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  • event marketing software
    Relevant Reach
    Promote through the right channels and reach relevant audience.
  • event marketing platform
    Quality Leads
    Get quality leads that converts easily with reduced cost.
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    More Ticket Sales
    Sell more tickets and maximize ROI of your marketing budget.

 Reach a larger audience through AllEvents.in network

Featured Listing

Get your events easily noticed by a relevant audience. We showcase your events on top of the page when people search for events like yours on AllEvents.in Web & Mobile.    

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Newsletter Coverage

Get your events covered in AllEvents.in Weekly Email Newsletters that goes to a list of 4 million event seekers who are actively looking for events to attend in & around their locations, and online too.

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Push Notifications

Get your event pushed to a relevant audience through instant web & mobile push notifications.  

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Also, Promote your event where your customers are

  • Social media platforms
  • Other websites
  • Search platform

Campaigns managed by Event Marketing Professionals

Behavioral Targeting

Reach people who are most likely to be interested in your event based on their behavior, such as frequently visited websites, purchase histories.

Contextual targeting

Showcase your event ads on the websites & apps that are highly relevant to your events, such as showing a city walk event ad on a local city blog.

Search Targeting

Get your event ad in front of the people when they browse various websites & apps, based on what they have searched for earlier. 

Lookalike Targeting

Expand your reach to a new set of audiences similar to those who have attended events like yours in the past based on our internal data. 


Get your events repeatedly noticed by the people who visited your event page earlier but did not complete the ticket purchase.

Demographic Targeting

Easily find your potential customers based on personal information such as gender, age, education, location, income, parental status. 

Simple Pricing

Choose a plan that suits your event needs.

  • Lite

    Estimated reach: 10K - 80K
    Campaign duration: 2 weeks
    • ✓
      City Level Ads across AllEvents.in Network
      Featured Listing + Newsletter coverage + Push notifications
    • ✓
      2 nearby cities of your choice
    • ✓
      Paid Ads worth $60 on following channels
    • ✓
      Facebook Ads
    • ✓
      Instagram Ads
    • ✗
      Google Ads
    • ✗
      YouTube Ads
  • Advanced

    Estimated reach: 30K - 200K
    Campaign duration: 1 month
    • ✓
      Country Level Ads across AllEvents.in Network
      Featured Listing + Newsletter coverage + Push notifications
    • ✓
      10 cities of your choice across the country
    • ✓
      Paid Ads worth $150 on following channels
    • ✓
      Facebook Ads
    • ✓
      Instagram Ads
    • ✓
      Google Ads
    • ✓
      YouTube Ads
  • Customized

    As per your event needs
    Custom Duration
    • ✓
      Multi Country Ads Across AllEvents.in Network
    • ✓
      Multiple locations of your choice
    • ✓
      Customized Paid Ad Campaigns

Customer Reviews

Customer review Customer review

Best event marketing platform

Multiple cities, multiple countries, and one successful event

Team AllEvents.in helped us a lot specifically for a few major cities which we never hoped to reach so easily. Got 818 registrations from the UK, 1604 from Denmark, 349 from Australia, 524 from Canada, 3937 from France, 800 from India, and much more. The responsiveness of the business and social media team was great. I could reach them easily anytime even during the New Year Vacations. Thanks for the help. Will definitely refer AllEvents - event management software for any person, virtual or hybrid event

Kamlesh D Patel, Author and co-founder @ heartfulness

We have answered almost all your questions.

Success Story

Event marketing case study Event marketing case study

How an event got 20K registrations worldwide with a minimal budget of $450

Heartfulness Meditation Masterclass
As the name suggests, the event was a meditation masterclass teaching people to let go of stress at the end of the day. It was basically a 3 Days Online Meditation class divided as per one’s journey through discovering themselves.

At the end of all marketing efforts, we checked with the organizer and according to the reports, our campaigns were able to generate 20K event registration for their meditation workshops.

Be it In-person events, virtual events, or hybrid events, we have covered it all.

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