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Time Sun Aug 04 2024 at 07:00 pm to 08:00 pm


INR 2,999 - 3,499

Skill Course in Observational Astronomy

Duration: 3 Months

Starts From: 04 August 2024 07:00 PM (Every Sunday Evening)


• Learn to Observe Night Sky Like an Expert

• Mounting of Professional Telescope

• Hunt Deep Sky Objects

• Astrophotography using Professional Equipment Mounts DSLR and Cellphone with Post Processing

• Recording and processing Observational Astronomy Data

• Understanding the Sky Map and Coordinate System

And Much more to Learn and Explore! Kindly read Complete details below

Course Start Date:

August to October (August 4 2024)

Online Course Timing:

Every Sunday 7PM to 9PM


3 Months

Language of Course:


Medium of Course:

Online + On-Field

On-field Course Location:

Outskirts of Mumbai (will be conducted after Online Course Ends)

Course Cost:

3499/- for Complete Tuition Fees and On-field Guidance from Expert Astronomers

Early Bird Offer:

2999/- for First 10 Students

PLEASE NOTE: Kindly read all Terms and Conditions Mentioned on this page at the End. please read them carefully.

Welcome to complete guidance for taking admission for Skill Couse In Observational Astronomy. Throughout the course you will learn many aspects related to Observational Astronomy.

But first let us first understand what basically Observational Astronomy is all about?

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wonder what those stars could be? If what you are looking at are surely stars or Perhaps maybe a Planet? Observational Astronomy is all about observing and keeping data of the celestial objects it’s as simple as that!

But what is different from Stargazing?

Well Stargazing is looking up OR gazing at the night sky and admiring the beauty of celestial object. Say if you go for a weekend getaway for a stargazing session at outskirts of Mumbai for a day you observed stars planets and constellation you can call yourself as a Stargazer.

But Astronomers are those who study the Sky on regular basis. If you study as simple as the phases of Moon every day for a month and understand how the moon revolves around the earth you are already on the course of becoming an Observational Astronomer. What is more important here is keeping the data you can simply note down at what time you saw moon at how many degrees. Note the phase of moon or click the photo of moon every day! After keeping such data you truly enter the field of Observational Astronomy

Will there be Mathematical Calculations in this course?

NO! There won’t be any complex mathematical Calculus in our course. This course purely focuses on Observations. Small sums like additions subtractions and division will be discussed which anyone can do easily. More focus will be towards observation. Calculations are hardly 1% of the course material


You don’t need to be from Science background at all! You can be from Any field; lawyer, doctor, Office Clerk, College Student are few of many examples who have earlier done this course.

Min Age:

18+ (Age 16 to 18 with Parent’s Permission Letter)

This course has use of Professional Telescope provided by us. Handling these scopes might get technical as well as heavy for Children hence below age 16 are not allowed.

Topics covered in Course:

Online Sessions 7PM to 9PM Every Sunday from August 2024

1. Introduction to Astronomy and various fields of Astronomy. Hobby Scope Career Job and/or Making Active/Passive Income from Astronomy

2. In-depth Solar System - Our Solar System is more than 8 planets and Sun. There are Trojans quasi satellite Comets Asteroids and much more to know

3. Stars and Stellar evolution – How Stars are born evolved and end their life

4. Constellations and Zodiac Signs

5. Eclipse Lunar Phases and Nakshatra

6. Sky Map and Coordinate System

7. a. Astronomical Data collection related to Observational Astronomy | b. The Sky above

8. Types of Telescopes Mounts and Eyepieces

9. Astrophotography Equipment and Setup

10. Astronomy Terms Astrophotography Softwares Remote Astrophotography | Revision Session

Terms and Conditions

Online Lectures:

a. Online lectures will be recorded but it is mandatory for students to attend all sessions rather than relying on recordings. As some Questions will be solved properly online by direct discussions with experts.

b. In the event of missing a lecture students may seek follow-up from the lecturer to catch up on the missed content.

WhatsApp Group:

a. Students will be added to a WhatsApp group for the skill course.

b. It is strictly prohibited to privately message any student within the group.

c. Students are expected to maintain privacy and throughout and after the course.

Course Coverage:

a. This course provides guidance from Astronomers and Professional Stargazers through both online and on-field sessions.

b. The course fee does not cover expenses related to traveling accommodation and food during the on-field sessions.

c. To ensure fairness for all students the course fee has been adjusted to exclude these expenses. Bills and expenses will be shared transparently to maintain a non-commercial approach.

d. This change was implemented to prevent monetary loss for students who were unable to attend the on-field sessions due to personal issues or prior commitments.

On-Field Sessions:

a. Attendance for the on-field sessions is optional but highly recommended.

b. The essence of "Observational Astronomy" lies in the experience of observing the night sky in an open ground setting.

Course Certification:

a. There are many Astronomy Clubs out there who claim to give certification course in Astronomy but these certificates are nothing but paper weight. We are clear about the fact that we cannot certify you as an Astronomer.

b. Only a university can certify an Individual hence this is a Skill course not a Certification Course. You surely will be Expert till the end of this course.

c. Participation Certificate with company credentials Registration and website will be provided to individuals who complete the course

Make this Course Free of Cost get all your Money back + Extra Income

After Completion of course you have an option to interview and work with us as a Professional Stargazer who can conduct or volunteer for Stargazing Events of Horizon Astronomical Society. You will be paid for the event.

Refund Policy

Once Fees Paid cannot be refunded. Kindly Reach 81691 67678 for any queries


Tickets for SKILL COURSE IN OBSERVATIONAL ASTRONOMY (Online + On-Field) can be booked here.

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Event Information

Date & Time

Sun Aug 04 2024 at 07:00 pm to 08:00 pm



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