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The Origins of Impressionism A Story of Parisian Rebel Artists Webinar

'The Origins of Impressionism: A Story of Parisian Rebel Artists' Webinar

Thu Jul 21, 2022

'The Origins of Impressionism: A Story of Parisian Rebel Artists' Webinar

Time Thu Jul 21 2022 at 05:00 pm to 06:30 pm

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'The Origins of Impressionism: A Story of Parisian Rebel Artists' Webinar, 21 July | Online Event | 'The Origins of Impressionism: A Story of Parisian Rebel Artists' Webinar
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By the 19th century, France had become the world capital of art — and no exhibition in the country was more important than the Salon, organized by the prestigious Royal Academy of Painting and of Sculpture. Many hopeful artists conformed to traditional art styles of the time in order to sway the exhibition's conservative jury to showcase their art — after all, this annual event could be a career maker or breaker. However, a few young and audacious painters decided to openly break the rules of academic paintings and rebel against classical subject matters. Why was the art of early Impressionists like Monet, Renoir, Degas, Pissarro, and Morisot considered rebellious? And why did critics and the public not only agree that Impressionists couldn't draw, but that their colors and compositions were vulgar? It's time to explore one of history's most radical art movements and the influence it had well beyond the frame.

Join New York Adventure Club as we uncover the origins of Impressionism in France during the late 1800s, along with a close look at the lives and legacies of these rebel artists who decided to embrace modernity, create works that reflected the world in which they lived, and cast off the strict rules of academic-style painting.

Led by Edith de Belleville — French licensed tour guide, author, and attorney-at-law — our digital showcase of the early history of Impressionism will include:

-A brief overview of Artistic Paris during the 19th century and the importance of the Salon, the official art exhibition of the Académie des Beaux-Arts
-A discussion of the sense of modernity in painting and how Manet influenced young painters like Monet, Renoir, and Degas (to name a few) to embrace the style
-How scientific innovations and social progress in France influenced Parisian Impressionists, and what inspired them to rebel against the conservative and prestigious École des Beaux-Arts
-A deep dive into some of the movement's most notable figures including female painter Berthe Morisot, who was the only female painter included in the First Impressionist Exhibition of 1874
-The influence of Impressionism on people outside the fine art world , such as famed musical composer Claude Debussy and writers Charles Baudelaire and Émile Zola, and how Impressionists were inspired by the architecture of urban planner Georges-Eugène Haussman
-A look at Paris trough Impressionist masterpieces

Afterward, we'll have a Q&A session with Edith — any and all questions about Impressionism are welcomed and encouraged!
Can't make it live? Don't worry, you'll have access to the full replay for one week !
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About Edith
Edith de Belleville is a native Parisian woman. She is a licensed tour guide, lawyer, author and a qualified French teacher for foreigners. She wrote a book about Beautiful Rebels of Paris in French ("Belles et Rebelles" , Éditions du 81) She is also a professor and teaches the Jewish heritage in Paris at Gustave Eiffel University (Marne-la-Vallée) She just published a new book in English about her memoirs in Paris "Parisian Life, adventures in the City of Light." And she spends so much time at Le Louvre and Orsay Museum that it's her second home.

"A very good introduction to the times and contributing factors of Impressionism." -Lahring
"It seemed to me that the we got an authentic French point of view on the subject. I saw paintings with which I wasn't familiar, and plainly the content wasn't derived from the standard treatment as given in art history classes taught in the U.S. The context in which the salon jury worked was also very interesting." -Stephen
"Very friendly presenter, gives the viewer the essential points illustrated with wonderful pictures of paintings." -Charles
"I've taken classes on art history and knew a fair amount about the Impressionists. However, I liked the information about what was happening in the country in society and politically. Also, I liked the perspective that some American artists are not even know in France. We, maybe all countries do, tend to believe that we are the center of the universe. So, the fact that our artists are not well known in France puts that in persective as well as it is sad that many of our excellent artists are not know there." -Kathleen
"As is typical with the last two webinars that Edith led, she grounds us in history, including social history as well as cultural history. Since I have studied French and love the language, I am delighted by the word pictures, the turn of phrase she uses to describe her subjects. I thought I knew a lot about Impressionism but I sure did learn yet more from Edith today. She brings subjects to life in her charming, unique personal style. She conveys an appreciation of the everyday person who does not have sophistication or great knowledge of her subject, yet she also connects easily with those who do in her presentation style. Edith is just plain fun to listen to as well as so informative." -Sharon
"Edith is always very informative with a lot of charm. She makes the subject so very interesting." -Paul
"Several things including the instructor Mme. Belleville. 1) Loved the paintings for the same place by two different artists. 2) Historical aspects regarding Nap. III 3) Cultural notes regarding how conservative french main stream society was in mid 1800s." -Sissy
"The presenter provided relatable context for the images and grounded them in history. She made it informative and enjoyable." -Dianne
"A French topic from a French expert!" -Laurie
"I always find Edith extremely entertaining and her enthusiasm is infectious. Great slides, too." -Ellen

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Thu Jul 21 2022 at 05:00 pm to 06:30 pm
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