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Pennsylvania Station The Most Beautiful Train Station Ever Built Webinar

'Pennsylvania Station: The Most Beautiful Train Station Ever Built' Webinar

Fri Jul 09, 2021

'Pennsylvania Station: The Most Beautiful Train Station Ever Built' Webinar

Time Fri Jul 09 2021 at 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm

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'Pennsylvania Station: The Most Beautiful Train Station Ever Built' Webinar, 9 July | Online Event | 'Pennsylvania Station: The Most Beautiful Train Station Ever Built' Webinar
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New York Adventure Club |

"Not that Penn Station is the Parthenon, but it might as well be because we can never again afford a nine-acre structure of superbly detailed travertine, any more than we could build one of solid gold. It is a monument to the lost art of magnificent construction, other values aside." - Ada Louise Huxtable, architectural critic
From its soaring 150-foot ceilings inspired by the Roman Baths of Caracalla; to the travertine marble interiors and pink granite exterior; to its imperial colonnade entrances stretching from avenue to avenue; the original Pennsylvania Station that stood in New York City between 1910–1963 was a righteous portal into America's largest city, one that truly made train passengers feel like royalty.
However, due to mismanaged finances, the worst corporate merger in American history, and weak building protection laws, a source of limitless inspiration was destroyed and replaced with anything but. This is the story of one of the grandest public spaces ever built, and how its untimely demise ultimately rallied New York to never allow such a civic crime to ever happen again.

Join New York Adventure Club as we travel back in time to explore the magnificence of the original Pennsylvania Station (1910-1963), one of the world's most beautiful train stations, which defined the age of elegant rail travel in the 20th century.

Led by NYC licensed tour guide Scott Glickman, our digital showcase of the past, present, and future of Penn Station will include:

-The history of the Pennsylvania Railroad , and why a manhattan station was needed
-Rare photos showcasing the construction of Pennsylvania Station , and the North River Tunnels that go underneath the Hudson River
-A virtual look inside the grand spaces of the original Penn Station, including the main waiting room — when completed in 1910, this room became the largest indoor space in New York City, and one of the largest public spaces in the world
-The tragic story behind the destruction of the station — and what ended up replacing it
- Where to find remnants of the original station throughout the current subterranean station
- Future proposals to rebuild Pennsylvania Station and transform it back into a world-class transportation hub

Afterward, we'll have a Q&A with Scott — any and all questions about Penn Station are welcomed and encouraged!
Can't make it live? Don't worry, you'll have access to the full replay for one week !
See you there, virtually!

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About Scott
"I've lived in New York almost my entire life, and always loved going to Manhattan. My father started my fascination with old Manhattan when I was a child, and since then I have not stopped learning about this amazing place. The original Penn Station is my favorite building ever on the island of Manhattan and any chance I get to learn something new about it I will jump at the chance!"

