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The High-ticket Sales Business Accelerator Workshop

The High-ticket Sales Business Accelerator Workshop

Jan 23, 2023 - Jan 27, 2023

The High-ticket Sales Business Accelerator Workshop

Time Mon Jan 23 2023 at 11:00 am to Fri Jan 27 2023 at 12:00 pm


The High-ticket Sales Business Accelerator Workshop | Online Event | The High-ticket Sales Business Accelerator Workshop

What Is This Workshop?

  • It is a 5 day FREE LIVE launch workshop where each day I walk you through an hour packed with unlimited content essential for your business to grow including:

  • A blueprint for your own business to grow and succeed by personally connecting with you and learning about your business and its challenges and suggesting instant changes to boost your sales
  • Creating an irresistible offer which your niche audience cannot refuse hence increasing the conversion rates of your high-ticket product or service
  • Effective tips and tools which accelerate the growth of your business and have worked wonders for over 500 female entrepreneurs and coaches I have worked with
  • Common mistakes that jeopardize your business from receiving recurring income thus having limited funds to reinvest into a growing business which has the potential to scale
  • In-dept analysis of your client avatar where to find your niche market how to connect with them without being salessy and how to nurture them into hot deals
  • The deal-maker formula that teaches you how to successfully handle objections and doubts and provide unlimited value and help to potential clients while retaining your high-ticket price
  • The dos and don´ts about lead generation qualifying the right leads and nurturing them which saves you loads of time and money
  • Ready-to-use scripts for direct messages emails and discovery/clarity calls so that you can close 5-6 high-ticket deals every month
  • Power-packed social media analysis and evaluation list that saves you over $2000 just on investing on only essential platforms/software
  • How to stand out from your competitors and deliver an authentic human connection to your prospects leads and clients with pre-purchase and post-purchase follow-up hooks
  • Interactive Q & A with daily takeaways
  • ​And LOADS more 

This workshop is for female entrepreneurs and coaches who:

  • Have reached the burnt-out stage and are about to give up on their dream business
  • Are generating leads but cannot convert them into sales
  • ​Are tired of being in the hamster wheel and earning little income from their low-ticket offers
  • ​Are earning from inconsistent revenue streams even after investing their endless hours which they could spend with their family and friends
  • ​Have signed-up to various expensive coaching programs but received poor results and want to put an end to their main problem of not generating 5-6K per month
  • ​Who want to grow and scale their business so that it is an inspiration to many other women all over the world
  • ​Are wasting loads of time and money on platforms and software which deliver unsatisfactory results
  • ​Require guidance and support in contacting prospects and leads to speed up and close deals
  • ​Want to focus on creating valuable content for a high market niche audience rather than chasing people over endless discovery calls free guides and different Facebook group promotions

Topics covered in this 5 day live workshop:

Day 1:

  • An introduction and the 5 top secrets which will boost your revenues asap; daily giveaway
  • Common mistakes which are jeopardizing your business growth

Day 2:

  • Creating or Developing an irresistible high-ticket offer; daily giveaway
  • Establishing your brand as a high-value one & The High-Conversion Lead Generation Blueprint

Day 3:

  • 7 steps to create a profitable business and how to guarantee its constant success; daily giveaway
  • LIVE Q & A and success stories

Day 4:

  • How to save over $2000 just on your social media marketing; daily giveaway
  • Building a business strategy that optimizes your business growth

Day 5:

  • Secrets to deal with objections over calls and closing deals fast; daily giveaway
  • The Conversion Formula to Boost Your Monthly Revenues to 6k; last giveaway


Alicia Morales- I signed-up to The High-ticket Sales Business Accelerator workshop as I was tired of receiving inconsistent sales as a relationship coach. But from the first day itself things began to change as I applied some tweaks guided by Natasha and within no time I got more visibility and leads followed by quality clients.

Delovina Travera- I have been following Natasha´s work since some time now so I registered to her workshop as I just love the way she connects and shares so many tips to grow your business. However the workshop was a game-changer for my work. I learnt so much value-packed content all 9 days that I am still applying all that she taught and seeing great results in my business.

Mary Davila- I was reluctant to join Natasha´s workshop as I am not tech-savvy. Natasha somehow made it so easy to follow all her topics and apply them as she personally did a business assessment of my business and created a roadmap according to my business model and goals. Within 3 weeks I got my first high-ticket client and there has been no stop ever since then!

Who am I:

I Natasha Vaswani am a certified business coach speaker and author. I help female entrepreneurs and coaches grow their business by generating consistent sales through their high-ticket offers.

During my teens I began actively participating in my family business in Barcelona yet I wanted to create my own identity in the business world as a female entrepreneur. After graduating in Business Administration and Management from the University of Westminster London I got certified as a coach and counsellor and began working with women who required some guidance to start their coaching business until I hit 6k+ months and today I coach female entrepreneurs and coaches from all over the world adding unlimited value and growth to their journey while they scale in their business.

I would love to connect with you and serve you with unlimited content resources freebies and a customized business assessment for YOUR business during this 5 day LIVE workshop!

For any queries you can contact me on my WhatsApp business:+34 612468209

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Natasha Vaswani
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Mon Jan 23 2023 at 11:00 am to Fri Jan 27 2023 at 12:00 pm