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Movement To Bliss - 1 of 8

Movement To Bliss - 1 of 8

Mon Oct 03, 2022

Movement To Bliss - 1 of 8

Time Mon Oct 03 2022 at 06:00 pm to 07:00 pm
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Movement To Bliss - 1 of 8, 3 October | Online Event | Movement To Bliss - 1 of 8

Movement to Bliss allows you to take your yoga practice deeper by learning to imbibe aspects such as patience acceptance and mindfulness into your daily life. Please email to sign up as our booking system is being fine tuned.

Every Monday at 6pm in october and november

Rates - etransfers to cHJpeWFua2FkZXZpZ3VwdGEgfCBnbWFpbCAhIGNvbQ==

International transfers via Paypal need to add the 2.90 + Fixed fee transaction fees in order to gain access to the classes

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Drop in : 15 CAD

Sign up for 8 classes -100 CAD

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* Enjoy Bonus Meditations every Sunday on insight timer

week 1

 Back to Basics – Strengthen your Foundations

No matter what level of yoga we are's always a good idea to revisit the basics of yoga - what does yoga really mean and are we truly connecting to our mind body and spirit? enjoying the silence? embracing the silence? the breath? the stretches?

week 2

The Deeper Connection – A Richer Mind (unique benefits such as twists good for internal organs)

Each yoga pose we practice benefits some amazing part of our body...Lets connect to that goodness - and keep it at the top of our mind ...

week 3

Alignment – get the most out of the Pose best suited for your Body

Is your body aligned to your comfort? or to the yoga pose? We focus on scanning the body and being keenly aware of how each pose really feels ...connecting to our body parts...and realizing we are jus a part of our body

week 4

Chakras to your Body – Tap into the Mystical Side

Chakas are the energy centres that reside along the length of our spine... 

We connect to each chakra (pronounced exactly the same way as we say the name chuck)with corresponding yoga poses....and do a little internal if you're in a reflective mood...join us on the mat.

week 5

Gratitude that Forgives – Releasing Into Freedom

As we flow through various yoga poses we're going to take this opportunity to be extra kind to our Self forgive or ask to be forgiven - and let go of the anger and feelings of that we can release them freeing ourself and ultimately ensuring that we dont give away our power and sense of bliss to destructive and negative emotions. 

week 6

Breath – And All its Spaciousness

Have you ever found yourself holding your breath during yoga? ...well you are not we flow through our poses i invite you to pay special attention to your breath so that you can really begin to connect with your Self - know how to lengthen and deepen you breath whilst in a yoga pose and of course take that skill off the mat and into you daily lives.

week 7

5 of the 8 limbs – The Life Within

During our Yoga Practice we can imbibe 5 of the 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga into our Hatha Yoga Practice so that we can go deeper into our practice and connect to our Self...

Asanas - yoga postures (8.4 million of them)

Pratyahara - Withdrawal of the Senses (Gaze Within)

Pranayam - Mindful Breathing

Dharana - Focus/Attention

Dhyana - Meditation

week 8

Yoga off the mat – Journey to Reality

1. When we hold an asana (pose) we are increasing our patience with our self & others.

2. Learning to manage stress by using breathing techniques translates to calmer states of mind so that we become less reactive and think before we say harmful things.

3. By observing our thoughts watching them pass we become more understanding & forgiving towards our self & others; more empathetic.


Tickets for Movement To Bliss - 1 of 8 can be booked here.

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Mon Oct 03 2022 at 06:00 pm to 07:00 pm
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