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Online 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training

Online 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training

Oct 15, 2021 - Jan 23, 2022

Online 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training

Time Fri Oct 15 2021 at 05:00 pm to Sun Jan 23 2022 at 05:30 pm

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CAD 1,800

Online 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training | Online Event | Online 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training
Dive deep into your yoga practice,become a certified yoga teacher and learn a therapeutic style of Yin/Yang Yoga, approved by Yoga Alliance

About this Event

This comprehensive, therapeutically based yoga teacher training, exposes you to the many aspects of the subject of yoga. Starting from the warm-ups and therapeutic exercises to the basic poses and concepts, all the way to more advanced postures, you'll learn to teach how to help your students progress safely. Of course, you'll learn breathwork and meditation as well as the more energetic aspects of the practice, and the overall philosophy of yoga to give a well-rounded experience.

​We will discover how the practice affects our energy flow and overall well-being. This training offers a practical education that gives you a strong foundation to build on and take out into the world confidently. When new teachers start teaching yoga they mostly concerned with teaching a successful asana class. It is a good place to start, but eventually as the teacher develops experience they will want to offer more to their students. Teachers will want to talk about anatomy, chakras, and philosophy.

Much attention is paid to the physical postures and structure of the class but you will likely want to share more spiritual aspects of yoga to heighten your intention and bring powerful teachings into your classes. The greatest outcome I hope for you in this journey of our training is to help lift out of the darkness and the heaviness of the past so you can come out shining like a bright light that ignites the fire of spirit and others. With that you can easily attract and keep students that will want to learn from you so they too can shine brightly.

Those who carry and share the light are healers in the world and we need to keep spreading the light and love into all humanity to heal the world we live in. And as we have heard many times before, in order to change the world we must first change ourselves. In order to inspire others we must be inspired ourselves. We all affect one another. The way we vibrate influences the way others around us will vibrate. We have the power to influence and create lighter energy in human beings. Whether you teach yoga or not you will already be doing this without any effort at all just by being more light, more evolved, being yourself.

In this training we will cover healthy alignment in poses, the energy chakras, Kundalini, the types of energy flow through the body, the Ayurveda Doshas, the three qualities of nature, and more. We’ll study theory and philosophy of karma and dharma. We’ll practice many meditation styles and learn about the body in Anatomy and Physiology. But mostly will learn about ourselves. Gaining insight into your world/universe which mirrors the entire universe gives us knowledge that can guide us forward with faith in ourselves, our purpose and in life.

In this training you will learn about:

Practicing safely and organically in the body and the mind

Allowing creativity to inspire your practice

Different Styles of practice

Gain new perspectives on yoga even if you are already a teacher

Therapeutic warm-ups for beginners, injured and the aged

Healthy Alignment in postures

Breath-work/Pranayama and Meditation

Intermediate and Advanced Yoga Postures

Functional Movement

Anatomy and Physiology (Systems of the body and how they work)

Energetic Theory and Practices (Kundalini, Chakras, Prana)

Class Sequencing for certain outcomes and Self-guided practice

Yin/ Yang Yoga (blend of heat and cooling practices)

Yin Yoga (The yoga of easing into the edge with stillness)

Prenatal yoga (teaching safely and effectively)

Yoga Philosophy (History, Yoga Sutras, Lifestyle, Spiritual practice)

Teaching Methodology (verbal cueing, adjustments, creative sequencing, business of yoga)

Practice teaching in the practicum

Teaching Yoga Online

You will gain:

Awareness of misalignment in your body

Strength and Flexibility in the body and in the mind

Experience with yoga postures of different levels of difficulty

Knowledge of the poses and their Sanskrit names

The ability to put classes together on the spot and plan workshops

Knowledge of ways to earn a living as a yoga teacher

Insights into the Business of Yoga

A better understanding of your weakness and strengths and how to balance them

To be able to assess bodies in Asana and how to guide them better

The knowledge of how to use yoga props

How to guide Pregnant, Beginners or injured Students

The ability to teach Yin/Yang yoga (Hatha)classes

At the ability to teach purely Yin yoga classes

A community of like-minded people

Knowledge on how to teach online classes

Ways to take the Training?

