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Workplace Coffee Talk

Workplace Coffee Talk

Feb 20, 2020 - Dec 09, 2020
Workplace Coffee Talk

Time Thu Feb 20 2020 at 09:00 am to Wed Dec 09 2020 at 10:00 am

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Workplace Coffee Talk | Online Event | Workplace Coffee Talk
You will receive practical takeaways and simple action steps that you can start implementing right away.

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WHAT & WHY:Workplace Coffee Talk provides business owners, managers and leaders at all levels an opportunity to discuss current workplace trends and challenges. Clients often ask –

  • How do we retain valuable employees?
  • What type of culture and workplace practices will help motivate and incentivize our employees?
  • When should we update policies?
  • What employment laws are important to know?
  • How do we foster better collaboration and communication between teams?

We are entering a “new age” of work and employers are being challenged to rethink old norms and ways of working. Our Coffee Talks will address questions on every employers’ mind and provide fresh perspective on what is necessary to continue to thrive and survive in today’s unprecedented times. The format is informal, lively and engaging.


Join Jill Windelspecht (leadership coach), Stella Skaljac (employment attorney), and Cindy Holzheimer (business expert) at our next virtual Workplace Coffee Talk on September 23rd, 9-10am.

9/23 Leveraging a Growth Mindset as a Competitive Advantage

10/9 Live2Lead 2020 Leadership Conference Simulcast – John C. Maxwell (special full-day event) - sign up here

11/18 When Workplaces Run Wild: How to Stop Putting out Fires, Constructively Resolve Conflict, Mediate Personality Clashes & Cultivate Better Teamwork

12/9 Conducting an Organizational Health Assessment to Improve Your Business and Bottom Line

Past Events

2/20 Top 3 Goal Setting Strategies to Gain Accountability, Productivity and Profitability

6/3 (Virtual ZOOM Meeting) Leading through the Remote Workforce Dilemma

As the restrictions are lifting related to Covid-19, many of you are working through how to get people back to the workplace, when to do this and the legal, financial and leadership / cultural implications. Join us on June 3rd as we share the most recent updates and best practices to help you think through these issues and create a plan to move forward.

In our virtual Workplace Coffee Talk, we will help you:

• Learn the legal implications & requirements for remote working

• Anticipate claims resulting from the coronavirus crisis

• Rethink your organization policies and structure

• Apply best practices in leading remote employees

7/22 Communicating Effectively: Feedback, Coaching & Engaging in the New Economy

Being an effective communicator is the #1 trait of the best leaders and managers. It’s also the #1 issue reported during employee opinion surveys as the biggest challenge within an organization.

Misunderstandings and miscommunications are more rampant than ever. In a world where electronic communication and the increase in working remotely has taken over - our ability to listen has been depleted. The impact – workplace morale and productivity are negatively affected when we can’t communicate well and there are legal implications when someone says something that may be misconstrued or perceived the wrong way.

Everyone can improve communication with awareness and focused intention. Whether you’re giving feedback to employees, handling a tough conversation, communicating with a customer or having to communicate about complex issues, there are proven strategies that can help.

This Coffee Talk will be invaluable for any business leaders looking for practical ways to make their individual and team communication better. Following key steps that will be shared by our communication expert will undoubtedly have an effect on business outcomes and move your organization from good to GREAT!

8/26 4 Keys to Create a high Performing Organization: Clarity, Consistency, Accountability & Vision


Throughout our series – “From Litigation to Inspiration!” – we look at each issue from an employment law and leadership lens. Being proactive and informed on key workplace trends and challenges will undoubtedly help mitigate potential liability, grow your business and create a more engaged and productive culture. You will receive practical takeaways and simple action steps that you can start implementing right away.

After extensive research and leveraging our own experiences with a variety of global and local companies, we have compiled the top workplace trends and challenges of 2020. We will discuss each topic providing examples of real scenarios that all businesses deal with daily and give advice from a legal, leadership, culture and workplace best practices perspective.

WHO & WHERE:Workplace Coffee Talk is hosted by Jill Windelspecht, President of Talent Specialists Consulting (executive coach/organization effectiveness consultant) and Stella Skaljac, President of ImagineHR (employment attorney/human resource consultant).


NOACC (Northern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce)

CVCC (Cuyahoga Valley Chamber of Commerce)

6/24 Everything employers need to know in navigating these challenging times

A global pandemic coupled with social unrest has caused tensions and anxieties to rise. Issues of safety and health, and now race and equality, are front and center in many workplaces today. Crisis situations can take people to their breaking points and can greatly impact not only their personal lives, but also their work lives. Employers and organizational leaders need to step up and be prepared to handle the stress, frustration and outright outrage their employees may feel during this time. They also need to act proactively and have policies and communication protocols in place to manage employee relations issues effectively.

Join Jill Windelspecht (leadership coach), Stella Skaljac (employment attorney), and Cindy Holzheimer (business expert) at our next virtual Workplace Coffee Talk on June 24, 9-10am.

Specifically, we will be discussing:

Leadership Best Practices

o The neuroscience behind crisis situations – why do people react rather than respond

o How the best leaders lead in the midst of troubling and terrifying news – communication, compassion and connection

o Leading by example and paving the way for a more inclusive and respectful working environment

Legal/HR Considerations

o Making sure you are following your EEO policies

o Creating and implementing a social media and electronic communication policy

o Identifying ways to quickly and constructively resolve employee conflicts that may ignite at work

o Being on heightened alert for possible discrimination and hostile work environment claims

Business Strategy Plans

o Developing continuity and if/when scenario plans

o Courses of Action Business Owners/Employees Can Take in the Face of Protests

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Date & Time

Feb 20, 2020 - Dec 09, 2020
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Date & Time

Thu Feb 20 2020 at 09:00 am to Wed Dec 09 2020 at 10:00 am
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