implement gamification in my teaching approaches. I’m confident my students will be more engaged in lessons!”

– Juzailah, Educational Therapist, Dyslexia Association of Singapore, Singapore

“Amazing session where I learnt there are different things I need to consider more in class, example, “students-to-contribute” by letting them co-create content.”

– Jonathan, Lecturer, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore

“Didn’t expect that we, as a team, could actually design a game within an hour, Nice : )”

– Terence Kwok, Project Management Consultant/Trainer, The ARC Approach, Singapore

“I find this programme interesting. I would like it to engage patients and caregivers.”

– Sonali Das, Executive Healthcare, Saint Andrew’s Community Hospital, Singapore

"Understanding the principles of gamification helps me plan my lesson better."

- Ahmad Ramli, University Lecturer, Malaysia

"Anm inspired me to produce quality Edu-Gamification to level up participants' learning experience!"

- Ms. Chew, Instructional Designer, Malaysia

"A very interesting session that guides participants to create simple card game for learning. Inspiring presentation by Anm."

- Ms. Azita, Learning Designer, Malaysia

“Easy to understand & implement.”

– Leo Baptist, Trainer, Malaysia

"Interesting and engaging. Thank you so much, Anm and Meow Ling!"

- Trishnu Kaur, Teacher & Curriculum Developer, Scholars’ Inc, Singapore

"Great course! Had a lot of fun!"

- Shaun Low, Educational Therapist, Swords & Stationery, Singapore


Course Material Provided: 

- Gamification Course Booklet

Fast Action-Taker Bonuses:

- FREE First-time Mentorship on Your Gamification Project – Anm Pek [Worth S$7,897]

- FREE 1 Hour Online Coaching – Anm Pek [Worth S$697]

- FREE 1 Autographed Paperback Copy of The Secret Code Book written by Anm [Worth S$27]

- FREE Gamification Community of Network to Learn from One Another 

- Surprise Reward for Each Team Member in The Winning Team

- and More Surprises (FREE Tools) that you will receive and takaway from this Course


Fee: S$297 inclusive of Course Material, Certificate and Many Bonuses! (Scroll below to find out more details)

We welcome participants from other countries (beside Singapore) as well

Register free with us now and pay at the later date. - Note: We will follow-up with an email for ticket fee payment of S$297 (per pax) when a minimum number of participants have registered. After payment, you will receive a confirmation email and details of the course from us.

Click on the above course infographic image to download


Gamification is an underutilized element in the instructional design, but it's crucial to engaging today's learners and enabling content mastery. This course is solidly packed with essential knowledge on gamification for education and training. Educators and Trainers will learn why and how gamification can help their students increase their interests; improve engagement and motivation towards learning and skills development. In this course, Educators and Trainers will also gain experiences on gamification design through hands-on implementation of gamification principles and add game elements to their training and teaching.

Learning Outcomes:

Educators and Trainers are able to apply core gamification principles, techniques and games elements into their training and teaching to fulfill their objectives:

✓     Accelerating Learning Engagement, Internalization & Content Mastery By Over 90%

✓     To fulfill their teaching syllabus, lesson plan & learning objectives in a less-stressful manner that reduces stress by 75%.

Course Outline: 

Introduction on Gamification

Games vs Gamification

Benefits of Gamification towards learning and skill development

Successful case studies of Edugamification

The missing piece of Edugamification puzzle revealed

First 3 Essential Steps of Edugamification application to learning

Two powerful mechanics of Edugamification

Gamification principles and process to training and education

Game elements application to training and education

How to prepare Edugamification design document

Hands-on practice: Create your Edugamification game

Power of Reality Gamification

Recommend Especially For: 

Passionate Educators i.e. Teachers, Lecturers, Trainers, Tutors, Professors, Learning Designers, Curriculum Developers, Trainers, Educational Therapist who: 

-      Are Under Pressure To Deliver, Fulfill Lesson Plans & Ensure Students Score Well In Exams But Face Problems With Student Engagement & Achieving Learning That Sticks.

-      And Wish To Achieve For Their Students: Accelerate & Boost Learning Ability, Invoke Higher-Order Thinking, Invoke a Love For Learning & Subsequently Score Good Exam Results - Even For ‘Slower’ Students.