It’s an Online course that will be recorded. As long as you have access to the internet, a smart phone, ipad or computer you and a space to practice yoga in you are good to go. You can sign up for the whole training and get the live interactive version of the training or do it in parts and complete it as you are able to, but it will be more cost effective to sign up for the whole training.

Life can be busy and it can be hard advance yourself while working.That’s why we have laid out the course over 3 months, every other weekend and two evenings per week. This structure allows you to keep up with your life as well as grow exponentially into a more evolved version. Evenings are from 5-9pm EST and weekends are 9:30am-5:30pm. You can do the recorded sessions when you can’t make a class.

Yogaaah 200 hr Teacher Training & Immersion Modules ONLINE

This training is therapeutically oriented and builds progressively. Sign up for any or all of the following immersion courses for an in-depth study of the many aspects of Yoga. All students welcome to take courses. Yoga Alliance CEU’s available.

Do both parts 1 & 2 and receive your RYT 200 Yoga teacher certification approved by Yoga Alliance. Yoga teachers can take courses to refresh knowledge and skills and receive CEU’s. See below about scholarships and discounts full training.

Yogaaah Immersion Courses ONLINE (Part 1) Receive CEU’s. (Priced separately)

1.Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training 14 hrs - $160

2. Healthy Alignments/Breakdown of Poses 14 hrs $160

3. Yoga Sequencing & Exploring Self-guided practice 10 hours -$120

4. Energetic Theory (Kundalini, Chakras, Prana) 5 hrs- $60

5. Energetic Practices (Pranayama, Meditation) 20 hrs - $225

6. Anatomy and Physiology relating to yoga 20 hrs - $225

7. Intermediate and Advanced Yoga postures 10 hrs - $120

8. Functional Movement 10 hours - $120

9. Yin Yoga Teacher Training 12 hours - $150

10. Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training 12 hours - $150

These Immersion modules provide the base for our entire 200 hr Yogaaah Teacher training course. You will receive in-depth i and foundational instruction. Prices are in USD, for Canadians it is the same in CAD.

200hr Yogaaah Teacher Training (Part 2): Includes all courses above. Plus

1. 30-hours Yogic Philosophy (History, Yoga Sutras, Lifestyle, Spiritual practice)

2. 30-hours of Teaching Methodology (verbal cueing, adjustments, creative sequencing, business of yoga), as well as the Practicum.

3. Additional Asana practice hours

In the Practicum you will be creating class sequences, practice teaching one-on-one and in small groups online with feedback and discussion of methodology, adjustments, ethics, challenges, use of props, cueing, sequencing and the opportunities of teaching yoga. There will be both in and out of classroom assignments and practice teaching opportunities.

*Financial Scholarships for 200 hr course applicants, email to inquire.

**Bring a friend and you both save 25% on your tuitions.

***Certified yoga teachers can register for courses at 50% off and get CEU’s

Fees for the Online 200 hour Teacher Training is $1800 USD or CAD for Canadians


"Wow! The Practitioners at my clinic loved the Therapeutic yoga course that Nora taught and were able to implement the learned practices immediately into their Physio and Chiro practices. She provided so much information that inspired us all to do more with our patients. We were amazed that such simple movements and focuses could make such an impact.

"Thanks so much Nora! Dr. Vanita Bali, Chiropractor Toronto

"I recently took Nora's Restorative Teacher's Training course and it was one of the best trainings I have ever experienced.  This training is for all bodies regardless if you are a teacher or just wanting to add more self-care to your daily routine. Nora is a knowledgeable and gifted teacher. Her presence and teachings are a gift to the world. "
"Thank you so much for the lovely days I spent with you learning and practicing restorative yoga!  I learned a lot about the process and myself and will be teaching what I learned from you this week."

Elise Chamberlain, BSRN, RYT, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, Tennessee

"I just completed a Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Nora and loved what I learned. Not only did Nora offer practical, easy-to-use tips to incorporate, but she shared her wisdom with grace and authenticity. She speaks soothingly and compassionately yet has a direct approach that is a pleasure to listen to. I highly recommend her classes and trainings and look forward to learning more from her." 

Maral Duckworth, Hamilton, On.

