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Online: Advanced Creative Coaching Certification in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods and CPS

May 27, 2020 - Jul 22, 2020
Online: Advanced Creative Coaching Certification in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods and CPS

Time Wed May 27 2020 at 08:45 am to Wed Jul 22 2020 at 10:00 am



Online Advanced Creative Coaching Certification in LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methods and CPS Online: Advanced Creative Coaching Certification in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods and CPS

Online: Advanced Creative Coaching Certification in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods and CPS

This Unique Certification Training opportunity combines the powerful methodologies of LEGO® Serious Play® & Creative Problem-Solving in a 9-week Coaching Framework you can take 100% online! Now more than ever, organizations are looking for creative coaches who can deliver online programs and support. 

Our in-house curriculum designer, LSP Master Trainer, and Professional Coach, have collaborated to design eight modules each with a combination of activities that are both analog, (where you build with your hands in real-time) and online, (with both a virtual classroom setting that is instructor-led and a self-study online classroom). 

Together with our professional coaches and global trainers, we have created the most user-friendly virtual and flip classroom teaching strategies, to meet all learning styles, where information is shared at a reasonable pace to maximize learning. 

In this program, you learn by doing and graduate with experience.   

This program includes:

9 Weeks of fun-filled learning 9+ Hours of live online virtual classroom time with your trainer and global community of coaches9 weeks of community access to LSP facilitators around the globe9 Modules with a variety of training methods for all learning styles: Read, watch, build, engage, and share!9 Weeks of access to your private small group community chat room with other learnersAccess to online assessments, quizzes, and pollsSmall class and group sizes to build meaningful connections9 Weeks of feedback, support, and engagement

9 Weeks to build your unique coaching program 

How the program works: 

The online version happens in both real-time and in a self-guided study program where learners can work at their own pace in our virtual classroom.  Each week, learners will engage in learning activities that will take them approximately 3 hours to complete. 

Learning activities include a variety of modalities. Everyone starts together online and meets weekly for live instruction. Quizzes will test learners’ understanding before they gain access to the next week’s activities. This keeps everyone engaged together, where the community of learners are able to support and learn from each other. This 9-week pace ensures time to process and learn, to practice new skills, and to reflect for deeper understanding. We have also included some additional activities you can do with your children and youth to keep everyone engaged, building, and feeling connected during this challenging time. 

Dates for online live classroom 8:45 am - 9:45 am CESM 

Module One: May 27, 2020Module Two: June 01, 2020Module Three: June 3rd, 2020Module Four: June 8th, 2020Module Five: June 10th, 2020Module Six: June 15th, 2020Module Seven: June 17th, 2020Module Eight: June 22nd, 2020Module Nine and Graduation: June 24th, 2020

Who should attend?

Organizational development professionals, HR professionals, project managers, coaches, consultants, educators, trainers, youth workers, leadership development professionals, and counselors who want to apply this powerful process of combined methodologies in the work they do.  Additionally, if you work as a researcher, I.T. professional, executive, or leader in your organization, your certification in this unique combination of methodologies will bring enormous benefits to the work you do and will be a strong addition to your tool kit of techniques and/or a differentiator in the marketplace.

Get ready for this mind-awakening experience. Learners will not only understand the deeper value of using LSP, but they will also experience the art and science of creative problem-solving and discover their own unique problem-solving style.

 What do you get with this training?

1.     A weekly, unique virtual classroom experience with a licensed trainer/program coach (one hour each week).

2.    Weekly activities you can do at your own pace (approximately two hours each week).

3.    A full white label coaching program with 8 unique coaching modules you can customize for your coaching work.

4.    Access to a 24-hour self-serve online program with resources you can read, watch, download, and use immediately in your work/life. 

5.    24-hour global chat room for discussions and online engagement with other learners and your trainer.

6.    Your advanced certificate, indicating the number of program hours, signed by a Master Trainer (upon successful completion of the course and program)

7.    Your assessment (taken online), which will give you your thinking style and background on the program.

8.    Professional advice on how you can customize the program and get up and running in the world of 3D coaching.

9.    Registration as a certified LSP practitioner with Strategic Play Group Ltd.

10.  Information on materials and tools you might use in your new tool kit.11.  A set of our LSP Coaching Cards you can use with your clients to uncover areas for exploration.

What you need: 

1.    A previous certificate in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods. If you don't have one, email us before registering. 

2.    LEGO® bricks—Preferably the Starter Kit or small Exploration Bags and a small baseplate, or assorted LEGO with mini-figures to build.

3.    Internet where you can access our community site. Your invitation will be sent to you as the program starts.4.    A computer equipped with a microphone and camera on for the full one-hour session - we want to see your smiling face!

5.    A quiet place to work and play. 6.    One hour a week, on a schedule where you will meet with your cohort for live instructions and yes, this part is mandatory.7.    Two hours for micro self-learning, which you can apply to fit your schedule.8.    The ability to read, watch, build, and participate as we are using a quiz system to ensure learning transfer. 

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: Email: c3ZlbiB8IGxzcGV1cm9wZSAhIGNvbQ== or YXJ0dXJvIHwgbHNwZXVyb3BlICEgY29t

Phone: +49 177 478 65 47

Note:  We will only run this class with a minimum number of 6 learners and a maximum number of 16 learners. To receive your certificate you must successfully complete all modules (activities, videos and evaluations) and you must participate in at least 8 (eight) live online classes. 

Curious about how we built this? 

Our Master Trainer, Jacqueline Lloyd Smith, a Registered Art Therapist, and Stephen J. Walling, a Certified Executive Coach, worked closely with experts in Play, Online Education, Creative Problem-Solving, and our in-house Curriculum Designer, Maxine King, along with our Global Coaching and Training Community, to develop this unique innovative program. This is an integration of methodologies of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and Creative Problem-Solving, with added Art and Play Therapy Techniques all wrapped into a Coaching Framework called the Journey.  We created this program to support deep-level contemplation and problem-solving in 3D. Used together in this unique way, the system aims to improve communication and thinking strategies and uncover insights. 

These powerful combined processes have been created to help unblock areas where people become trapped by their own styles and preferences. The methodologies enable individuals to address and solve complex issues through hands-on mind-engaged 3D thinking.   This makes the process invaluable in any tool kit.

Now stop reading and register today—space is limited!



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