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HypnoBirthing - Antenatal classes


HypnoBirthing - Antenatal classes

Do you like to experience the birth of your baby without fear and stress? Do you like to welcome your baby into this world in a loving, gentle and self-determined way?

With HypnoBirthing you return to your innate instinct and your feminine wisdom that sleeps deep within you, waiting to be rediscovered. You let go and trust your body and your baby.

The HypnoBirthing prenatal classes is a unique holistic birth preparation, that uses five basic techniques: special breathing, deep relaxation/hipnosis, visualization, ultimate deepening techniques and affirmations. These techniques will be practiced intensively and will be complemented by mental training and helpful information pregnancy, birth and your transition into motherhood. The birth companion, your active partner, will be fully integrated in the course and prepared to support you during labor. You will be able to devote yourself completely to the birth process whether you choose to give birth in a hospital, at home or somewhere else. This is your way to a positive and self-determined birth experience.

The group course consists of 2 sessions of aprox. 7 hours (with 1 hour break). The following dates of the course are:
1° class: Sunday 22.02.20 11:30 - 18:30 hrs
2° class: Sunday 23.02.20 11:30 - 18:30 hrs

*The anxiety-stress-pain syndrome is avoided
*Chemical painkillers are almost never needed or not needed at all
*The duration of the childbirth can be considerably shortened as the cervix is opened faster by the relaxation
*The correct and targeted breathing not only promotes relaxation, but also increases oxygen saturation in the body of the mother and the baby
*The mother remains relaxed and full of energy during the birth process
*The relationship between mother, child and father is deepened
*The birth companion has an active role before and during the birth and is integrated intensively
*Birth becomes a stress free, beautiful and joyful experience
*Children in a breech position can also be brought to the optimum birth position even shortly before birth
*Faster postnatal recovery
*HypnoBirthing babies are usually more relaxed babies

*How the myth started that pain belongs to birth
*How our body reacts to our thoughts and feelings and how it affects the birth
*You will learn why the female body is perfectly made to give birth naturally and in harmony
*Binding exercises and information that will help you and your birth companion build a deeper bond to your baby
*What matters when choosing the appropriate place of birth and birthing team i.e. home, hospital etc.
*What is recommended for a healthy diet during pregnancy
*A selection of visualization techniques to help your baby on his way into this world
*You will use self-hypnosis techniques to let go of anxiety and tension and give yourself completely to your birth. You will also be able to activate your physical anesthetic.
*You will learn special progressive and instant relaxation techniques to further deepen your relaxation
*You will release yourself from negative thoughts and feelings so that you can look positively at your birth
*Description of a natural birth
*You will learn special breathing techniques that support you during the different birth phases
*How an artificial initiation and a dam section can be prevented
*What you can do in a natural way if the birth is slow or not progressing
*The different birth positions that you can take to support the birth of your baby
*and much more...

Price for the HypnoBirthing Group Course: 299,- Euros.
In the price is included:
1. Aprox. 12 hours course
2. Participation of the birth companion
3. 5 Relaxations / Hipnosis and affirmations for download
4. Folder with detailed information
5. Telephone and e-mail services up to birth

For more information visit my website:

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email.
phone: 694 400 990
email: aW5mbyB8IGh5cG5vYmlydGhpbmctbWFsbG9yY2EgISBjb20=

Lots of love,


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