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Structures & GiftsBookbinding3 FALL 21 Oct-Jan Wed PM

Structures & Gifts/Bookbinding3: FALL '21 Oct-Jan Wed PM

Oct 20, 2021 - Jan 12, 2022

Structures & Gifts/Bookbinding3: FALL '21 Oct-Jan Wed PM

Time Wed Oct 20 2021 at 06:00 pm to Wed Jan 12 2022 at 08:30 pm

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USD 350
Structures & Gifts/Bookbinding3: FALL '21 Oct-Jan Wed PM | Online Event | Structures & Gifts/Bookbinding3: FALL '21 Oct-Jan Wed PM
Build functional structures & gifts w/ the same materials & techniques used in bookbinding. Closing mechanisms, hinges, dividers & more.

About this Event

Bookbinding 3: Structures & Gifts: FALL '21 Oct-Jan WedPM 10-Week Online Course w/ Anne-Davnes Elser

10 Sessions | Advanced Levels | $350 | Min 05 Max 10 | Wed PM from 6-8:30PM | Oct 20-Jan 12 (no classes Oct 3 or Nov 22) -

!!!Early Bird 20% discount expires Friday, Oct 15th at 12AM!!

This is a LIVE class, which is recorded for your enjoyment and review, then uploaded to a class folder on my Dropbox site each of our 6 weeks of class time together. If you ever have to miss a class, you can always check back later to watch what you missed and practice at your own pace. I really enjoy the live format, and meeting so many people all over the world each week in my home. Live classes allow the student to interact with me and each other for specific feedback.

IMPORTANT: When you purchase a ticket, Eventbrite will send you an order confirmation email with your ticket. WITHIN that email, scroll down beneath the ticket to see the links to our online classroom, supply list, and Dropbox folder where exemplars and class recordings will be stored for viewing. This will be our virtual classroom for every time we meet. When the link and intro email is sent to you, click the link, which will open a web page in your web browser.

You MUST be using a Google CHROME browser if you're joining the class via your computer. Safari and Firefox, etc will NOT work. If you're joining via your ipad or phone, you'll download Google's Meet app and join that way. You do not need to have a gmail address.

Please read technical notes way down at the bottom for details about participating in an online class via Google Meet.

Here's the class schedule:

Week 01 • Wed Oct 20, 2021 6-8:30pm

Week 02 • Wed Oct 27, 2021 6-8:30pm

--No Class Nov 03, 2021--

Week 03 • Wed Nov 10, 2021 6-8:30pm

Week 04 • Wed Nov 17, 2021 6-8:30pm

---No Class Nov 22, 2021---

Week 05 • Wed Dec 01, 2021 6-8:30pm

Week 06 • Wed Dec 08, 2021 6-8:30pm

Week 07 • Wed Dec 15, 2021 6-8:30pm

Week 08 • Wed Dec 29, 2021 6-8:30pm

Week 09 • Wed Jan 05, 2021 6-8:30pm

Week 10 • Sat, Jan 12, 2021 6-8:30pm

Shortly after registering you will receive a welcome email containing:

• PDF link(s) to exemplar packet.

• Link to our Online Classroom.

• Link to Online folders where class recordings are kept.

After each live class, I’ll upload either a full-length recording of my demonstrations during the class, OR a replacement video of similar instruction OR a 20-minute review of the pages we worked on (and snapshots of those pages) for you to later download at your convenience. This makes it easier for students to keep up with the class if you cannot participate live.

Note: these videos will take a day or two to appear in the class notes folder, as they are very large and take a long time for them to fully upload onto my Dropbox account. Please allow for at least a day and a half after a class date before you go searching for any content of that class.

Class Description:

Prerequisites for this class are Bookbinding 1 (Beginning Level) and Bookbinding 2 (Intermediate Level).

Projects included:

Week 01 • Begin Collapsible Container

Week 02 • Complete Collapsible Container

Week 03 • Keepsake Box with Button Closure

Week 04 • Clam Shell 2-Deck Card Box

Week 05 • Perfect-Bound Magnetic Note Pad

Week 06 • Custom Decorative Inkwell

Week 07 • Ribbon Closure Writing Desk Box (Coffee Shop Box)

Week 08 • Telescoping Pencil Case with Inner Dividers

Week 09 • Footed Index Card Boxes with Dividers

Week 10 • Magnetic Closure Cigar Box

Bookbinding 3: Structures and Gifts is an extension of the Bookbinding courses I offer, with heavy lean towards making objects that hold art supplies and/or other precious objects. There is a story behind every single one of these projects I can share with you and can pinpoint the reason, point in time, and usefulness of each one. This class is is more of a self portrait as I look at the timeline of my life, and the events that took place that inspired the invention of each one. I’ve had these objects in my home for so many years - it was just a matter of time before I shared them with you all. Welcome to Bookbinding 3!!

