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SUPERBmind  Train your Brain (BRAIN & MIND MASTERY) Online workshop

SUPERBmind – Train your Brain (BRAIN & MIND MASTERY) Online workshop

Jan 09, 2023 - Jan 15, 2023

SUPERBmind – Train your Brain (BRAIN & MIND MASTERY) Online workshop

Time Mon Jan 09 2023 at 06:00 pm to Sun Jan 15 2023 at 08:00 pm
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INR 4,999 - 29,999 Tickets
SUPERBmind – Train your Brain (BRAIN & MIND MASTERY) Online workshop , 9 January | Online Event | SUPERBmind – Train your Brain (BRAIN & MIND MASTERY) Online workshop

The ULTIMATE one-stop solution to enrich & enhance your BRAIN & MIND power


Do you LACK Focus and Concentration?  


Do you want to be more SMARTER?


Do you want to be a GENIUS?  


 Get READY to unlock our brain’s 100% potential.


19 PROVEN and POWERFUL techniques to master your BRAIN & MIND. 

19 reasons why you should participate in SUPERBmind - (Program Outcomes/ Guarantees)


1.    BRAIN GYM to improve neuroplasticity – Improve your learning capacity/ capability.


2.    Neurobics to strengthen your BRAIN POWER & Brain Flexibility – Enhances focus and keeps distractions away.


3.    Memory enhancement brain MUSIC to improve concentration & attention span.


4.    Boost your memory with a World-class MEMORY technique to remember longer and more – PEG Memory technique is the world’s no. 1 technique for memory champions.


5.    Learn 3 NLP Techniques to 24/7 Positivity – Be motivated at all times (NLP = Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques)


6.    Visualization- MIND BODY Connection – Get the power to HEAL yourself – get super healthy & Super smart


7.    SUPERBhead - HEADSTRONG Exercises for improving blood flow to BRAIN –– These 5 exercises will help in neurogenesis (increase in grey matter) which Leads to LASER SHARP Focus and Concentration


8.   Hypnotherapy to re-wire your Sub-Conscious Mind – Transform our lives for the better – A popular method to re-program our subconscious mind and accelerate our success health relationship and finances.

Hypnosis is also used to break old and bad habits.


9.    Mudras for Healing and Transformation – 6 ancient Mudra’s will help in healing/ improving our eyes heart ears and overall health.


10. Meditation – NOTE - Successful people meditate learn 3 simple techniques and harness your inner potential to be No. 1 in life and career.


11. Speed reading technique – This is the No. 1 tool to enhance our brain strength. It is now proven – READERS are LEADERS.


12. MID BRAIN activation exercises (Pineal Gland activation) – Get the power of intuition and creativity – by unlocking/ activating our mid-brain thus living a holistic and balanced life.


13. Reflexology for brain & physical health – 2 simple yet powerful pressure points to instantly energize ourselves.


14. Heal yourself with (EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique – Invented by Dr. Gary Craig this is the No. 1 self-help tool for emotional and physical issues.


15. Brain GAMES for memory improvement – FACT - Our brain loves games – in this segment you play games daily for a fun brain workout + cognitive development.


16. Memory challenge for improving our BRAIN performance


17. We use GAMES Activities and Exercises as program methodology to deliver our lessons/ workshops.


18. Focus and diffuse way of learning – Dr. John Medina – his RARE techniques were used by Edison El Salvador Dali Tesla and big such leaders – This will revolutionize the way we solve problems and

our brain on Fastrack to learning.


19. DAILY Follow-up (21 days) 1-On-1 for HABIT formation – Each SUPERBmind participant will get a dedicated coach to motivate guide and support the participant for maximum value/ benefits.


We at SUPERBHUMANS believe in making success habits; knowledge is only potential power. 


(7 days starting 9th Jan to 15th Jan 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. DAILY 2 Hours on Zoom) + 3

Follow-up sessions = Total 10 days + 21 days practice sessions


· BONUS – Daily session RECORDING (for reference revision and deeper learning)


 · EXTRA Bonus (FREE) – additional 3 Practice sessions (2 hours each) 22nd 29th Jan & 5th Feb 2023 (3 consecutive Sunday’s) - 6 EXTRA hours - 100% FREE

· EXTRA EXTRA Bonus – Join Dr. Sachin every morning for his morning rituals for 21 days (Daily

Motivation& HABIT formation) – DAILY session (Via Zoom from 16th Jan 2023)


⌛ Date: 9th Jan to 15th Jan (7 Days) + 3 Follow up sessions

Daily: 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.

Venue: Zoom

Language: English


7 UNIQUE takeaways & Guarantees from SUPERBmind (Program Outcomes)


1) 100% practical sessions with GAMES Activities and Exercises.

2) Better memory – PEG System – World’s No. 1 Memory technique.

3) First time in India – never before – 19+ Techniques and BONUS

4) Improved MENTAL + PHYSICAL Health.

5) Better understanding of concepts/ subject (for school/ college students)

6) Dr. Sachin is a leading life coach with Doctorate in Experiential Training.

7) DAILY Follow-up (21 days) 1-On-1 follow-up for HABIT formation.



EARLY BIRD offer till 10th Oct = Rs. 2999.00

11th Dec onward = Rs. 4999.00   

Actual price Rs. 29999.00


Call +91 97505 86463 Ajith Coach for more info


NOTE – SUPERBmind is for participants above age 8 (no upward limit)


(For Children below the age of 15 parental assistance might be needed)


How to book tickets for SUPERBmind (Online ZOOM session) -

1. Book the ticket from the orange ticket tab. You can also book directly from this link –

All events link

2. Enter the details and make the payment online (Credit Card Debit card Net Banking UPI Pay TM or

Google Pay).

3. You will get a QR code in your registered email ID.

4. Send the ticket to YWppdGggISBzdXBlcmJodW1hbnMgfCBnbWFpbCAhIGNvbQ== and call +91 97505 86463 for acknowledgment.

5. One day before the event - ZOOM Link will reach you through email and WhatsApp.

6. You will also be added in SUPERBmind WhatsApp groups (2 groups – MAIN & DISCUSS) for more info (one day before the event)


If you need any help please call +91 97505 86463 Ajith Coach for more info.


Tickets for SUPERBmind – Train your Brain (BRAIN & MIND MASTERY) Online workshop can be booked here.

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Mon Jan 09 2023 at 06:00 pm to Sun Jan 15 2023 at 08:00 pm
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