"Scott was so knowledgeable, presented a most organized, understandable distillation of the Birth and Untimely Demise of Architectural Wonder that in any other country would have been appreciated apart from dollar value. His pictures were more than illustrations, they provided another level of narration. I left with a deeper understanding of Pennsylvania Station as well as the era it built and that which it was destroyed by basically small, self-important, temporary people making permanent mistakes." -Steve
"I liked the pictures, knowledge, everything. Just loved it!" -Nancy
"Great information on the history of Penn station....excellent speaker and webinar" -Sindi
"Presenter was very knowledgeable. Stayed on point. Presentation was well sequenced" -William
"I liked the content and the presenter. Very thoroughly researched and very well presented." -Susan
"It was parts of the history, and photos, that I'd never seen before. The webinar was very well presented." -Ross
"I liked his knowledge and enthusiasm-it was very well organized and clear. Full of lots of information." -Susan C.
"I loved it! It was a great presentation. Very well done and informative!" -Conrad
"I really enjoyed it. I love it when someone is passionate about something!" -Eric
"It was awesome. I commute daily to NJ from NYC for 13 years- always wondered about the old Station and have seen the original railings" -Sharon
"I liked the easy to follow progression of construction and general layout photographs, and the discussion of the individuals who were the guiding hands behind the construction." -Stephen
"Great historical review but I was really surprised to learn that so much below-ground elements still exist. That was a surprising segment of the presentation. And I really appreciated the discussion of the current and future plans for the station. A thoughtful and well-presented event!" -Richard
"The presenter was extremely knowledgeable and communicated that knowledge in an engaging, easy to understand styled." -Thomas
"I liked all of it. The history, visuals, presenter taking his time explaining the history." -Janet
"Between the pictures and the descriptive story telling, I felt like I was truly there. I also appreciate the time spent on what is left of the older station and a look at Moynihan Hall" -Doug
"Clear, interesting presentation, great images, lots of detail." -Casimir
"It was informative and entertaining. The webinar was nicely structured, With good historical background and explanations. We also appreciated the positive nature of the program, and really enjoyed seeing glimpses of the old station that still exist." -Joe
"Very well presented. Excellent information. Fascinating, but sad history. Was great to see all of the images." -Kristan
"Very knowledgeable. Good background of railroad, politics as well as station." -Peggy
"It was unusually comprehensive covering last, present and the new station which no one has covered. The treatment was FSE more comprehensive than the NY Transit Museum show on same subject." -Robert
"I liked all of it, the photos and history of the original Penn Station were fantastic and Scott is a great spokesperson for all of it." -Jack
"I liked the earnestness of the presenter. It acts as catalyst to see someone passionate about a subject." -Andrew
"Above and beyond what I expected from this tour - WoW!" -Celia
"Trip down memory lane. I am old enough to have been they late 40s and 50s. Great photos and narrative explaining the circumstances and down At the photos are showing." -Elizabeth
"Well organized and great historical and current perspective, much of which was new to me. This was far from a rehash and the presenter did a great job tracing the stations origins and history, then drawing a line to present day." -Wade
"The presenter was very knowledgeable and had terrific pictures." -Barbara
"Great photos and information from a real fan with "insider" details." -Arthur
"It included a lot of history and inside information and great pictures." -Jo-Ann
"Knowledgeable host, interesting subject matter, thorough presentation, great images" -Joan
"It was just fascinating. Helps make up for not being able to go home this year." -Timothy
"The knowledge of the presenter and his love for the topic!" -Ellen
"I liked learning about the railroad from someone with a passion for it!" -Kathleen
"Vivid pictures. Great end-to-end overview. Good pace. Good efficient Q&A" -Heidi
"cott presented the history and former beauty of Penn Station in an engaging manner." -Michael
"Broad timeframe covered in presentation gave it an epic vibe whic was very engrossing. Two hours passed in twenty minutes." -Daniel
"Excellent detail, photos, and engagement. Great points to follow-up. I would love to take Scott’s tour. Very good historical context of the station’s construction and sad demise." -Harry
"Extremely knowledgeable presenter! He was incredible and very entertaining! Highly recommended, this was my first session with this group." -Richard
"Excellent, excellent. excellent!" -Jane
"Well presented, great photos, great speaker, lots of history! Thank you." -Elizabeth
"Thorough expertise of the speaker, wealth of information incorporating various, diverse sources, and included excellent visuals" -Diane
"The chap presenting was very knowledgeable." -Karin
"Speaker was very good and enjoyed his slides." -Kim
"Knowledgeable & enthusiastic speaker, good pace in providing information, helpful slides." -Virginia
"I love the original photos and Scott’s extensive knowledge about Penn Station." -Nancy
"The presenter was extremely knowledgeable about Penn Station." -Janet
"Well prepared program with lots of interesting information about Penn Station ~ the history and the present." -Martha
"I really liked the photos of the old and new Penn Station and the details of how they were constructed, what happened to the pink granite, and so on." -Katrina
"Everything. The presenter did an excellent job of covering a lot of information." -Barbara
"SO much information! Im glad there are people so committed to their interest of historical buildings!" -Marie
"Like the pace, the way it was organized, and the scope of the webinar was surprising also." -Mitchell
"Seeing the splendor of the original Penn Station and learning of the history. Scott was a wonderful presenter." -Virginia
"Learned a lot, saw things that were hidden in plain sight my whole life." -David
"So much information I never knew. Loved all the slides." -Catherine
"Informative and interesting. Engaging speaker." -Andrea
"The presenter is extremely knowledgeable, passionate, prepared and articulate. He also made certain to answer every single question." -Harry Jay
"Excellent tour guide. Scott G was well informed and well spoken. Great slides and flow of the webinar." -Susanne
"It was incredibly interesting, fascinating...Scott was riveting in this story telling. I grew up on Long Island and I never knew all that history. What a travesty to have such a beautiful building fall into disrepair and nothing was done to save it. AMAZING presentation!" -Helen
"I love everything about NYC, and especially the history of iconic buildings, locations. Scott was extremely informative and thorough in his presentation of fabulous Penn Station!" -Cheryl
"Excellent visuals. Very knowledgeable presentation." -Laurie
"I think this is the same guy who talked about the NYC subway, and I like him a lot; a real New Yawkah! Love listening to his insights about the city!" -Craig
"I liked the way it was presented, easy to follow the process and history." -Ellen


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Fri Jul 09 2021 at 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm
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