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Mount Shasta Ascension Meditation

Mount Shasta Ascension Meditation

Wed Jun 07, 2023

Mount Shasta Ascension Meditation

Time Wed Jun 07 2023 at 06:30 pm to 08:30 pm


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Mount Shasta Ascension Meditation, 7 June | Online Event | Mount Shasta Ascension Meditation
Relieve your stress and worries with a most effective meditation that dates back to Christ.

About this Event

Has your life not turned out quite the way you desired it would?
Are you seeking for something more?
There’s got to be more, right?
Well, there is! A lot more!

What if you instantly found that MORE you were looking for and you never lost it again for the rest of your years?

Imagine you became so filled up with Great Spirit, Divine Love, Magic Presence, Gushing Joy from your heart every hour of every day –that you gave up the seeking, you gave up trying to get your life better, and instead your life just got better and better without feeling you had to do a lot except a simple and easy spiritual practice that helped you come home to your divinity. Imagine all your dreams finally came true because you became authentically peaceful and happy right here and now in each present moment, and this turned you into a magnet for amazing opportunities, all your dreams finally coming true!

Maybe you felt this a while back when you had fallen in love, and it seemed everything was becoming magically awesome. Love is a magnet to opportunities when our hearts are fully open.

Well, it is possible to feel divine love all the time, and after searching and practicing a large number of spiritual practices from the East and the western traditions, I am profoundly grateful to be practicing and sharing a method that seems to return us to “the Garden,” our original heavenly state of mind and feeling.

When we reside in Divine Love, and see life through Soul-centered eyes, all our dreams can and do come true.

This is what is happening with me and thousands of others who’ve happened onto the Ishaya‘s Ascension attitudes. I am falling in love with all life, and there is no turning back! How did this all come about?

The story that you don’t need to believe is that there was a whole different hidden Christianity; not the popular political Christianity but the inner teachings. Instead of about belief it was more about a technique for awakening the Soul, the Christ within. We can call it the yoga of Christ consciousness that anyone can practice to consistently raise their vibration all the time. Back in the day, a person was killed for teaching it. The story goes that when Jesus was younger, he traveled to the East and studied with enlightened Masters in the Himalayas. They called him Issa, also pronounced Isha. These enlightened masters taught him the practice of Ascension. He returned to Judea to teach this to his people with the hopes many would ascend along with him. As you know, he was the only one able to demonstrate ascension at that time. After his resurrection, he gave the instruction of ascension to his apostle John with the orders to take the ascension teachings back to the Himalayas for safekeeping until the third millennium, because humanity would not be ready to learn it until then, … until now! John made the journey to the Himalayas and formed an order of monks call the Ishaya’s. Ishaya means “of Christ.”

John perfected the Ascension Attitudes and completed his own ascension in that lifetime. The Ishayas's Ascension Attitudes had been in safekeeping for 2000 years. An American name MSI who had been a teacher of Transcendental Meditation TM, discovered the Ishaya monks in the Himalayas, and they welcomed him and taught him the Ascension Attitudes to share with the world.

After practicing with the Ishaya monks for a few years, MSI brought the Ascension Attitudes to America, teaching them and ordaining more monks. Now there are something between 500 and 1000 Ishaya monks teaching Ascension world wide.

Again, you don’t need to believe any of this story. The work could have come from Jack-in-the-Box for all I care! What matters is that practicing these Attitudes truly works to evoke consistent inner-peace love and joy and melts away stress instantly, beyond anything I’ve ever practiced. The simple effortless and enjoyable attitudes are based in appreciation, gratitude, and love.

I’ve been practicing them for about 10 months and since that first weekend of learning them there has been a grace in my life I have not felt constantly before. When I forget to practice, its too easy to get caught into my human drama. I feel more at the effect of my circumstances, and become more stressed and reactive. On the other hand, when I practice Ascension at least once a day (ideally 20 minutes twice a day) all the challenging stuff of my life seems to be transformed into a higher vibration, including body issues.

I would like to make a point here. Ascension is not Transcendence.

Transcendence is to rise above, or go beyond “what is.” “It’s beam me up scotty.” Many of our addictions are driven by our craving to get high, to rise above what we don’t want to face and feel. Some forms of meditation are practiced to escape the world. Which always leads one to have a crash afterwords; not Ascension.

Ascension is the practice of embracing and transmuting “what is” to a higher frequency.

The practice involves remembering heaven is here and now. The heavily state is our source code. And we can infuse this authentic peace, love, and joy into all areas of our present lives.

I think our hearts desire for most of us is to create Heaven on Earth - each in our own unique way. To manifest that, we must become it. The Ascension Attitudes are the most powerful tool for this I have encountered in my life.

As I practice them, I have found myself being the consistently peaceful, happy, inspired stress-free person I’ve always wanted to be. My compulsive mind has simply lost its power with little effort. My creativity has gone through the roof, and so many opportunities have become available.

And this appears to be happening for virtually all those who practice the Attitudes for 20 minutes 2-3 times a day.

This is a simple practice anyone can do. Instead of a chore, for me and many others, they have become positively addicting. For example it has been documented maximum-security prisoners who have been rioting become sweet teddy bears after practicing Ascension for less than a month; and they WANT to keep doing it, because it instantly feels good. 

I notice the Attitudes shift people out of worry and anxiety immediately, unlike other meditations that usually take a while to feel the results. 

But you need not believe me. Experiencing is believing for yourself.

You are welcome to join us ONLINE or in person at the I AM University of Spiritual Psychology located at 201 N. Mt. Shasta Blvd (south side of building).

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Wed Jun 07 2023 at 06:30 pm to 08:30 pm