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Full Moon Retreat with Dance Celebration

Full Moon Retreat: with Dance Celebration!

Sat Jun 03, 2023

Full Moon Retreat: with Dance Celebration!

Time Sat Jun 03 2023 at 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm


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Full Moon Retreat: with Dance Celebration! | Online Event | Full Moon Retreat: with Dance Celebration!

A monthly sacred ceremony celebrating our gift of life on the Full Moon. This is medicine for your feminine soul for women & men. Enjoy!

I hope you've been having a fulfilling month! It's so important to take the time to sit back to pause and enjoy the fruits of your life rather than stay on the treadmill from one goal to another. The Full Moon offers us a global 'sacred timing'... to celebrate you no matter how much you've achieved. Perchance you've accomplished a major project or you may have given some serious thought or perhaps emotionally cleansed or allowed yourself some much needed rest. Whatever it is... it's perfect just as it is.


Sahara will be offering Medicine for the Feminine aspect of your Soul for women and men. This will feature a special time to celebrate you during our Full Moon Activation!

Regarding our lunar event... every aspect will have an element of self love...including an activity with positive affirmations with a fractal-art slideshow (for the heart realm). We'll get to do a little journal writing on a contemplative process of your life path (for the mental realm)... using the 'astrological archetype' for the month as a metaphor to connect personally to various personality traits and to see how we might relate... with group shares. Then we'll experience a guided meditation (for the spiritual realm) with a little toning/chanting. And finally we'll get to explore fun shamanic dance (for the physical realm). ✨ See full 'Schedule' below for more details.

This is a time to integrate all aspects into your being (heart mind soul body)... to fully embody it all into wholeness... as you enter the space between heaven and earth (the shamanic zone). It is fun and nourishing!


What a joy to share this sacred ceremony live and with our beloved community. Come and be a part of a transformational journey where you will be imbued with ✨ positive life force energy ✨ to carry you into your new lunar month!

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


~ The Zoom Window opens 10-minutes early to get settled and to gather items for workshop.

INTRODUCTION: Sahara welcomes everyone.

~ Then everyone shares their 'intention' for what they wish to experience... then light their candle.

~ Smudge with incense & lighter with short prayer (to cleanse your body & space).

HOT DRINK BLESSINGS: Cacao or Peppermint Rose etc. This is 'intention' is to open up our

hearts through sacred plant medicine with the motive to feel 'love within' and as a community.

HEART: We'll read a few times 'Positive Affirmations' with a 'Fractal Art' slide-show set to relaxing music. Let's 'bathe in 'beauty' as we meditate on it's total vibration with: gorgeous artwork poetic words and magical tunes.

MIND: Celebrate the Full Moon by learning about the astrological archetype. Everyone can write notes on how they relate to the basic qualities in their journal. Then we'll have the opportunity to write briefly in ones journal (answers to a few questions) on celebrating the past celestial month while reviewing aspects of ones life.

INTIMACY: Afterwards we'll go into small groups and then into pairs via 'Breakout Rooms'. Keeping your video camera is requested to be more connected. We'll get the chance to share our written answers with others.

~ They'll be a few opportunities to share your experiences briefly with a word or sentence into the 'Chat Box'.

SPIRITUAL: With the spiritual realm we'll explore a variety of meditative practices that may vary each month. But mostly they will be brief such as: breathwork toning (aka singing vowels/tones) chakra balancing Taoist smile de-stress eye exercise etc.

MEDITATION: Then we'll have the opportunity to fully unwind as we enter a relaxed shamanic state from the above exercises moving into a deep 'Guided Meditation' to mystical music. We may even explore various themes (ie: a 'Goddess' that represents the monthly archetype etc).

BODY: Coming out of the first part of our meditation we'll gently move into our bodies by doing a guided short relaxation 'self-massage' over our clothing (ie: 15-minutes).

DANCE: We'll finally get to rejoice our lives with a 'Dance Celebration' to some beautiful magical music! The dancing will be to five-rhythms (ie: Flowing Staccato Chaos Lyrical Stillness). These are optional to have as a goal but free-style is totally OK. The dancing is to 5-songs which is approximately 20-minutes.

COMPLETION: Everyone will have the opportunity to share via the 'Chat Box' (and a few via video/audio) their overall experience that they valued from the retreat as well as have the opportunity to share appreciation towards our community.

CLOSING CEREMONY: Prayer and comments from Priestess Sahara.



~ Willingness to share to create 'Community'

~ Your Journal and Pen

~ Comfortable Dance Clothes

~ Hot Drink (hot chocolate / 'Cacao' [or chocolate bar]...or

...tea with peppermint & rose [or any herbal tea that invokes love]

~ Water Bottle (to hydrate during dancing)

~ Candle

~ Incense and Lighter/Matches

(Or... something else to cleanse you & your space such as: incense sage sweet-grass palo santo essential oil naturally scented spray)

    . . . . . . . . . .

OPTIONAL: For the dance activity you're welcome to bring any 'props' to play around with... to make it more fun (ie: scarf hat cane etc).

MUSIC: Perhaps you're a music lover and you want to be more involved during our 'dance segment'. You're welcome to use a hand-drum or shakers while you dance or just drum to the awesome rhythms! If you'd like to do that and don't have this items feel free to use stuff from your home (ie: pot and wooden spoon / or rice or beans in a jar). Enjoy!


✨ These monthly gatherings are on the Full Moon (date varies each month).

✨ In this Online 'Virtual' Gathering (via your computer or cell phone ~ you will need to meet virtually). The good news is you don't need a Zoom account just follow the instructions with AllEvents and then click on the link during the event day/time... to meet up live.

✨ The events are approximately 2 hours in length (with Divine timing )

✨ No dance experience necessary (move however it feels comfortable for your body)

✨ No astrology experience necessary (We focus on one archetype each month to see how one can relate as a current theme).

✨ Virtual LIVE Zooms (no replays)


TESTIMONIALS: "Sahara does a masterful job of weaving together a beautiful sacred journey consisting of a variety of elements and experiences which I found deeply rich and nourishing." ~ Zanzara Hazen Spiritual Counselor & Astrologer. We are each holding space for the unfolding of humanity.

"I have really enjoyed the full moon events with Sahara Exodus. It builds such community with each person introducing themselves with their intention for the evening. I always have my sage or incense to cleanse the space and body and then the hot drink blessing to drink in those intentions. I love the positive affirmations we say together with the fractal art slide show set to music in the background. What a great job Sahara Exodus does in putting them together. The breaking up into small groups to share gives us a chance to be more intimate with each other. The breathwork and toning is so healing and allows us to go into a nice guided meditation. The final free style dancing to the 5 rhythms gives wonderful personal movement to the body and is a great closing." ~ Bishop June G. Cravenn

"Thank You thank you thank you!!! Priestess Sahara words cannot express my deep gratitude! You're a Godwink sent to my prayers! Your session has restored me I feel invigorated! I look forward to and have registered for your next session! Thank you for your talent and time". ~ Peace and blessings Lori

“i really enjoyed your event. Your voice is so soothing :-) I have told quite a few people about your ceremony.” ~ CrystalAtTPE ThePureEscape. Get A Massage You Deserve It


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