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FLOWN Take-Off 20-minutes Goal Setting and Journaling Session

FLOWN Take-Off: 20-minutes Goal Setting and Journaling Session

FLOWN Take-Off: 20-minutes Goal Setting and Journaling Session

Time Tue Nov 21 2023 at 08:30 am to Fri Dec 22 2023 at 01:50 pm


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FLOWN Take-Off: 20-minutes Goal Setting and Journaling Session | Online Event | About the event FLOWN Take-Off: 20-minutes Goal Setting and Journaling Session
A 20-minute routine that combines meditation, journaling, and goal sharing with a small group.

About this Event

Kick off your focus with FLOWN's Take-Off, a 20-minute session designed to set you up for a focused and fulfilling day. Tap into the power of group accountability, goal setting, and creative journaling in a supportive and motivating environment.

🎯 Set clear goals and intentions for the day

☕ Create a morning routine for a productive start

🤜 Boost motivation through group accountability

🧘 Enhance mental clarity with meditation

✍️ Encourage creativity and self-reflection with journaling

🥰 Connect with a community of like-minded remote workers

How it works

1. Welcome and intro (2 minutes)

Say hello to your facilitator as they prepare you for the session.

2. Mindful moment (4 minutes)

Clear your mind and set the tone for your day.

3. Personal pages (7 minutes)

Spend a few minutes journaling to facilitate reflection and encourage creativity.

4. Intention sharing (6 minutes)

Hold yourself accountable and feel the support of the FLOWN community.

5. Closing thought

Leave the session feeling calm and ready to focus on your tasks for the day.

How do I access the session?<h4>1. Go to this link and register for FREE with FLOWN</h4><h4>2. Find and book your session on the calendar</h4>

Expert Facilitation

At the heart of what we offer are the charismatic personalities that guide our live experiences and provide the space for you to do your best work.

Amongst our family of 20+ facilitators you'll find storytellers, breathwork coaches, productivity pros, mindfulness masters, writers, yogis, creatives and many more.

Take-Off FAQ's

I don’t want to be on camera with people I don’t know…

You don’t have to be if you really don’t want to… but if everybody turned their cameras off it wouldn’t work so well. Actually seeing your accountability group makes a massive difference – it triggers motivation, and puts you under a positive kind of pressure to succeed.

My house/flat/study is a mess! How can I be on Zoom with strangers?

We can relate. But we don’t care, and nor do your fellow Take-Off goers! The pandemic means that everybody is used to people working in messy kitchens or with dogs, kids, and flatmates poking their noses into their meetings. Virtual co-working sessions improve your focus and productivity. Zone out your environment and do some deep work!

I don’t want to present my workplan to people I don’t know!

Your fellow Flownies are NOT your boss. Virtual co-working sessions, we call them Flocks, are about supportive accountability – so you don’t need a sophisticated presentation in your intentions. On Deep Dive sessions, just talk for a minute about what you intend to get done. The very act of sharing it is scientifically proven to improve your chances of actually doing it. Oh, and we don't do breakout rooms in Power Hour Flocks, so why not try one of those out first?

What is FLOWN?

FLOWN is a virtual-coworking platrofm that helps people get more done and feel good doing it.

We offer online virtual co-working sessions designed around key insights from behavioural science. They trigger your mind to focus and get uber-productive, so you get more done and feel good doing it.

✔️ 90+ hours of live weekly focus sessions of various lengths

✔️ 24/7 drop-in virtual co-working spaces

✔️ 20+ expert trained facilitators

✔️ A supportive community of like-minded people

" FLOWN is life changing. That feels a bit dramatic, but that's exactly how it feels!"
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About The Host: Get more done, feel good doing it! FLOWN is a deep work toolkit. Achieve focus and accountability through  live focus and virtual body doubling sessions , led by fabulous facilitators, or work anytime alongside videos of famous deep workers. Recharge your focus with our live and on-demand guided breathwork and distributed awe walks. Using the science behind deep work and flow states,  FLOWN has created a platform  offering a range of different virtual co-working, body doubling, and creativity boosting experiences to suit any type of knowledge worker. Whether you are a  freelancer preparing business proposals, an entrepreneur designing a new strategy, a PhD student writing their thesis, or someone with ADHD needing focus to help them work more effectively,  FLOWN has a live or on-demand experience to help them transform their relationship with work.
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Tue Nov 21 2023 at 08:30 am to Fri Dec 22 2023 at 01:50 pm