Hegels Phenomenology of Spirit A Journey in Eighteen Steps

Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit: A Journey in Eighteen Steps

Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit: A Journey in Eighteen Steps

Time Thu Nov 02 2023 at 06:00 pm to Thu Mar 14 2024 at 08:00 pm


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Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit: A Journey in Eighteen Steps | Online Event | About the event Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit: A Journey in Eighteen Steps
The Phenomenology of Spirit (1806) is a work of philosophy like no other...

About this Event

The Phenomenology of Spirit (1806) is a work of philosophy like no other. Setting out to make sense of modernity, an epoch marked by alienation and disenchantment, Hegel charts a pathway for recovery which initiates a journey of consciousness from ignorance to truth, the completion of this journey resulting in what Hegel calls “Absolute Knowing.” The unorthodox approach of the Phenomenology makes it one of the most notoriously difficult works of Western Philosophy. Combining the philosophical currents of his own time with heterodox Christian theology, Hegel’s Phenomenology is as challenging as it is revolutionary, its sharp insight and emergence at the threshold of our own era making it a work of unrivaled importance, influencing subsequent intellectual movements such as Existentialism and Marxism.

This series of eighteen lectures seeks to assist both the reader and the merely curious alike in understanding Hegel and the Phenomenology of Spirit in context, gradually working through the text little by little. The series will begin on Thursday, November 2nd, 2023, taking place every Thursday at 6 PM (holidays excepted).

There is no need to read along to attend or participate. Registration for one event qualifies as registration for all.

The structure of the series is as follows:

Part I: “Alienation” - Preface [§1 - §72] - Thursday, November 2nd @6pm

Part II: “The Concept” - Preface, cont. [§1 - §72] - Thursday, November 9th @ 6pm

Part III: “The Dialectic” - Introduction [§73 - §89] - Thursday, November 16th @ 6pm

Part IV: “Das Meinen” - A. CONSCIOUSNESS, pt. I & II [§90 - §131] - Thursday, November 30th @ 6pm

Part V: “The Inverted World” - A. CONSCIOUSNESS, pt. III [§132 - §165] - Thursday, December 7th @ 6pm

Part VI: “Fear of the Lord” - B. SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS, pt. A [§166 - §196] - Thursday, December 14th @ 6pm

Part VII: “Unhappy Consciousness” - B. SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS, pt.B [§197 - §230] - Thursday, December 28th @ 6pm

Part VIII: “Urination vs. Generation” - C. (AA) REASON, pt. A. [§231 - §346] - Thursday, January 4th 28th @6pm

Part IX: “The Madness of Karl Moor” - C. (AA) REASON, pt. B. [§347 - §393] - Thursday, January 11th @ 6pm

Part X: “Sittlichkeit & Moralität” - C. (AA) REASON, pt. C. [§394 - §436] - Thursday, January 18th @ 6pm

Part XI: "Antigone Exits Eden" - C. (BB) SPIRIT, pt. A. [§437 - §482] - Thursday, January 25th @ 6pm

Part XII: “Rameau’s World” - C. (BB) VI. SPIRIT, pt. B., Ia. [§483 - §525] - Thursday, February 1st @ 6pm

Part XIII: “Terror” - C. (BB) VI. SPIRIT, pt. B., Ib., II & III. [§526 - §595] - Thursday, February 8th @6pm

Part XIV: “The Beautiful Soul” - C. (BB) VI. SPIRIT, pt. C. [§596 - §671] - Thursday, February 15th @ 6pm

Part XV: “The Secrets of the Egyptians” - C. (CC) VII. RELIGION, pt. A. [§672 - §698] - Thursday, February 22nd @ 6pm

Part XVI: “Art and the Fallen World” - C. (CC) VII. RELIGION, pt. B. [§699 - §747] - Thursday, February 29th @ 6pm

Part XVII: “In Imitation of Christ” - C. (CC) VII. RELIGION, pt. C. [§748 - §787] - Thursday, March 7th @ 6pm

Part XVIII: “Golgotha: the End of History?” - C. (DD) VIII. ABSOLUTE KNOWLEDGE [§788 - §808] - Thursday, March 14th @ 6pm

This is an online only program. Reading the material is not necessary for attendance or participation. If you have questions about this program, or need help accessing the reading, please email YW5kcmV3ZmFpcndlYXRoZXIgfCBueXBsICEgb3Jn

You must register with your email address in order to receive the link to participate. The link will be sent to you by email approximately one day before the discussion. You will need a device with audio and/or video and an internet connection to join.

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Thu Nov 02 2023 at 06:00 pm to Thu Mar 14 2024 at 08:00 pm