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About Corason

Madre-Vida by Corason was created for the purpose of sharing the magic of Sacred Medicines. Drawing from the ancient wisdom of Q'ero and Yogic traditions, amongst others, we beleive in cultivating a pragmatic and grounded Spirituality. We are a community of beautiful co-creators and brothers/sisters, each walking our individual path for the purpose of collective awakening and expansion. Through our own personal work, our prayers, and our devotion to healing and rituals, we are transforming the world we live in one ceremony at a time. Our spirits beam with Love, Harmony, Laughter, and Joy, and as we awaken to our authentic selves, we continue to support one another through our journeys just as Mother Earth supports us unconditionally. We beleive Sacred Medicine Ceremonies provide us the opportunity to meet ourselves and to know ourselves. In the Yogic, or Hindu path, this is called Swadhayaya. Through the insights the medicines bless us with, and the self-knowledge we gain, we continue our path towards self-realization. This is a journey of expanding your consciousness, elevating your spirit, and learning to inhabit your heart which leads to experiencing life as an expression of unconditional love and beauty.

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