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Vanquishing Teen Anxiety 3-Day Workshop (Overland Park)

Vanquishing Teen Anxiety: 3-Day Workshop (Overland Park)

Jun 20, 2022 - Oct 17, 2022

Vanquishing Teen Anxiety: 3-Day Workshop (Overland Park)

Time Mon Jun 20 2022 at 11:00 am to Mon Oct 17 2022 at 12:00 pm

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Overland Park, United States

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Vanquishing Teen Anxiety: 3-Day Workshop (Overland Park) | Event in Overland Park | Vanquishing Teen Anxiety: 3-Day Workshop (Overland Park)
Helping teen girls transform from anxious to confident, with art, gamified life-hacks and yoga.

About this Event

This workshop will be held live on Zoom, for moms looking to support their daughters ages 11-16 with their anxiety.

3 days of REAL WOMEN, in REAL TIME, making REAL CHANGE, and enjoying REAL PLAY…Let me ask you this:

Are you your daughter’s most trusted support when she must battle her overwhelming anxiety?

WHAT IF… there was a magical solution that made it possible to playfully and effectively vanquish your daughter’s anxiety while simultaneously strengthening your mother/daughter bond?

WHAT IF … this solution didn’t involve restricting her social media and trying to micro-manage her responsibilities…after all, you’ve already tried to fight both of those battles.

WHAT IF… a little mystical make-believe could help your daughter face her life with clarity, confidence, acceptance and purpose… not doubt, anxiety, avoidance and overwhelm?

WHAT IF… magic potions could actually cure bad habits and empower your daughter to confidently make adult-trusted choices?

WHAT IF… treasure maps really could lead your daughter to her dreams come true, and provide an adventure in self-discovery?

WHAT IF… if was all fun?

WHAT IF… you could do it together?

Asking “WHAT IF” is the first step to empowering your daughter to conquer her anxiety and build rock-solid confidence for making adult trusted choices.

As a mom of 3 girls, an artist and yoga instructor, I invite you to trust something a little different. I dare you to ask “WHAT IF”, embrace the power of imagination and join me for my FREE 3-day workshop (just an hour each day).

I help teen girls re-discover their confident, bad-ass selves while using imaginative play to build an anxiety-busting toolbox.

Empowering possibility is my passion.

Let me show you.

This workshop is totally FREE and it’s 3 whole days of artistic play, creative movement, imagination and bonus freebies designed to:

• conquer anxiety

• build mother/daughter connection, and

• empower kick-ass confidence

I’ve jam-packed every bit of value I could possibly fit into such a short amount of time… all to get you and your daughter living your best anxiety free, confident lives right away.

I made this for you, because I want you to fully embrace this when you think of your daughter(s):

The uniqueness that you hold, is the powerhouse of possibility that the world is waiting for you to live.

We can’t allow anything to hold her back! Read that again:

The uniqueness that you hold, is the powerhouse of possibility that the world is waiting for you to live.

Why would I offer so much for free?

First, it’s because I’ve seen way too many women (of all ages) give in to self-doubt, anxiety and overwhelm because they can’t see their own greatness. I know that you are the unique ingredient that our world needs and that your impact can’t be wasted or delayed.

Second, as a mom, artist and coach, I’m a creative introvert that knows the power of connection. I know that an intimate community of supportive women can make all the difference in what feels possible.

*This workshop is for you, mom, because a stronger bond begins with deep roots. This workshop is designed to help moms start building the deep-rooted foundation for your mother/daughter connection to grow on. I understand that coordinating busy teen-lives with family schedules can be extra challenging so this workshop is designed for moms to attend while your daughters are in school. Don’t worry, this 3-day workshop includes BONUS materials especially designed to share the experience with your daughters at your convenience.

Are you ready for everything that comes with this awesome opportunity?

You don’t have to have any experience with art or yoga for this workshop to make its impact, you just have to have 12:00pm-1:00pm EST, Monday – Wednesday, blocked out in your calendar, a pencil and paper, comfy clothes, an optional yoga mat and most importantly a child-like curiosity ready to seek out adventurous possibility.

Here’s a Sneak Peek of the week:

DAY 1: Women of all ages are no stranger to the fast pace, on-the-go lifestyle…so much so that most of us don’t even know what pause actually feels like. Day 1 is about starting from a place of rest, embracing yourself as you are, where you are. We’ll begin with restorative yoga movements that will get creative energy flowing gently through you, then we will take a line for a walk and learn about the power of doodling.

DAY 2: We will explore the power of creative play. Play is the opportunity to learn, test new ideas, and explore alternative solutions in a safe-low risk environment. As adults and growing teens, play can be very challenging. It feels weird, awkward and sometimes even a little wasteful, but during this workshop you will get a chance to take the load off and feel the light-hearted freedom of being a kid again.

DAY 3: Today we will be exploring the mystical and magical and we will discover how your personal powers are the magic behind vanquishing anxiety and completing your life’s quests. I know it all sounds a little crazy, but when you learn to let go of the “shoulds” and “supposed-tos” and finally embrace your passionate possibilities, cool things will really start to happen. Today I will show you the magic systems that will change you and your daughter’s lives permanently.

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About The Host: April teaches on and off the mat yoga so women over 40 feel young again.Connect your creative spirit to your healthy body and live a youthful life empowered by possibility.“I am” are two of the most powerful words, because what you put after them creates your reality.What comes after your “I am”?Your answer to this question is the reason I do what I do. I believe that you are never too old, too tired or too busy to live your impact.I am an artist and I am a coach, these "I AM's" drive my purpose, which is to empower you to live yours. My "I am" is built on making creative connections that empower you to live your purpose with a lifestyle of youthful wellness. It's never too late to embrace the impacts you will make.April Quast Art and Wellness is built on these core values:Making Creative Connections ConstantlyEmpowering Purpose and PossibilityEmbracing Youthful WellnessTrusting Different
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Mon Jun 20 2022 at 11:00 am to Mon Oct 17 2022 at 12:00 pm
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Overland Park, United States

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