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The Titanic Epilogue New York City After the Great Sinking Webinar

'The Titanic Epilogue: New York City After the Great Sinking' Webinar

Tue Jun 29, 2021

'The Titanic Epilogue: New York City After the Great Sinking' Webinar

Time Tue Jun 29 2021 at 01:00 pm to 02:30 pm

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'The Titanic Epilogue: New York City After the Great Sinking' Webinar, 29 June | Online Event | 'The Titanic Epilogue: New York City After the Great Sinking' Webinar
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About this Event

Had it not collided with an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean, the RMS Titanic would have arrived at New York City's Pier 59 on April 17, 1912 — capping off the maiden voyage of what was hailed as "The Greatest Ship in the World." While the tragedy surrounding the voyage itself has been memorialized in books and television, the events surrounding the New York City part of the tale are less well-known. This is the untold story of New York City during the aftermath of the "Most Famous Shipwreck Ever."

Join New York Adventure Club as we set sail to New York City in 1912 and uncover the dramatic series of events that took place in New York City after the world received news of the RMS Titanic's sinking.

Led by licensed tour guide and Titanic expert Dave Gardner, our deep dive into the Titanic's New York side of the story will include:

  • Stories of the many New York passengers who took the Titanic's maiden voyage
  • A play-by-play of the sinking's impact on New York, from the media spectacle when Titanic survivors arrived on the RMS Carpathia to the hotel that housed many of its surviving crew members
  • The official investigation into the disaster of the century, including a look at the hearings held in New York City
  • The many hidden or forgotten plaques, statues, gravestones, and memorials throughout New York dedicated to the Titanic and its 1,496 lost souls
  • Dispelling myths that have percolated throughout the past century

Afterward, we'll have a Q&A with Dave — any and all questions about the Titanic's New York saga are welcomed and encouraged!

Can't make it live? Don't worry, you'll have access to the full replay for one week!

See you there, virtually!

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"Range of topic. Stories of individuals- both on the ship and those that changed plans. The photos were good and the presenter was so knowledgeable and personable. Very much enjoyed this presentation." -Shelagh

"A lot of authentic pictures and background information previously unknown to me!" -Michael

"So many interesting facts and vintage photos." -Gabrielle

"I liked the information provided about the Titanic event, the passengers, all interesting facts and photos!" -Karen

"The knowledge of the speaker was fascinating, lots of information I didn't know and I'd be keen to do a walking tour in NYC, once we are allowed to travel again." -Hollie

"I liked seeing the pictures from that time. Learning what happened to the survivors after they arrived in New York." -Lisa

"I loved how the facts are in conjunction with the photos - past vs present!" -Matthew

"Very informative. Loved the live footage!" -Alyson

"The presenter's deep knowledge of the personalities and history of the shipping lines as well as the Titanic passengers and those involved in their rescue and recovery." -Molly

"I loved seeing New York in the past, I loved all the photos and that video of New York, wow!" -Jill

"I loved the details. Heard some info I’d never heard before." -Laureen

"Great photo comparisons, interesting overview of plaques and memorials that could still be visited!" -Ariel

"I liked the presenter's extensive knowledge about this intriguing event!" -Melissa

"I like the way Dave presented With a lot of interesting facts that he tied together in a speed it was very moderate and easy to follow and grasp everything. He covered a lot of ground but it didn’t feel overwhelming at all." -Francine

"The presenter has a great personality and enjoyable sense of humor. Very well researched and footnoted. Included so much information. Great for New Yorkers." -Joe

"Very interesting stories I had never heard." -Dana

"Dave was very personable and has a vast amount of knowledge." -John

"Good narrative; interesting photos that I have not seen before; seeing areas of NYC that I know...but when they were much earlier ! Interspersing slides with video. He kept my interest the entire time." -Harold

"Terrific history detail and personal stories. I like how he spoke about the worlds in that day the context of New York City and also how some things are now in contrast with people he mentioned and their families and locations important to the story over all of the Titanic!" -Sharon

"I love having pictures, videos, live chat!" -Stephanie

"It was informative, it was quick, there was an opportunity to interact and I was able to escape this pandemic for a while. I'd love to do an actual physical tour but this was just as good in some ways!" -Scott

"Knowledge, pace, subject matter, visuals. Excellent!" -Karolyn

"I liked the NY perspective on such a historic event, as well as learning about the monuments and memorials around the city!" -Jen

"So enthusiastic and knowledgeable...i swear he must have actually been on the ship!" -Jerry

"Very informational, great picture and photos!" -Gail

"This was my first NYAC event and I was very pleased. I will definitely attend more of these events." -Andrew

"I liked the general history and the sites related to Titanic across NYC." -David

"Presenter very passionate and very informed on subject matter. Relative and interesting photos and graphics!" -Rowena

"I liked how they discussed each person individually not just the Titanic as a whole." -Jennifer

"Great presentation, concise, articulate, great balance between detail and the general. Speaker edited himself well, appreciated his wit." -Rob

"Very interesting facts and trivia about the link between the Titanic and people/events in NY." -Ralph

"Interesting to find out about the American story of Titanic and what happened afterwards." -Jane

"Dave was great in giving the information on the topic. He has a nice calm voice & makes it interesting & fun. Even though I have read books about the topic, I still fond out things I didn't know & when I can travel again, I will take one of his tours." -Melissa

"Good pictures, instructor was very knowledgeable about Titanic facts and trivia." -Lawrence

"I love the topic and Dave obviously knows a lot about it." -Jeff

"The presenter's knowledge of the subject and some of the obscure facts he talked about." -Michael

"Great speaker. He really knew his material. Great job all around." -Gerald

"Presenter was great - knowledgeable, clearly enjoyed the topic, pleasing manner and voice. Very very good!" -Cilla

"Everything! I especially loved the opening video and seeing the photos! Very nice job! Thank you!" -Eileen

"Learning some things I was not aware of. Answering questions at the end." -Cristina

"All the historical facts, the people who survived & did not survive & the photos (past & current). Good flow of lecture!" -Lori

"I love the old timey film clips. liked also the other people doing a short video recording. hard to find something to tie into this subject for video and it worked really well." -Noelle

"Dave is an enthusiastic presenter and knows his stuff. I loved the photos and learned some facts that I didn't know before." -Linda

"The presenter made the program interesting. He kept it moving." -Sarah

"I was interested in the unusual perspective on the subject." -Lee


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Tue Jun 29 2021 at 01:00 pm to 02:30 pm
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