"Nora and her course Restorative yoga training is amazing. I was not expecting how powerfully it can help people in such a deep level of energy (Prana). Not only did she teach physical exercise but also teach Yoga philosophy; to be more positive and peaceful while teaching the class beautifully. I recently completed her Restorative yoga teacher training  and now I am in love with this."

Saraswati River, staff at Sivananda Yoga Center, Vietnam

"Nora's Yin Yang Yoga training is a very comprehensive course and it's designed for all levels of teachers.  I felt immense support from Nora throughout the whole training.  She is highly educated in all aspects of yoga, you'll leave this course fully prepared to go out and teach restorative.  Nora is a kind individual who brings light and laughter to some of the intensities of yoga training.  I've taken so much from this experience and feel completely capable to teach yoga." THANK YOU NORA!!!!!

Ali Kopinto, Yoga teacher, California

"Nora just taught me in the Yin Yoga teacher training. She is an excellent instructor with a sense of humour and has a great way of importing information & teaching. Her material was clear and precise as well as provided constructive feedback to the group. She offered to send more information on the fascia and encouraged us to stay connected after the program. I felt totally supported."

Ananda Mayi, California

Yogaaah’s 200 hour yoga teacher training is a comprehensive training with a therapeutic approach so you will learn to teach yoga from the ground up. Understand how injuries happen and how to prevent them as well as prepare students to gradually develop their practice safely. Learn how to move people from limitation and pain to freedom in their bodies. By learning how to do this for others you need to learn how to do it for yourself first.

Remember those physical and energetic complaints? They will improve with the knowledge gained and the regular practice of yoga, while you learn, you will also heal. The respect you will gain for yourself will shift you into self-love. You’ll be proud of your accomplishments but also feel more able to love because of the healing work you have done.

Don't miss out on this transformative training! Reserve your spot now!

You will receive the manual and links to zoom via email. Please reach out via to get the rest of the details.

Peace and light to you,

Nora Benian

Nora Benian E-RYT500, Yoga therapist, Life coach, is a seasoned yoga instructor and teaches all levels including specific Yoga teacher trainings. Her classes accommodate students with a wide range of challenges whether physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual. Nora guides students safely and knowledgeably through yogic postures and practices helping students to release stress and tension, strengthen the body and mind, and learn to relax deeply. Through Yoga Therapy, Nora prescribes Yogic practices along with counselling to help bring clients back into alignment, build strength, and clear energy channels to increase the life force. Nora inspires students with her wisdom and motivates them through self-development with ease.

Nora loves to share the wisdom found in many healing modalities including Theta Healing, Life Coaching, Homeopathy and the Science of Yoga. She offers sessions in these modalities to help you release old beliefs and reprograms you with an updated, healthier version to match current circumstances. "Your thoughts create your reality and together we work on how to direct your thoughts to create the life you want to live."

She is a seasoned educator and speaker offering workshops, seminars to a wide range of audiences with a focus on physical, emotional, and psychological wellness. She also gives lectures on ‘Mindfulness and Happiness’ and ‘Health is Wealth’ and also in 'Stress Reduction' in many venues as well as offers workshops in Corporate offices for employee wellness.


Nora has a diploma in Homeopathy from the British Inst. of Homeopathy 2001 and also graduated from Vancouver Counsellor’s College in 2005. She became certified in Thai Yoga Therapy at Lotus Palm School, Montreal with teachers

Kam Thye Chow and Blake Martin in 2006. In 2007, Nora completed a 500 hr Yoga Teacher Training in Guelph, On. with Rita Cupitt with a focus in therapeutic yoga. She followed this with an Intensive 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training at Sivananda Yoga Ranch, New York. Nora later completed a 300-hour training in Mind, Body Yoga Therapy with Dr. Paul Epstein and finished her certification with the International Assoc. of Yoga Therapists. Nora is also a certified Life Coach with the American Life Coach Academy 2019 and a Certified Theta Healer 2020. She applies all her skills and knowledge in her work and serves clients with a holistic healing approach.

"Learning, experiencing, evolving, and healing is the essence of life."

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Fri Oct 15 2021 at 05:00 pm to Sun Jan 23 2022 at 05:30 pm
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