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Transcontinental Scholastic Chess Super-Tournament (10)

Transcontinental Scholastic Chess Super-Tournament (#10)

Sat Feb 12, 2022

Transcontinental Scholastic Chess Super-Tournament (#10)

Time Sat Feb 12 2022 at 10:00 am to 04:00 pm

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USD 15

Transcontinental Scholastic Chess Super-Tournament (#10), 12 February | Online Event | Transcontinental Scholastic Chess Super-Tournament (#10)
An international chess tournament for students of all abilities and grades. Enjoy four rounds of quality chess with time controls of G/45+10

About this Event

We are pleased to present our next online tournament, the tenth one of this monthly series of events. Having served students from twenty-three states and two foreign countries in our past online events, we command a transcontinental following for these tournaments, allowing our players to compete with other students from all over the continent, from the confront of their home. Moreover, our classical time controls empower participants to think about their moves and avoid rushing. Finally, because we offer three rating-based sections, you may rest assured that you will be playing other students around your skill level.

Date: February 12, 2022


Sections: Open, Reserve (U1000) and Novice (U600)

Rounds: Four rounds. Swiss system (no elimination). G/45+10

Qualifications: Every scholastic player who is a member of the United States Chess Federation is eligible to participate in this tournament, regardless of geographical location. For avoidance of doubt, players residing in continents other than the North American continent may participate. Players with foreign ratings must disclose such ratings.

Entry Fee: $10 by 12/11; $15 by 1/8; and $20 thereafter.

Registrations: Players may register electronically at this website. All entry fees are refundable until seven days before the tournament; provided that Eventbrite’s fees are, in most cases, nonrefundable. Refunds are made to the original method of payment only.

Schedule: The first round commences at 10:00am (Central Time) and each subsequent round commences immediately after the previous round concludes.

Prizes: Amazon gift cards in the amount of $400 will be issued for all sections of this tournament based on forty full-price entries, with such amount being divided between the three sections proportionate to the number of entries in each. In the event that less than forty full-price entries are received, the awardable amount will be proportionally reduced (i.e., if only twenty full-price entries are received, $200 will be issued). Advance entries will be counted towards the based-on amount in a fractional manner (e.g., a $10 entry counts as ½ of a full-price entry). Class prizes may be issued. Except for first place ties, if two or more players tie for a prize, the same will be equally divided between them.

Playoffs: Whenever any two or more players are tied for first place in any section, arrangements will be made with such players for one quick game to determine the winner. If that game is drawn, as many blitz games will be played as necessary until a player achieves a decisive result. Should three or more players tie for first place, the Chief Tournament Director will have discretion to determine how the playoffs for such players would occur. Colors will be decided by lot.

Ratings: For section/prize qualification, we will use the greater of players’ USCF regular ratings (OTB and online), but only online ratings will be affected due to participation in this tournament.

Side-Event: In addition to this classical tournament, we will also hold a blitz side-event on the same day that will last an hour and commence about thirty minutes after the latest the tournament could conclude. Notably, the side-event will have about the same format as this tournament, but with six rounds and a G/5 time control. The blitz tournament is a rated event and starts at only $5. If you would like to discover more or register, click here.

Fair-Play: In order to ensure the integrity of this tournament and to discourage violations of our fair-play standards, all participants will be monitored on a continuous Zoom video call. During the duration of their games, players must keep their camera on and cannot use a background. As an additional protection against transgressions, prizes will not be issued until one week after the conclusion of the tournament. By this time, almost certainly would have closed the accounts of any students who have resorted to chess engines (or other methods) to determine moves. Any player whose account is closed in connection with this tournament will be disqualified from receiving any prize from the tournament, will forfeit any played games and may suffer other penalties. If you would like to discover more about how’s vigorous anti-cheating procedures work, please visit:

Technical Provisions: Before the tournament, all students will receive a detailed email explaining everything they need to know about participating in the event. Having conducted many online tournaments in the past, we have refined our system to make enjoying these tournaments really easy for participating families. Essentially, all students will need to do before the tournament begins is to: (1) Create a free account (if you do not have one already); (2) Join our online club, Innovative Chess Solutions Tournament Hall; (3) Click on the provided link and join the live chess tournament marked with your section; and; (4) Click on the other provided link to join the Zoom call. Four easy steps and you’re all ready to go. As long as your internet connection holds up, no further effort should be necessary other than playing your very best in the tournament!

Other Notes: Sections subject to merger in the event of low turnout. The February Supplement will be used. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at: Y3Nicm93biAhIGVudHJlcHJlbmV1ciB8IGdtYWlsICEgY29t

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Sat Feb 12 2022 at 10:00 am to 04:00 pm
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