More information for Local Atlanta Classes/Workshops:

• $5 Fee due to the instructor on the first day of class or workshop.

• Anne will be bringing her dog to this class. If you have an allergy or phobia that she needs to be aware of, please email Anne directly. UGVua2l0dGVuIHwgYW5uZWVsc2VyICEgY29t


Book Cloth is a useful addition to all of the projects that have hinged lid. If you don’t use book cloth, you can also use an extra layer of washi paper to make your hinges more durable. If you don’t do either of these, you’ll end up patching the hinges as time goes on. Please note that I often skip the book cloth option and enjoy patching my hinges with washi tape or more paper. If you give these as gifts or plan to sell them, I’d recommend using book cloth or more washi paper for durability.

Braided Elastic (3/8 inch wide in black or natural.)

• Keepsake Box with Button Closure: Two flat-bottomed buttons, one for either side of the lid. I have one on the outside of my lid that’s about an inch wide and a smaller one on the inside of my lid that’s a little over a half-inch wide.

• Perfect-Bound Magnetic Note Pad: Magnetic strip roll, with adhesive backing. (I got mine at Michales or a craft store like JoAnns.) Mine is 30” long and about .5” wide. This is plenty to use for the back of our note pads, as well as the Magnetic Closure Cigar Box.

• Custom Decorative Inkwell: Corrugated cardboard. Save your amazon boxes for this one! You don’t need much, as ink wells are tiny. You can also use something heavy to weigh down your ink well. I glued a few pennies to the base of mine for added weight. You’ll also want to add a waterproof coating to your inkwell, to keep it clean and safe from water damage. I love Krylon’s Matte Finish 1311 spray. It’s a permanent coating and dries pretty fast. We’ll also use this stuff for our Round Pencil Container.

• Ribbon Closure Writing Desk Box (Coffee Shop Box): Flat ribbon that looks good from both sides. Grosgrain works well. Anything under an inch will work. My ribbons are 5/8” wide.

• Magnetic Closure Cigar Box: Magnetic strip roll, with adhesive backing. (I got mine at Michales or a craft store like JoAnns.) Mine is 30” long and about .5” wide. Sand paper or heavy-duty emory boards. I actually prefer using emory boards because I hate touching sand paper and emory boards are easier to hold in my hands. I go to a beauty supply store (like Sally Beauty) and buy the ones that are made for artificial nails. You really only need one, but I have several because they’re so cheap and useful.

Below are supplies we’ve already have in our toolbox. My one addition to this list is an OLFA 1072198 LA-X 18mm Fiberglass Rubber Grip Heavy-Duty Utility Knife

. This makes cutting chipboard SO MUCH EASIER than using an x-acto knife.

Supply List:

Binders Art Supply ( is the best Atlanta local spot to purchase supplies for this class and they will give you a student discount! Anything that you can’t find there, can be purchased at John Neal Books ( or Paper and Ink Arts (, Paper Source, and any Google search is very handy as well. You'll see me link a variety of these links in the products below.

• Non-Adhesive Binding, Vol. 1: Books without Paste or Glue (Paperback) by Keith A. Smith (Author)

This is an excellent book I highly recommend following for detailed descriptions and graphics that illustrate the stitch turns and their complexities. We'll use this book in conjunction with my own illustrated handouts.

• Bookbinding Adhesives (please purchase both)

1: Lineco Neutral pH 8 oz. Adhesive (glue) OR Jade 403 PVA adhesive

This can be used by itself as a bottle glue for small dots of adhesive. I also mix this with the next product below. I will demonstrate how to prepare your own slow-drying adhesive so that you can use yours the second day of class.

2: 1.5 oz. container of Lineco® Pure Methyl Cellulose

If you go to, look for the 12 pack of Curved Sewing Needles #6 and the for the straight needles, get these: Osborne Nickel Plated Harness-Needles No. 517-1 (Gauge 19, length 2 3/8).

• Straight and curved bookbinding needles

• 2 Ziploc 16 oz. plastic containers with threaded lids (to prepare and store your glue mixture and methyl cellulose.)