-      We have professionals from other fields in HR & Recruitment and Healthcare that have found this course relevant and useful. They are ready to implement what they have learnt into their jobs.


NONE. You don't need to be a gamer to understand gamification!


We have participants from Singapore university, Malaysia university, Malaysia Finance Agency, Singapore Training and Consultation Company, Singapore Government Agency, Singapore Private School and Tuition Centre to Hong Kong Game Company. 

We are invited to share our gamification framework and solution to Educators in Penang at the Colloquium, Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organisation Regional Centre For Education in Science and Mathematics, Penang on 27-30 Aug 2018:

taken on 28 Aug 2018

taken on 15 Mar 2019

taken on 10 Aug 2017

taken on 11 Dec 2017

taken on 20 Jan 2017


Note: We reserve the rights to alter the course content, materials, class schedule, fee structure and bonuses without prior notice.


Prefer to attend this course as Online Course? The content of the training and training fees are the same as the Live Course (training fees is SGD297). Email us at Y291cnNlcyB8IGdhbWlmaWNhdGlvbnNvbHV0aW9ucyAhIGFzaWE= for more details or registration confirmation.


Anm Pek 

is the CEO (Chief Education Officer) and Researcher at Gamification Solutions Asia, Founder and VP of Strategic Business Development at QuestLife. She is devoted to provide gamification solutions to solve problems and create results in learning, empowerment and personal development. Anm has been in the game design field since year 2002.

Anm is also the gamification and design advisor for QuestLife - a mobile app for talent-matching and learning with geo-location. Together with Co-Founder, Meow Ling, they created Gamified Talent Matching Engine for QuestLife. Anm believes that individuals can be empowered and achieve their goals faster and easier than they ever imagine through the gamified characters that she has designed and developed for QuestLife. Anm also created Flashback and Recollect, learning card games to develop association skill, enhance creativity, memory, and Socratic questioning. Anm is a bestselling Author. She has written two books on gamification titled Success Today which hits 2 Amazon bestseller lists, and, The Secret Code: Is It for Real? with forewords by Asia’s Top Success Coach, Adam Khoo and Social Entrepreneur, Elim Chew. Anm received her Best Seller Quilly Award on Best Seller's Summit & Golden Gala Awards by National Academy of Bestselling Authors on 25 September 2015 in Hollywood, California. It is one of the most influential, compelling events for Best Selling Authors who are committed to recognizing their success as a stepping stone on the path to further ambitions. The Best Seller Quilly Award is to honor Bestselling Authors around the world for their contribution to education, enlightenment and the advancement of business.

Since 2016, Anm has been contributing in Serious Games industry. Anm is the executive member of Serious Games Association. Anm is the reviewer of Gamification and AR in University for EE-ICT special issue by EURASIA Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education. She is also the review committee for the Serious Games Evaluation Framework with Associated Quality Label for Serious Games used for Training, Engagement and Assessments.

Anm is the pioneer to setup Games Development and Testing Centre in Institute of Technical Education which serves as a base for games innovation and enterprise creation, and, she is also the pioneer to design and develop the Game Art track of Higher Nitec Games Design & Development course in year 2007.

Anm appears on Dean’s list for her Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Technology and Design and received numerous distinctions and merit awards throughout her studies. In July 2014, she graduated with a Master of Science in Digital Media Technology (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore). Her research paper titled, Design and Development Beyond Fun: Serious Games with Social Impact has built her a strong foundation in  gamification. She is also a Higher-Learning Educator since year 2008.

Free Registration, Pay Later:

Click on SELECT A DATE button now to secure your seat. Take a small first step to begin your new engaging teaching and training method that both your students or participants and you will benefit.

For any inquiry on this course, feel free to email us at Y291cnNlcyB8IGdhbWlmaWNhdGlvbnNvbHV0aW9ucyAhIGFzaWE=.

Gamification Course brought to you by:

Gamification Solutions Asia,

Please write to us at Y291cnNlcyB8IGdhbWlmaWNhdGlvbnNvbHV0aW9ucyAhIGFzaWE= if you would like to be on the mailing list for further enrollment updates.

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Tue Jun 20 2017 at 09:00 am to Mon Dec 07 2020 at 05:00 pm
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16 Arumugam Road, Paya Lebar, Singapore

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