FB & BING Bootcamp

FB & BING Bootcamp

FB & BING Bootcamp

Sat Jun 29 2024 at 03:00 pm to Sat Aug 24 2024 at 03:00 pm



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🚀 Elevate Your Advertising Game with Our FB & BING Ads Bootcamp Powered by Qlikmatrix! 🚀

Are you a marketer, business owner, or digital marketing enthusiast looking to master the art of online advertising? Our FB & BING Ads Bootcamp is designed just for you!

This intensive program equips you with the expertise to create, manage, and optimize campaigns on Facebook (FB) and Bing. Dive deep into foundational principles, advanced strategies, and practical insights to effectively leverage these powerful platforms and drive business growth.

Why Join Us?

1.Hands-On Experience: Engage in practical exercises and real-world case studies.

2. Expert Guidance: Learn from industry-expert instructors.

3. Up-to-Date Content: Stay ahead with the latest trends and updates.

4. Community & Support: Connect with peers and receive ongoing support.

5. Live Sessions & Industry Experience: Participate in 20+ live expert sessions and gain 1-month live industry experience.

6. Career Growth: Unlock better income growth and career opportunities.

Who Should Attend?

1. Digital Marketing Professionals: Enhance your digital marketing skill set.

2. Business Owners & Entrepreneurs: Leverage online advertising for business growth.

3. Marketing Students & Recent Graduates: Gain practical, industry-relevant knowledge.

4. Aspiring Advertisers: Master FB and Bing Ads for personal or professional development.

📞 Interested? Let's Connect! For more information, reach out to us via WhatsApp or call at 9819784310, or email us at Y3MgfCBxbGlrbWF0cml4ICEgY29t.

Take the next step in your digital marketing journey with us! 🚀


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Sat Jun 29 2024 at 03:00 pm to Sat Aug 24 2024 at 03:00 pm



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