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Patrons Show 2022 Virtual Edition

Patrons' Show 2022: Virtual Edition!

Sun Feb 20, 2022

Patrons' Show 2022: Virtual Edition!

Time Sun Feb 20 2022 at 02:00 pm to 05:30 pm

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USD 225

Patrons' Show 2022: Virtual Edition!, 20 February | Online Event | Patrons' Show 2022: Virtual Edition!
The Patrons’ Show is an experience that’s part fundraiser, part art show, part virtual block party, and totally fun.

About this Event

What is the Patrons' Show Fundraiser?

The Art League's Patrons' Show Fundraiser is an experience that's part fundraiser, part virtual block party, and totally fun. It's The Art League's biggest fundraising event of the year, providing seasoned art collectors and newcomers alike with the excellent opportunity to acquire high-quality, original fine art at a bargain price while supporting a great non-profit organization and community of artists. For each ticket drawn, ticketholders go home with a work of art valued anywhere from $225 to upwards of thousands of dollars.

In light of continuing restrictions surrounding COVID, we’re keeping a VIRTUAL format so nobody misses out on this perennial favorite!

On the day of the Patrons' Show Fundraiser drawing—Sunday, February 20, 2022, starting at 2:00 pm—the excitement is palpable! Tickets are randomly drawn and when the name of each ticketholder is announced, the ticketholder may select a work of art from the Show to add to their collection! In addition to the artwork, ticket holders may win other valuable prizes donated by local businesses.

Something else to feel good about: all proceeds go to benefit The Art League's educational programs, exhibits, and community outreach programs.

What’s Different about Virtual Patrons’ does it work now?

The basic structure of Patrons’ Show remains: This annual event features 600+ works of original fine art donated by Art League and Torpedo Factory artists, and the number of tickets sold matches the number of works donated. For 2022, the Show opens for both online viewing and in-person viewing (with timed entry and social distancing required) in The Art League’s gallery three weeks before the drawing. Artwork listings are updated as late donations become available.

Here’s what’s different: Ticketholders may use these three weeks to study the artwork, take note of your favorite pieces, and then prepare and ‘pre-submit’ a list of your top 70 or more choices. Your ticketholder's list will be entered under the ticketholder's name into the 2022 Patrons' Show Drawing so you'll be prepared when your turn arrives. Don’t worry, you will have opportunities to resubmit and edit your list right up until the drawing starts! See more on this below… When you buy your ticket, you'll also be given a choice of curbside artwork pickup days and times. See more on this below…

Patrons' Show Fundraiser SINGLE Tickets: $225

Purchaser will receive one piece of artwork, since the event is virtual this year, there will be no seating at The Art League. Tickets are non-refundable.

Patrons' Show Fundraiser COUPLES Tickets N/A:

There will be no couples tickets available since this is a virtual event so you may bring whomever you want for free ;)!


Q: When do tickets go on sale?

A: Tickets go on sale Saturday, November 20 at 10:00 am online through Eventbrite.

Q: Where can I buy tickets?

A: RIGHT HERE! On Eventbrite. Tickets are only sold online.

Q: How many tickets can I purchase?

A: There is no limit on the number of Patrons' Show Fundraiser tickets you may purchase.

Q: Why is there a transaction fee?

A: Eventbrite charges a transaction fee for all purchases made through their site. The transaction fee (5.5% plus $0.99 for each ticket) is actually less than Virginia state tax, which is 6%. By using Eventbrite, our ticketholders can save $1.01 per ticket purchase.

Q: I want a refund. How can I do that?

A: Tickets are non-refundable. However, Patrons' Show is a fundraiser for The Art League—which is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit, so any unused tickets are fully tax-deductible.

Q: What's the best way to go about purchasing tickets if I'm part of a large group?

A: Large group purchases will not be an issue as they were in the past since this is a virtual event and purchasing seats together will not be a factor.

Q: How do I get my physical ticket?

A: Once your registration page is complete and you have confirmed your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email detailing your purchase and seating section. A ticket PDF will be attached, or you can save it on your smartphone.

Q: When is the drawing?

A: The Patrons' Show Fundraiser drawing is Sunday, February 20, Time 2:00 pm

Q: How does the drawing work?

A. Patrons’ Show is broadcast live from The Art League gallery. We’ll be using Vimeo to bring the event and the event screen directly to our ticketholders’ homes—all you need is a computer screen, some popcorn, and a competitive spirit!

Our intrepid and entertaining MCs will announce ticketholder names as we’ve done in the past years. However, this year, when your ticketholder name is called, your name AND your own pre-chosen artwork selection will appear on the event screen via Vimeo.

Q. How do I choose my artworks? What does ‘pre-chosen’ mean?

A. Your artwork choice will be pulled from your last submitted artwork list automatically when your name is entered. The artwork choice paired with the ticketholder’s name will be the ticketholder’s submitted top choice from the remaining artwork on their list. In previous years, ticketholders would yell out the artwork number at the event when their name was called. This year, ticketholders will have entered their top choice list into the ticketholder’s artwork list portal, and the Patrons’ Show algorithm will pull and match the artwork choice to the ticketholder when their name is called. We strongly encourage everyone to submit their artwork lists as early as possible. However, ticket holders may continue to update and ‘reorder’ their artwork lists online through the ticketholder’s artwork list portal right up until 2:00 pm on the day of the drawing.

Q: How long does the drawing take?

A. The 2022 Patrons' Show Fundraiser virtual drawing will start at 2:00 pm with three rounds of "name-calling" planned. If your name is called in the first round, you'll be done around 3:30 pm, if your name is called in the second round you'll be done around 4:30 pm, if you are called in the last round you'll be finished around 5:30 pm.

Q: I hear that there's an app for Patrons' Show. What is Art Thief?

A. Yes, we do have an app for your iphone or ipad that is specifically designed Patrons's Show called Art Thief. Art Thief helps you review and manage the hundreds of artworks available. Plus it makes the event and the planning for it more fun. With Art Thief you'll be able to download this year’s artwork, rate it and put it into a list based on your personal preference. During the show, Art Thief makes it easy to quickly record and track which artworks have been taken so that you know which piece is still available as your top choice! There are all sorts of bonus features that help you share the art on social media and vote for your favorite piece. Download Art Thief here Thanks, Steve!

Q: How do I contact someone if there is an issue during the drawing?

A. Call the gallery desk at 703-683-1780.

Q: If I can’t attend the drawing or I can’t stay to watch the whole event, how do I know if I was called and what artwork I received?

A. You will receive an email message when your name is called during the drawing. The email will identify the ticketholder and the artwork # that they received.

Q: How and when do I retrieve my artwork?

A. When you buy your ticket, you'll be given a choice of curbside artwork pickup days and times. You will need to have your ID and ticket with you to check out your artwork. If you need to update your pickup time or need to have your artwork shipped, please contact Haven at cGF0cm9uc3Nob3cgfCB0aGVhcnRsZWFndWUgISBvcmc=. If your artwork weighs more than 40 lbs or is oversized, you will need to come into the gallery and make arrangements for pickup and loading help.

Q: Can I get a tax letter if all my selected artworks are chosen?

A. Yes! You’re welcome to email us at ZGV2ZWxvcCB8IHRoZWFydGxlYWd1ZSAhIG9yZw==.

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Tickets for Patrons' Show 2022: Virtual Edition! can be booked here.

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Sun Feb 20 2022 at 02:00 pm to 05:30 pm
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