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ICF Accredited Mastery in Coaching Certification Global Live Online 12Weeks

ICF Accredited Mastery in Coaching Certification Global Live Online 12Weeks

Jul 01, 2021 - Sep 16, 2021

ICF Accredited Mastery in Coaching Certification Global Live Online 12Weeks

Time Thu Jul 01 2021 at 08:00 pm to Thu Sep 16 2021 at 11:00 pm

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SGD 3,116

ICF Accredited Mastery in Coaching Certification Global Live Online 12Weeks | Online Event | ICF Accredited Mastery in Coaching Certification Global Live Online 12Weeks
The Mastery in Coaching Certification Program (MIC) an internationally certified program and approved by International Coaching Federation

About this Event

ICF Approved 70 Hours Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH):Mastery in Coaching Coaching Certification
Most Sought After Immersive Coaching Experience
Global Live Online (12 Weeks, Thursdays)

12 Weeks Virtual LIVE Program
Dates: 1 July – 16 Sept (Thursdays)
Time: 8pm - 11pm (GMT +8)

The Mastery in Coaching Certification Program (MIC) an internationally certified program and approved by International Coaching Federation (ICF). It is for individuals looking to be professionally certified as coaches. MIC lays the foundation for coaching practice and the coaches’ journey as a professional coach. Coaching is not bounded by age, industry, or culture. Coaching is about helping others through a thought-provoking and creative process to co-create solutions that generate progress and growth. In MIC, you learn the coaching core competencies, managing progress, regulating state changes, coaching strategies, and coaching tools to help you begin your journey as a coach.

Today, many people are challenged in a whole array of areas ranging emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. The coach is there to help bring clarity, expand awareness, and develop actionable steps with the client to achieve results. Coaching is not mentoring; to be a mentor you need to be an expert in the field of study but as a coach, you are a process expert in helping people from across industries to unravel problems and generate positive solutions.

Whether you are looking to be an Executive/Leadership Coach, a Life Coach,  a Relationship Coach, Youth Coach,  Nature Coach, Mindfulness Coach, this program is for you. The good news is that you can learn the coaching competencies even if you just want to use it for personal development and enhance your relationship because coaching is all about conversational mastery. 

MIC is the key enablement for coaches to create positive results for clients. Coaching is the most powerful tool that can help create change in your client’s life and business. Make a difference today, be a Coach.

Program Overview

The Mastery in Coaching Certification program is ICF approved program of 70 Hour Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) conducted over 5 modules through face-to-face training or online synchronous and asynchronous training and coaching. English will be the main mode of delivery (unless otherwise stated). Our focus is on creating results for our coaches, and the training follows the ICF core competency and professional standards. The modules will be delivered through active learning, with theories, demonstrations, practice, reflections, and case studies. The program is hands-on, direct feedback, and application of theories to integrate learnings deeply.

The Online Global Live Experience is unparalleled, with over 18 Lessons Across 6 Weeks (3 hours each session that is designed and curated to be highly engaging and interactive). Each week, you will also have the opportunity to put into practice your learnings in our Group Coaching Labs. This will reinforce the learnings and give you opportunities to practice with peers and coaches from around the world of different cultures.

Module 1 – Foundations of Good to Great Coaching

Laying the foundations for the profession of coaching and what the future of coaching entails. This module focuses on the state of the coach in the coaching process and how the state radically shifts the effectiveness of the coaching conversation.

Lesson 1 – Philosophy of Coaching 

The love of wisdom and the pursuit of learning and growth is core to the coaching process. The coaching process brings about layers of learnings for both the client and coach. And in the process produces improvements of choices in life, work, and relationships. 

Lesson 2 – Ethics and the profession of coaching

The case of ethics and professional conduct is key in the coaching process. Our clients will share confidential and often sensitive information that is core to their beliefs and who they are. It is the responsibility of the coach to uphold that trust and confidence of the coaching. 

Lesson 3 – The Coaching State – Cultivating a Coaching Mindset of Client Centeredness

When entering into a session, both the client and the coach may have certain frames of what to expect, where to go, and how to navigate through the process.  The state of mind for both parties is crucial to create a space for change. Recognizing the emotional, psychological, and physiological shifts will enable the coach to enhance the process. 