• Bone, horn, or teflon folder

• Paper for pages of your books. When I make a journal, I usually use 40 8.5 x 11 sheets of text weight paper, or something that takes ink well, but folds easily. Many of the papers we've used in flourishing and FLORA work well. Below are my faves for binding a book. You don't have to get all of these papers and if you'd rather use your own favorite papers, that is OK.

1. Strathmore Calligraphy Pad. I LOVE this ivory laid sheet that comes in a nifty pad. She’s super for folding envelopes and can handle more watercolor than the transparent pad above. Not great for final work (will wrinkle some) but if you already have these sheets, you may use these.

2. Classic Crest Antique Gray or Natural white, Smooth Writing Paper, 24W. Neenah Paper ( sells this by the 500-sheet ream at $33.95 (item #01361). It’s what I use in my sketchbooks each morning. This paper does well with fountain pen ink, and can also stand a bit of water color.

3. Southworth Resumé Paper, 24lb in white or ivory.

4. Crane’s Lettra 100% Rag Fine Cotton Paper. This is great with every writing tool (and watercolor) EXCEPT for pointed pen. Amazon sells it - as well as

• Decorative Cover Papers (This is decorative handmade paper that comes in many different patterns, textures and weights. Common names are: Washi Paper, Japanese Decorative Papers, Kozo Paper, Yuzen Paper, Lokta Paper. Pick at least 3-5 sheets you like that are not tissue paper thin or too stiff to be bent without cracking, and that can withstand adhesion with wet glue. We will cover our boards with this paper and within the pages of your book for collage and binding. ) Binders Art Supply carries a beautiful variety of colors and patters, as does Paper Source. Below are a couple more links to some papers that would be appropriate.



• (optional) Paper from recycled vintage books, illustrations, maps or ephemera to collage with your other decorative papers.

• “Binders Board”: Pick one below.

My FAVORITE:::: TalasOnline also sells wonderful book board: Get the 0.98 thickness of Davey Binders Board.

Lineco makes a set of 4 sheets you can buy, which is handy, but I find them very hard to cut.

PaperSource also has a good book board, but it's a little thicker than Davey Board.

• Lineco Beeswax

• Wax Paper

• Mechanical Pencil (to draw exact measurement lines. DON'T use a regular sharpened pencil for drawing your guides, as the thickness of the lead changes and becomes less accurate as you draw with it.

• Exacto Knife & blades. My fave is the Fiskars brand for making small detailed cuts on paper.

Use a box cutter or utility knife to cut your chipboard/bookbinders board covers. I highly recommend this brand:

OLFA 1072198 LA-X 18mm Fiberglass Rubber Grip Heavy-Duty Utility Knife

• Self-healing cutting mat (at least 12 x 18)

• Lineco® glue brush. I use a 3/4" brush for most things. You can ALSO get the narrower 1/2" brush for when you want to glue smaller pieces or use any stiff and sturdy kiddie hog's hair craft brush.

• Non-slip metal ruler

• Awl: My favorite is the Lineco Medium Duty Awl. Other awls are also appropriate.

• Piercing Cradle (or "Punching Cradle"): If you want to make your own cradle, I've got a pattern for that, you'lll need a 20 x 16 piece of .25" thick foam core. If you'd rather just purchase one, that is fine, too!

• Scissors

• Paper towels

• Covered brick to weigh down drying pieces. (A stack of books also does nicely!)

• Bookbinding thread:

You've got lots of options here. Below are suggestions. So if you've got other sources for thread you'd prefer using, that's ok.

Pearl Cotton embroidery thread in size 5 or 8 works really well. You'll want to wax this yourself before stitching.

Londonderry Linen Thread 18/3 is my new favorite bookbinding thread. John Neal Books and Paper & Ink Arts both sell this. You'll want to wax this thread as well, before stitching.

Optional Supplies:

• Chocolate

• Dog Treats

• More Chocolate

Google Meet Technical Notes:

For the Google Meet to work, you'll need to be using a set of headphones during demo time to plug into your computer. During instruction, your microphones should be muted, but cameras on. This cuts down on background noise while I am demonstrating. However, when we begin introductions, and for class discussion after each exercise is completes, you should be unmuted so we can all have a lively discussion! So please purchase a pair of earbuds if you don't already have a set.

Click here to read what Google has to say about participating in a Google Meet. From my experience, here are some things you can do to improve your online experience and some trouble shooting if any technical issues come up.

• Quit all other open applications on your device that are actively using the internet.

