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Indie Theatre Productions
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One Stop Hub for Theatre & everything related to it, Rehearsal Space,Performance Arena,Community,Workshops,Events,Productions & much more. Disclaimer - 1. As producers we are not responsible for any content produced by us in case it hurts any kind of sentiments and the creator/director/writer are responsible for the same. 2. As a production house we are not responsible for any kind of copyright infringement done by any writers for the work presented by them under our production banner as we assume all copyright laws are followed by them and they have all the permissions to use the content if it is borrowed or adapted. 3. Our refund policy for all the tickets booked Online/Offline is as follows - (i) No refunds in case of no show by the individual for the show. (ii) No refunds in case the individual is late by more than 10 minutes from the show time. (iii) Full refund in case of show cancellation due to natural calamity or any other reason.

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