Lesson 4 – Getting from Good to Great [Flexibility, Curiosity, and Openness]

Where do we begin as coaches? Is good or great the starting point? In the process of coaching, one key aspect is in recognizing the greatness that is already there in the client. Greatness as a state rather than an attainment of title. Going from good to great explores what it takes to move conversations that are transformative than transactional. It embodies the spirit of flexibility, curiosity, and openness.

Module 2 – The Co-Creation Process

The coaching process involves the on-going co-creating relationship between the coach and client. The trust and conversational intimacy developed over the sessions will enable the coach to dive deeper with the client and create tangible change. 

 Lesson 5 – The Coaching Agreement

There is a formative and sessional agreement in the coaching process. And learning to establish and maintain the sessional agreements will enable the client to see progress and growth from session to session.  And it is in this agreement that sets up the ROI for coaching. 

Lesson 6 – Cultivating Trust and Creating a Safe Space

Rapport with the client is the entry point of a masterful conversation. Without trust and conversational intimacy, the conversation will be kept at a surface level. Creating a safe space will be needful to prepare the client unconsciously that it is safe to be vulnerable in the session and they can be confident to be who they are in the conversation.  

Lesson 7: Accelerated Rapport Building

The trust and connection with the client will go up and down as the flow of the conversation moves. Re-establishing rapport and accelerating the connection with the client will enable the conversation to move forward more efficaciously.  

Lesson 8: Coaching Presence

The best gift you can give your client is to be present with them in the moment. Presence is the state of consciousness where your focus is on the process and the moment of flow. Recognizing and experiencing the state of flow will allow the coach to “dance in the moment” with the client. 

Module 3 – Creating Masterful Coaching Conversations

The communication process is often misunderstood and in the process of masterful coaching conversation, you will unravel the art and science of conversations that unravel deeper issues and works at the root cause, you will learn how to effective and efficient in the employment of questions to help clients to create more awareness. 

Lesson 9: Listening Actively across the Neurological Levels 

The ability to attune to the whole of the person of the client and listening to what the client is saying and not saying is key in enabling the client’s self-expression. Listening to the surface and subsurface conversations and to the present challenges and future development. Coach brings together intuition to perceive the linear and non-linear responses from the client. 

Lesson 10: Intention and Intuition 

Proprioception of the coach is the ability to perceive its own position in the space of coaching. Is the coach listening to what they want to listen to? Are they aware of their own biases and filters that prevent them from listening deeper? Intention and Intuition based listening enables for clearer understanding of what is said in the context of the client’s desires. 

Lesson 11: Evoking Awareness – Generative Questioning

Questions are used in the right context to evoke awareness for the client. In generative questioning techniques, we explore how to create more options and choices for the client rather than limiting them. Utilizing the client’s language and learning style to create questions. Through the generative approach to allow the client to find deeper connection between the light and shadow sides. 

Lesson 12: Evoking Awareness – Metaphorium™  

Metaphorium™ is the engineering of metaphors. Utilizing language that has the greatest positive impact on the client. The utilization of metaphors and analogies allows the client to express complex matters using simpler expressions. The coach's ability to utilize those metaphors will enable a deeper conversation.

Module 4 – Cultivating Learning and Growth

Growth is the key ingredient for the client to experience tangible progress and movement towards their goals. In the cultivation process discover how to create self-propelled drive and motivation towards milestones and results for the client. The process includes planning and goal setting not in the traditional sense but one that is actionable and creating new habit patterns that empower the client.

Lesson 13: Neuroscience of Coaching

Neuroscience examines the functionality of the human brain and nervous system and its construct.  In the applicative approach in coaching, neuroscience brings greater understanding and depth in goal setting, action forwarding, and progress. Understanding the basic components of neuroscience allows the coach to better appreciate the coaching process. 