• Ask other members of your household not to use the internet/wifi while you're streaming the class

• Make sure you're as close as you can get to your router (that box that has all the wires and gives you wifi). You can still have a good connection to your router of it's in a different room in your home, but large mirrors and other large devices can interfere with reception. Note that you may have great success even without taking these measures - this is just my practice here at home.

• If your connection isn't the greatest (poor image or no sound/video), hang up the call and return. Upon returning, if it hasn't improved, quit your browser and restart your computer. That ALWAYS helps.

• If your camera suddenly goes blank, use the camera icon at the top of your screen to toggle it off and on again.

More information:

• Anne will be bringing her dog to this class. If you have an allergy or phobia that she needs to be aware of, please email Anne directly. UGVua2l0dGVuIHwgYW5uZWVsc2VyICEgY29t

About Anne

After earning a BFA in painting from the Cleveland Institute of Art and graduate studies in Graphic Design at The Portfolio Center, Anne Elser began her artistic career as a painter, bookbinder, designer, and calligrapher. With over 20 years teaching experience, her students often report how fulfilling the classroom experience is, prompting both personal and artistic transformations. Anne's classes are also FUN and full of laughter. Students find the sense of community she inspires enriching and entertaining.

She currently teaches private lessons in person and on-line from her home studio in Decatur, classes and workshops year round at Binder Art Supply in Buckhead and at their Ponce City Market location, and classes and workshops from her home studio in Decatur. She also travels in the states and abroad conducting workshops and has been an IAMPETH instructor.

Her work has been featured in books and magazines across the country, and for both private and corporate clients such as Tiffany&Co, Mont Blanc, Louis Vuitton, Paces Papers, Landor, Martha Stewart Weddings, Belk, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Clicquot Veauvé, World50, Ogilvy, and more.

Artist, calligrapher, teacher, mother, and friend, Anne believes making art creates a channel for truth and is a soulful reflection of the connections shared by all.


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

This is an adult class. Childrens classes coming soon!

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

This is an online class.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Send Anne an email to: PenKitten@Anne

What's the refund policy?

Refunds are not available at this time.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?


Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?


Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends?

Yes. If you purchased this class or workshop as a gift, please let me know the name of the person taking the class when you register.

If this is an online class and I can't be there live, how do I participate?

Every single class is live so that we can all interact with each other. I record EVERY class and upload this file immediately after class ends. You may stream the recording and you may also download and keep it. I record my classes so that students can still participate if they can't attend because of illness, time zone differences, or other issues. If in the event a recording malfunction occurs, I upload a brief review of the class, using the notes and pages I already created. I also upload images of my pages for you to view and keep for your personal use. If you can't be there.

How do I participate in the envelope exchange at the end of the class?

You must be in the live class to participate int he weekly envelope exchange. You must also add your mailing address to the dropbox file we create during our first intro meeting. You can leave your mailing address as a comment. Please be sure to cover up a portion of the envelope address if you'd like to share your work via social media.

How do I receive feedback on my homework?

You may upload your homework and share on social media but if you'd like me to see it, you need to TAG ME. (@anneelser) on Instagram or Anne-Davnes Elser on Facebook. This is a wonderful way to keep in touch with the progress of your classmates and with me! If you'd rather be more private, go ahead and email me your work and we can correspond that way.

How soon after a class ends, will I be able to view it online?

It generally takes 12-24 hours for a class recording to fully upload.

Also check out other Workshops in Online, Arts Events in Online, Fine Arts Events in Online.


Tickets for Structures & Gifts/Bookbinding3: FALL '21 Oct-Jan Wed PM can be booked here.

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About The Host: :::Please scroll below to see class listings!::: :::Exemplars can be purchased separately at   After earning a BFA in painting from the Cleveland Institute of Art and graduate studies in Graphic Design at The Portfolio Center, Anne Elser began her artistic career as a painter, bookbinder, designer, and calligrapher. With over 20 years teaching experience, students are encouraged to follow a personal growth path via sharing a creative table.    She currently teaches private lessons from her home studio in Decatur, and at Binders Art Supply in Buckhead, and she travels in the states and abroad conducting workshops. Anne  is also an IAMPETH instructor.   Artist, calligrapher, teacher, mother, and friend, Anne believes making art creates a channel for truth and is a soulful reflection of the connections shared by all. 
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Wed Oct 20 2021 at 06:00 pm to Wed Jan 12 2022 at 08:30 pm
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