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The Vanderbilts One of Gilded Age Americas Most Powerful Families

'The Vanderbilts: One of Gilded Age America's Most Powerful Families

Thu Jul 01, 2021

'The Vanderbilts: One of Gilded Age America's Most Powerful Families

Time Thu Jul 01 2021 at 08:00 pm to 09:30 pm

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'The Vanderbilts: One of Gilded Age America's Most Powerful Families, 1 July | Online Event | 'The Vanderbilts: One of Gilded Age America's Most Powerful Families
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New York Adventure Club |

The Vanderbilt Family was perhaps the most fascinating of New York’s Gilded Age families of the 19th century — after all, their vast wealth; penchant for erecting monumental town houses and country estates; and early struggle to become accepted in the highest levels of Manhattan and Newport societies combine to tell a captivating saga of a social dynasty. This is the story of one of the most powerful and iconic families in American history, and the incredible Gilded Age estates built in their name.

Join New York Adventure Club for a deep dive into the Vanderbilt family, one of the most prominent families of 18th- and 19th-century America that originally made their fortune in the shipping and railroad industries.

Led by historian Tom Miller, our virtual exploration of the Vanderbilts and their magnificent properties will include:

-An overview of the family's early history , and how a penniless Cornelius Vanderbilt I would eventually earn unimaginable wealth
-A close look at the architectural masterpieces built by Cornelius' grandchildren, including the Biltmore Estate, Newport estates (such as Marble House and The Breakers), and Fifth Avenue mansions
-Stories surrounding Vanderbilt feuds, social triumphs, and public scandals
- Rare historic and modern photographs of many of these iconic Gilded Age estates throughout the country, inside and out

Afterward, we'll have a Q&A with Tom — any and all questions about the Vanderbilts are welcomed and encouraged!

Can't make it live? Don't worry, you'll have access to the full replay for one week !

See you there, virtually!

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About Tom

Architectural and social historian Tom Miller is the author of Seeking New York , Seeking Chicago , as well as the popular blog “ Daytonian in Manhattan .” Since 2009 Tom has published a blog post on a different Manhattan location every day — now totaling more than 3,000.
His research and reporting focus as much on the social histories of the buildings — the tragedies and sorrows, triumphs and scandals of the people who built and lived in the houses — as on their architecture and styles.
Tom Miller’s retelling of these stories make the buildings come alive; and suddenly they are more than brick, marble, and limestone, but the histories of real people.


"From start to finish, this presentation was so enjoyable to listen to, & so packed full of great information about the Vanderbilts, such a thorough & entertaining talk, thank you!" -Mary
"Good pictures, good pace, juicy info" -Susan
"It was so informative and fascinating!" -Nora
"The information was so fascinating. He made the past come alive." -Margaret
"Great speaker. Gave great info with terrific photos." -Gail
"Tom clearly has a wealth of knowledge about the Vanderbilt family and their real estate!" -Merritt
"I found out some things about the Vanderbilt's that I hadn't read about before." -Mark
"Tom gives a lot of information and is good at reminding us of the differences in the centuries. We get a good perspective on what it was like living in that time. Great pictures too." -Elizabeth
"It was my first one and I will be back - well done!" -Tim
"It was a fun topic with a conversational tone made to be approachable by all!" -Allison
"Fascinating stories. I've never heard such detail about all of Cornelius Vanderbilt's children. Tom is an excellent and knowledgeable presenter." -Penny
"The lecturer was fantastic, very knowledgable and told interesting side stories." -Judy
"He covered a lot of history in a short time. His presentation was very good - kept me engaged" -Karen
"I liked the historical narrative, the pictures, and extra informational comments." -Linda
"This was the best lecturer so far- very knowledgeable, with well planned presentation." -Constance
"Tom was was a true expert on the Vanderbilts and their New York properties, and knew beyond the scenes information." -Nancy
"Presenter was very knowledgeable and had an engaging way of presenting. The number of slides/pictures and attention to detail was great!" -Deb
"Tom was very knowledgeable about the Vanderbilt family and properties and presented the information in an interesting manner. Great pictures of the people and places." -Sharlene
"Tom's presentations give such interesting details. This was my third virtual tour with him." -Katherine
"Lots of tidbits I had never heard, despite reading a few books on the family." -Karen
"Very comprehensive, organized, interesting. The slides were wonderful Presenter is top notch." -Maria
"I most appreciated the detailed, sequential descriptions of their families and their homes. Tom demonstrated his extensive knowledge of the subject." -Clara
"Tom's extensive research & photos were great." -Sharon
"Incredible amount of detail and knowledge. Loved all the family stories!" -Adrienne
"Tom does a sensational job explaining such interesting historical information." -Jill
"Love these presentations and so many others offered by the NYAC. Tom always does a fabulous presentation and I look forward to his next one! Thank you, Tom and NYAC" -David
"I loved hearing all the history and lineage of the Vanderbilt family, as well as the extravagance of their lives. Pretty unfathomable that there were people of that wealth in that era. Fascinating!" -Vickie
"The speaker was very knowledgeable and engaging." -Derek
"Its an era that I am interested in. I work at a "Gilded Age" estate now open to the public. Learned more about it." -Kim
"Tom is very knowledgeable about his subject." -Shanna
"Well-structured presentation of images to support the verbal presentation." -Jackie
"The presenter's extensive knowledge and passion for the subject. The pictures, pace, detail, broad coverage of this family, way more than dates and places." -Ellen
"Very insightful - delved into the Vanderbilt family history & their stunning residences - especially the ones in NYC that no longer exist." -Debra
"I just loved it! Tom is very interesting and the information is fabulous." -Leslie
"Instructor is very knowledgeable and excellent presenter. Very interesting with fascinating photos." -Jeanne
"I have visited the Breakers and Marble house in Newport several times and Biltmore twice. I am interested in the story behind the Vanderbilt dynasty and this presentation filled in a lot of “blanks" up." -Susan
"Appreciated seeing the old photographs along with the presenters noting of detail in them. I love the history." -Kris
"The amazing history and relationship with all the members of the Vanderbilt family and their amazing homes." -Virginia
"Interesting material thoughtfully presented. Great photographs." -Cynthia
"The screen showed the photos and the words of the names and the buildings being mentioned. These efforts made it easier for the audience to understand the context of the lecture." -Alice
"Full of interesting information - people, places, architecture, fashion, history, gossip, art and more." -Annie
"The photographs and Tom’s details of the family history." -Veronica
"Everything. The information was interesting, amusing, fun. Lecturer very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Could tell he loved the subject and history of NYC." -Gale
"The presenter was so knowledgeable! His enthusiasm for Alva Vanderbilt led me to the book "A Well Behaved Woman" which followed much of what was reveled in this presentation." -Mary
"Tom Miller, the narrator, is knowledgeable, includes interesting anecdotes, and speaks clearly." -Yvonne
"Tom was extremely knowledgeable, and presented the information in very interesting way." -Kathy
"Informative, knowledgeable presenter who told an interesting story." -Robert
"Presenter was very knowledgeable and well prepared." -Mary
"Information presented thoughtfully and clearly by someone who was easy to follow. Enjoyed seeing the photos which were a nice complement to the presentation." -Diane
"Presenter very knowledgeable and it was interesting to hear about the family." -Sherri
"I enjoyed hearing all about the families, their greed, competition between brothers, sisters, wives,etc." -Diane A.


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Thu Jul 01 2021 at 08:00 pm to 09:30 pm
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