Lesson 14: Neuropsychology of Coaching

Neuropsychology explores how the brain influences cognition and behaviors. Understand why our clients and ourselves do the things we do. The self-sabotaging impact on the client towards their goals and growth. How to create a breakthrough through the coaching process and improve cognition and beneficial behaviors.  

Lesson 15: Facilitating Client Growth and Accountability

The go-forward process is key in the coaching process once the client has gained clarity and alignment. The design of actions,  planning, and goal setting allows the client to know how to move forward and how to ensure the steps forward produce the right momentum towards their goals.  Learning to set accountability leaves the responsibility with the client to take action. 

Module 5 – Scaling Your Coaching Practice Sustainably 

A Coach without a client is not a coach. Learn the basic building blocks for establishing your coaching practice. Understand the mechanics and the intentions of your outcome to create deeper alignment and congruence in building your coaching practice. 

Lesson 16: Your Coaching Practice

Understanding how your coaching practice will look, feel or sound like will enable you to set in place the pillars of growth and structures to create a sustainable business. Coaching practice is not just the revenue generation but also the ability to scale yourself and to develop and grow constantly and unceasing improvement.  

Lesson 17: Your Coaching Niche

Niche is a specific area of practice you want to dive deeper in. Some may prefer to be a Leadership Coach, others a nature base coach, yet others a wellness holistic coach. Learning how to derive your niche and test that niche’s sustainability will allow you to create a niche that resonates and works.  

Lesson 18: Exponential Coaching – Be You

The business of coaching is not about trying to be another person, nor about becoming that guru or expert. The business of coaching is in the conversations you have with yourself first. Be You. It's integrating who you are, your beliefs, values,  aspirations, passion into your coaching conversations and bringing that “You” ingredient into the business of coaching. People are drawn to people. Being the authentic you and discovering what resonates with you and your clients will enable you to scale your coaching practice to where you want it to be.

Coaching Changes Lives Advantage

To ensure that all objectives of the course match yours, Coaching Changes Lives’ programs are developed after intensive and extensive research within the industry. The programs focus on your immediate working issues to ensure that you are able to apply and deliver immediate results in real work situations. Application and implementation of industry knowledge and experience are the drivers for our course design, not theoretical academic lectures. The training focuses on practical interactive learning tools and techniques including case studies, group discussions, scenarios, simulations, practical exercises, and knowledge assessments during the course. Invest a small amount of your time to prepare before attending the course to ensure maximum learning.


"The 4 days of coaching workshop conducted by Jedi was very inspiring. This is not the usual workshop that you would expect with lots of slides and download. Instead there were a lot of practical learnings which made the experience very different. The sessions have made a difference in the way I approach coaching. It’s not about just applying the different coaching models but beyond that, how we can transform one’s life - “Coaching changes lives”. If you are considering to becoming a coach and do not know where to start... you can consider attending this program."

Sok Cheng Koh / Area Director of Human Resources, APAC, Marriott International

“ Signing up for the ICF Certification by Coaching Changes Lives is by far the most rewarding things I have ever done. I have been always wanted to be a coach and I came across Jedi from Event Bright. Completed the course with lots of awesome knowledge, confident and stronger than ever, equipped with the right tools, and practical tips on how to be a Great Coach. I’m proudly said that this is one of the best training I ever attended in my Life. Definitely looking forward to upgrade myself with more training with them. Thank you Master Jedi. Lastly, Thank you Wilson for your amazing support and motivation, without you I won’t be joining the training.“

Aishah / Professional Life Coach, Dubai

"Jedi demonstrated active learning strategies, effective inductive learning and unique Guru charisma in his training. The transformation journey is simply enjoyable and fulfilling!"

Shina Lye / Regional Sales Manager, Siemens

"Jedi is a wonderful coach and trainer. The beauty of his training lies in his style of delivery. He makes you question your own beliefs while keeping the sessions light and humor filled. I have learnt a lot from his workshops. Such a transparent coach, that makes him genuine and sought after at the same time. The learning transcends within, to create the lightening effect of questioning self and limiting beliefs. His coaching truly stands out. And As he says, if you are a coach, you must be able to coach yourself. I have learnt the art of coaching myself and others from the master “Jedi” himself. Feel privileged to be mentored by him."

