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Silvia's Monday Morning Red Tent


Silvia's Monday Morning Red Tent

What is it?

A Red Tent is an event where only women gather in circle together in a safe, held space. It's also a global movement. More info here:

Red Tents are usually (but not necessarily) hosted and facilitated by people supporters, like life coaches, therapists, wise women etc. They are usually very low cost and sometimes free, which offers every woman access to healing, support and community.

What happens there?

We get together and sit in a circle. We celebrate, share, listen, support. Every woman has the opportunity to speak her truth, share what's on her mind and offer her gifts. We listen to each other and only give advice if we're asked for it. We use a so called "Talking Stick" which is symbolic for "I speak and everyone else just listens, and I can take my time". There is never an obligation to speak, it is optional and invited. The space can just be a retreat from the stresses of life, a place where we can breathe and feel included with whatever there is.

In this particular Red Tent the focus is on sharing and listening. I offer guided meditations and rituals and make sure that everyone feels safe; and I offer teas and biscuits.

Please note:
After circling we have lunch together. Therefore, every woman is asked to bring a small vegan dish or contribution. It always works out well, so, just bring what you enjoy eating. We keep it vegan, simply because it includes most preferences. If you fancy having meat, eggs or dairy, please do feel free to bring it.

Who is Silvia?

I am just a woman who blossoms when connecting with others in my authenticity and vulnerability, because I believe this is when real, deep, sustainable healing can happen. I know I don't know everything, but I have good access to my inner (or higher) wisdom. I offer unconditional regard, my open heart and mind, awareness, and my willingness to actively listen.

Who is invited?

Any woman of any walk of life. We are inclusive and welcome diversity. Young women under 18 who have started their menstruation are also invited, they just need an adult woman to accompany them. We also include breast-feeding women with their babies.

Who is it for?

Any woman who is looking for community, a safe space amongst other women, healing, support, understanding, belonging. You can bring your vulnerabilty, worries, fears and also your joy and gifts (like your extraordinarily big heart, wisdom in a special field, knowledge, time, abilities, competences, friendship ...).

What's the cost?

By buying your £6 ticket you pay the minimum, non-refundable deposit to secure your space. When you arrive, please give another £4 cash. If you can't afford the additional £4, please still feel very welcome to attend. We all have experienced difficult financial times.

How often?

Usually on the first Monday of every month. There is a separate ticket page for my Thursday evening Red Tent.

What to bring?

Only an additional £4 in cash (if it needs to be less, that's fine; it's also okay to not pay it), and a vegan dish or food contribution.


I live on a wide-beam river boat on the Thames near Sandford Lock House (opposite King's Arms Pub). Unless the circles grow bigger, my Red Tents are held here.

You can get to us from Kennington (Oxford) side or from Sandford-on-Thames side.

From Kennington:

Turn into Sandford Lane (bus stops there) and go all they way to the end of it. There is a free car park. Cross the bridge, follow the path past the Lock House and walk ca 100 m upstream (river on your right). Our boat has a dark blue canopy. Just enter and leave your shoes before you come in.

From Sandford:

The King's Arms have a car park and they charge £1 for a 3-hour ticket. Just cross the lock, turn right at the Lock House and then as above.

Please be aware:

I have a dog, Jack. He is friendly, although he has been known to be slightly annoying to very few women by trying to be a bit dominant. I have him in check, though. He's small, looks like "Snowy" from TinTin, and he is very cute, really. He's definitely the only male amongst us, unless there is a baby boy present who is still being breast-fed.

I look forward to connect with you.

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