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World Tourism Day Virtual Cyclothon 2020

Sep 20, 2020 - Sep 27, 2020
World Tourism Day Virtual Cyclothon 2020 Time Sun Sep 20 2020 at 12:00 am to Sun Sep 27 2020 at 12:00 pm
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World Tourism Day Virtual Cyclothon 2020

It is conceptualized to celebrate World Tourism Day in a constructive and progressive way incorporating Cycling the best way to revive the lockdown phase of Tourism Industry and enlighten path to move ahead.

We from Sportive welcome all Cyclists to Join the mission and do a part of this Virtual Cyclothon to channelize your zeal for Cycling for your Nation.

What you Can?

Do ride any distance anyday any place at per your comfortability within September 20-27th 2020 to

highlight any of the Place of Attraction of your city/town/area etc.

What to do?

1. Plan your Solo Cycle Trip choosing a place you wish to highlight nearby you within your reach which you think can be a point of interest for others or need to be highlighted in respect of tourism.

2. Register Your name by registration link ( a bare minimum charge to pay for the Data Management) filling up the details with proper valid mail and number for correspondence.

3. Do your ride at per your schedule and You just have to take Selfie Picture of your own with CycleHelmet along with the Place which you wish to showcase.

4. Send us your best picture by mail with your brief and Brief of the Place so that others can know about you and the place. We request all cyclists to take proper safety care and rules by local authority for COVID 19 precautions.

5. A possible link will be shared to you later to upload your picture by yourself.


1. All joining member will be awarded by E-Appreciation certificate ( can directly download from a link will be given by mail to you).

2. Few best by judging on their exploration will be awarded by nice Medal as memento. ( within India it will be free delivery within 15-20 days post the event but for outside India courier charge need to bear by cyclist).All of your portrait pictures of the places will be shared to respective Tourism departments of respective states/countries.

Please Note:

# 1. No Whatsapp correspondence for data management /certificate will be accepted. Only mail details will be taken in account in this regard. Whatsapp will be only to share event related messages/pictures or group community sharing.

# 2. Provide your valid and proper mail id in registration time so any correspondence in respect of this event can be mailed to all.

# 3. Correctly fill up all details in the registration page.

# 4. For any query or information mail us at - d3RkdmMyMCB8IGdtYWlsICEgY29t.

# 5. The event is for all cyclists from any part of the world.

# 6. It is a non competitive virtual activity completely based on your zeal of Cycling to enlighten and recharge tourism for a place near you either known or unknown.

# 7. Best Cyclists will be offered for FREE JOINING to one of our forthcoming very exciting venture which will be to add new value to your Life and your Cycling.

To acknowledge and appreciate the Group/Person there will be special Attribution Award for-

1. Maximum number of Participation

2. Best Place/Places to portrait

3. Best description to portrait a place/places

4. Best Picture/Videography to portrait a place/places

5. Best Cycle Tour Circuit/s ( 3 places connecting in 3 Days model)

Importance of the event and your activities:

It will help to promote tourism of your locality/state as well as Nation in broad spectrum. In this pandemic and post of it only you people can make an impact to bring back tourism in its track again which will support for millions of people connected to this industry to get a space to revive out of the ongoing crisis.

We appeal to all of you to be a part of this journey and bring more others to get associated with it....

For any query or information mail us at- d3RkdmMyMCB8IGdtYWlsICEgY29t

Register your name before September 20th 2020....12 P.M.

Fee has been taken for Data Management and Process Charge include E-certificate will be provided to all. Best 300 will be awarded by Medal ( within India it will be free delivery but outside India courier charges will be extra). It is your solo guided riding so take Proper safety. You are taking part knowing the risk of doing Cycling and none from either Organizer or any associate with the event will be responsible for any damage or loss or injury caused due to your participation. All the pictures or video you will send in connection of this event should to be your original and free from any encumbrance. All the details and photographs and video you will send will be of solo rights of the organizer or its associates for any use of further promotion of the activity or so. In regards of your participation to the event or post the event organizer or its associate will be accountable or responsible for any kind of claims for whatsoever reason by you or any third party in connection to your provided details. Any decission by the organizer or its decission taking committee will be final. Your registration has been taken counting that you are participating to the event abiding by the conditions of the event. 


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Sun Sep 20 2020 at 12:00 am to Sun Sep 27 2020 at 12:00 pm
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