Khyati / Career Coach, Tata Consultancy Services

"Quality training, professional organisation, awesome and knowledgeable master coach, super friendly approach, best value for money. Definitely the best choice I have made. Highly recommended!! Thank you for changing my life!"

Ilona Bruyanszki / Sports Manager, Gymnastics Coach

"I had the opportunity to train under Jedi at the 9 day intensive NLP and ICF coaching retreat in Bali. Jedi's knowledge, talent, and passion for coaching are obvious. His approach to coaching and mentoring is incredibly powerful, and certainly helped me move forwards towards reaching my goals."

Ben Baldieri / Mental Performance Master

Your Lead Master Certified Coach Trainer

The program will be led by ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC), Jedidiah Alex Koh with a team of  Coaching Specialist to enable you to achieve your credentialing. He has recently been awarded top 101 Global Coaching Leaders at the World Coaching Congress 2020.

Jedidiah is the Exponential Coach. He has empowered and equipped leaders, coaches and influencers from across 5 continents with the Art and Science of Conversational Mastery. He is the founder of Coaching Changes lives International with presences in the USA, Latin America, and Asia, focusing on cross-cultural diversity and leadership in a VUCA world. With over a span of 13 years of coaching and impacting lives, he has been actively helping individuals and organizations to build resilience and tenacity for the future economy. 

As a highly sought-after result and transformation coach. He believes that coaching is the key to creating positive and impactful change in people. Having coached clients from around the world, he found that coaching was a key enabler in driving peak performance and creating results. Being a mentor coach to coaches around the world, he constantly seeks to improve his coaching practice and founded The Coach Advantage (a network for coaches to meetup and share best practices) to help connect coaches and empower people. 

He developed the C.O.A.C.H coaching framework build upon the ICF core competencies of coaching to empower coaches with coaching strategies to create breakthroughs for their clients. His coaching process focuses on helping clients gain deeper awareness and clarity, create solutions, establish progress and accountability, and generate the results the client desires. His experience in both the public and private sectors has helped him impact clients across various industries.

Your Investment 
ICF 12 Weeks Mastery in Coaching (MIC) Certification (Become a Certified Life/Executive Leadership Coach)
Course Fee + Mentor Coaching : $2,546 USD or $3,350 SGD

(Bonus access to 1 Year Group Mentor Coaching of over 24 Hours of Learnings)

Continuous Learning and Coaching Community (Bonus Complimentary Access) 

Here at Coaching Changes Lives, we believe in ongoing learnings and engagement with our coaching community. Once you have finished the program, you will gain access to our exclusive coaching community where we will learn, share and continue to hone your coaching skills. 

Group Package of more than 2 pax : (Please email Y29hY2ggfCBjb2FjaGluZ2NoYW5nZXNsaXZlcyAhIGNvbQ== for a special rate)

Bundle Pricing (2 or more programs) : Contact/Email Y29hY2ggfCBjb2FjaGluZ2NoYW5nZXNsaXZlcyAhIGNvbQ== for a quote

* Contact via email or WhatsApp for Nett price fees as reflected without ticketing fees


For Enquiries, contact the following channels,

Email: Y29hY2ggfCBjb2FjaGluZ2NoYW5nZXNsaXZlcyAhIGNvbQ==

WhatsApp: +65 87923402

Our Other Coach Programs (ACSTH/ACTP/CCE for your ICF Credentialing) 

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2) ICF Mastery In Coaching Certification (70 Hr ACSTH)

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7) Professional Public Speaking Practitioner (20 Hr CCE)

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For Enquiries, contact the following channels,

Email: Y29hY2ggfCBjb2FjaGluZ2NoYW5nZXNsaXZlcyAhIGNvbQ==

WhatsApp: +65 87923402

For Trainings in other Cities and for more information & Registrations visit:

Or email us at Y29hY2ggfCBjb2FjaGluZ2NoYW5nZXNsaXZlcyAhIGNvbQ==

We look forward to serving you. #CoachingChangesLives

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