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RPA and AI Master Class for Project/ Program Managers.

May 23, 2020 - Jun 27, 2020

RPA and AI Master Class for Project/ Program Managers.

Time Sat May 23 2020 at 01:00 pm to Sat Jun 27 2020 at 04:00 pm


INR 4,999 - 24,500 Tickets

RPA and AI Master Class for Project/ Program Managers.

Congratulations! For taking 1st steps towards accelerating your career towards highly paid strategic advisory and consulting role in RPA and AI space.

Course Overview

RPA and AI Master Class for Project/ Program Managers.

Who should join?

Project Managers / Operations Managers / Agile Coaches / Scrum Masters / Test Managers:

·        Wish to accelerate their career into the field of RPA and AI focusing on strategy and consulting instead of coding.

·        Wish to start working on RPA and AI and specifically looking for initial support.

·        Wish to hone their management skills to stay relevant and competitive?

Learning Objective?

·        Accelerate your project management skills in the field of RPA and AI.

·        Land your career into strategic advisory and highly paid consulting jobs.


24 hours live interactive session

Every Saturday 3 hours through Zoom

RPA Challenge#1-

Youtube Video

RPA Challenge#2 -

Youtube Video

RPA Challenge#3 -

Youtube Video

Course outline -


Section 1 Get Started with RPA and AI

A Key to Digital Transformation                                

·        Service Delivery Transformation with RPA and AI

·        Why RPA & AI so demanding?

·        Integration / Collaboration of People Process and Technology (Change Management)

·        Why CIO’s are excited about Emergent Technology?

Learning objective – Learn how RPA and AI is the key driver for digital transformation and how strategic role is important for successful transformation.

Jobs Opportunity

·        Paradigm shift from Human to Machine era.

·        Impact on the job markets.

·        Opportunities for Managers in RPA and AI.

Learning objective – Understand job trends and keys stay relevant and competitive in the age of RPA and AI. 

Career Coaching & Goal Setting

·        Career Coaching and Goal Setting

·        How to create opportunities

·        How to create personal branding

Learning objective – Set career objective and goal to steer your career towards RPA. 


Section 2 Strategy and Hand-on exercise


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)                                                

·        Business Problem Statement

·        Challenges and limitations within Service Delivery

·        The Evolution of RPA and Digital workforce

·        RPA Capability and Characteristics

·        RPA Value Proposition and industry wise adoption

·        Hands on Exercise – Automate Process (Web Excel Email Deploy BOT)

Learning objective – Learn what why and where RPA? Build and deploy your own BOT.


Intelligent Automation Overview

·        Business Problem Statement

·        Limitation of RPA and rise of Intelligent Automation

·        Introduction and different platforms of Intelligent Automation

·        Introduction Intelligent Automation components

·        One Use Case Introduction

Learning objective – Learn the power of RPA and AI together and re-imagine business operation.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

·        Business Problem Statement

·        Data Extraction

·        Document Training & Validation

·        Use Cases

·        Hands on Exercise –Document Extraction

Learning objective – Learn how to extract semi / unstructured document and hands-on exercise using IQBOT.


Natural Language Processing

·        Business Problem Statement

·        NLU

·        Sentiment / Emotion / Category / Context Analysis

·        Use Cases

·        Hands on Exercise – Text Analytics

Learning objective – Learn how NLP sentiment and text analytics works in business context with RPA and hand-on exercise.

Conversational Bot

·        Business Problem Statement

·        NLU

·        Language Detection

·        Use Cases

·        Hands on Exercise – Build a Conversational Chatbot

Learning objective – Learn Chabot use case and build your own chatbot.


Use Cases (Any 3 areas)

·        IT

·        Finance & Accounting

·        Supply Chain Management (SCM)

·        HR & Recruitment

·        Procure to Pay (P2P)

·        Consumer Goods (Retail)

·        Banking

·        Insurance

·        Healthcare

·        Compliance & Due Diligence

·        Manufacturing

Learning objective – Learn RPA and AI impact across industry and use cases

Transformation and Strategic Approach

·        A Transformational Approach

·        Center of Excellence (COEs)

·        Change Management

·        Governance and KPI

·        Risk Management

·        Challenges and Limitations

·        Operating Model

·        Delivery Life Cycle

·        Tools Vendor Selection

Learning objective – Learn approach to transform the business function and get acquaintance to RPA tools and templates.

Execution Methodology

·        Maturity Assessment Model

·        Opportunity Assessment Framework

·        Process complexity analysis

·        Efforts estimation

·        BOTs capability planning

·        TCO and ROI

·        AS-IS and TO-BE Process Mapping

·        Risks Challenges and Pitfalls

Learning objective – Learn how to execute create business use cases and showcase values to stakeholders. Get access to different templates and tools.

Design and Architecture

·        Security Data Dataflow Upstream Downstream Analytics

·        Different Components of RPA ecosystem

·        Design and Deployment Options

·        Access Security and Compliance Management

·        Design highly available Scalable and Maintainable System

Learning objective – Learn different design and architecture approaches tools platforms and selection approach.


Co-Create a real business use cases with active coaching

·        Identifying eligible candidates

·        Identifying the pain point in current process

·        Re-imagining AS –IS and To-Be processes

·        Selling point to senior leadership / CXO / Customers

·        Identifying low hanging fruits

·        Creating Business Use cases

·        Presentation with presentation

Learning objective – Learn the art of converting challenges into opportunity by identifying opportunity creating business use cases execution method and presenting values to stakeholders with active coaching.


Automation Anywhere IQ BOT Google Dialogflow IBM Watson

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Date & Time

Sat May 23 2020 at 01:00 pm to Sat Jun 27 2020 at 04:00 pm