Social Stories 10.4

Social Stories 10.4

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Social Stories 10.4

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Social Stories 10.4

Presented by: Carol Gray      

Hosted by: FAU CARD

Training Description

Social Stories™* are an evidence-based instructional strategy used worldwide. Unfortunately they are frequently misused and misunderstood – resulting in stories but definitely not Social Stories. Using lecture discussion demonstration and a series of short and interactive activities participants will learn how to develop a Social Story (or Social Article for adults) according to the newly revised and reorganized Social Stories 10.4 Criteria. Social Stories 10.4 is easier to translate simpler to learn and provides more time for practice than its predecessors! The time will fly by! Participants will finish the course understanding and knowing how to develop genuine Social Stories with a certificate to prove it!

Training Objectives

·      Define Social Story and Social Humility

·      List the Social Stories 10.4 Criteria;

·      Explain how Social Stories improve parent and professional responses to the children adolescents or adults in their care; and

·      Develop a genuine Social Story for a toddler or child or a Social Article for an adolescent or adult.

About the Presenter

Carol Gray began her career as a teacher with four children diagnosed with autism at Jenison Public Schools in Jenison Michigan. Currently working as a consultant to all people impacted by autism and social-communication differences Carol is best known for the development of Social Stories (a well-respected evidence-based practice used worldwide). She is the founder of a very effective social philosophy that 1) ‘abandons all assumptions’ 2) regards the thinking of all people as ‘equally valid’ and 3) recognizes the ‘social impairment in autism’ as shared (noting the well-intentioned but nonetheless misguided mistakes of parents and professionals). Carol has completed ground-breaking research and created effective strategies to address some of the toughest topics including bullying and loss. An award-winning and internationally sought-after keynote and seminar speaker; Carol has completed over 1500 presentations. serves on many advisory boards including the Advisory Board on Disabilities for Delta Airlines.


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