Soul Sessions - Guided healing meditation with Mantra and Shamanic healing

Soul Sessions - Guided healing meditation with Mantra and Shamanic healing

Soul Sessions - Guided healing meditation with Mantra and Shamanic healing

Wed Jun 05 2024 at 07:00 pm to 08:30 pm


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Soul Sessions - Guided healing meditation with Mantra and Shamanic healing, 5 June | Online Event | About the event Soul Sessions - Guided healing meditation with Mantra and Shamanic healing
Join us for as powerful healing meditation weaving together the power of meditation, energy healing, sensual embodiment & mantra

About this Event

Join us the first and third Wednesday of the Month for Soul Sessions. Soul session are in person in Canberra and Online.

Soul session are offered in person in Canberra and Online.

I believe we are deeply human and spiritual beings, and learning to better honour and understand both of these parts of ourselves is the doorway to self-mastery, deeper fulfillment and ease and better health of the Body, Mind and Spirit.

With this principle in mind, soul sessions blend together powerful meditation and embodiment tools. During a session, transcendental meditation tools will support you to transcend the mind and emotions, so you can achieve deeper insights from your inner healer and wisdom beyond your regular level of thinking. You will then be supported to bring the Bliss, Love and Peace of transcendental meditation and shamanic healing back into your body through body based guided meditation practices. When we ground Cosmic and Spiritual energy within our bodies, it helps us to have more peace, joy and trust to nagivate the multitude of experiences life has to offer. It also supports healing and better vitality for your body.

The 90-minute soul sessions includes:

· 15-20 minutes exploring a specific theme relevant to the weeks meditation – including sharing by Swaha Devi and opportunity to share into the group if you wish.

· 60 minutes of guided healing meditation including Mantra and Sound healing.

· Paired sharing of your experience to help to ground it and you’re your insights into your life as you go home.

These sessions weave a range of powerful meditation and shamanic healing tools including:

- Body based self-reflective practices.
- transcendental meditation
- Shamanic healing and Chakra balancing

- Mantra (sound healing)
- Self-hypnosis using affirmations
- Embodiment practices; and
- Yogic Breathwork

Soul sessions are an invitation back to You. When we take time to slow down, and also honour our interconnectedness with nature and the world around us, we can reconnect to our natural states of Peace, Love and Bliss that exist within us.

What themes will we explore?

Each session will cover a different theme and is uniquely tailored to the group present through the intuitive and clairvoyant guidance of Swaha Devi and the groups collective wisdom. There is also a component of spiritual mentoring, around this theme, focusing on an area of personal or spiritual development that will help you to have more insight into life, and more vitality, peace and flow no matter what life brings your way.

During these sessions you will be supported to:
- release any limiting beliefs and stuck emotions - allowing you to flow back to your natural state of life.
- receive energy healing and chakra balancing - giving you an energy boost and clarity for your week ahead.
- reconnect to the innate state of power within you. From this state can feel more empowered to co-create with life, and see life from a new perspective.

Join for your first session free.

<h4>What is Sound healing and Mantra?</h4>

Everything within our own body, and the world around us is vibrating. When we engage consciously with certain sounds, they can clear out and realign our energy, emotions, physical body and mind towards better wellness, a deeper sense of peace, joy and clarity. We use mantra, and other wholesome and uplifting music during these sessions with these principles in mind.

Mantra means - "through the mind", and is an invitation into a repetition of sounds (often Sanskrit - the worlds oldest language) that call in specific healing qualities of Nature from the world around us. Through this repetition of sounds, we still the mind and connect more deeply to our Soul essence and interconnectedness with Nature and the Cosmos.


$30-50 recommended, concession available.

These sessions are offered with a price range to acknowledge different financial positions people have, and ensure access to all.

$30 - if you are not working full time

$40-50 - for those working full time and feeling gratitude for the sessions, wishing to provide comensurate financial exchange or support towards those attended at a discounted rate.

Concessions: If you are unable to afford the fee above, you are welcome to make a donation (over $10) to attend the session.

If you have never attended one of my meditation classes before, your first session is offered free of charge. You can recieve your free ticket using the donation ticket.

To avoid the eventbrite booking fee feel free to reach out privately to register and make payment.

This gathering is open to all genders.

What to bring: Comfortable clothing and a bottle of water.

Join the Community

Swaha Devi largely offers women's events and has a range of offerings through her Spirit of She Women's Community

I believe that being a part of a strong and supportive community of women is a powerful foundation on the journey of self-discovery. Sharing stories, being seen and heard, witnessed, and witnessing other women’s journeys, validates who we are, and can give us strength on our journeys in the weird, wonderful and diverse experience that is Life.

This community offers weekly opportunities, monthly full moon gatherings and three monthly weekend Re-Treats to connect with other women through meaningful and uplifting experiences, and social connection and community. When women come together as a group with a supportive intention, magic happens. Our community includes women from all walks of life. The diversity offers a rich tapestry of our humanity and womanhood, to celebrate, and learn more about ourselves as women.

<h4>For the Men</h4>

Until 2022, all of my offerings were open to men and women. Although my current focus is on women's events, I look forward to welcoming men back to these meditation sessions. I am also available for 1:1 work with men. Check out my website for more information on 1:1 work for men and women.

About your Host

Swaha Devi is the founder of Spirit of She Sacred Women's Gatherings and Retreats, a sacred women's Mystery School. A modern day mystic, Shamanic Healer and Lifelong student, and teacher of Tantra and other Eastern and Western spiritual and human development practices, Swaha is passionate about sharing empowerment tools to support people to lead more wholesome and present lives.

Swaha Devi has been supporting 1-1 clients and groups through conscious connected Breathwork, shamanic healing, sensual embodiment, Tantric coaching and bodywork and transformational retreats in Canberra and Internationally for over 18 years. She is also a birth and end of life Doula, passionate about bringing deep love, presence and connection to families during poignant life transitions.

Swaha is a registered practitioner with the Australian Breathwork Association and International Institute of Complimentary Therapists, and a Biodanza facilitator.

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Tickets for Soul Sessions - Guided healing meditation with Mantra and Shamanic healing can be booked here.

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concessional fee Free
base line ticket AUD 30
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Wed Jun 05 2024 at 07:00 pm to 08:30 pm



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