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Discovery CallsTrain my Team

Discovery Calls–Train my Team

Nov 01, 2021 - Dec 13, 2021

Discovery Calls–Train my Team

Time Mon Nov 01 2021 at 09:00 am to Mon Dec 13 2021 at 10:00 am
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USD 1,950 - 4,000 Tickets
Discovery Calls–Train my Team | Online Event | Discovery Calls–Train my Team

Discovery Calls–Train my Team

Looking for a way to train someone to take on the responsibility of the phone and make it their baby?

Found the perfect person to take control of bookings and need them trained?Need more clarity on becoming even better on the phone?Looking for a way to stand out from all your competition?Want to book more clients that value you and are willing to spend on a quality experience?

Looking for the ultimate training program for yourself and your employees on how to book and create quality clients for your business?Want a way to book people without sleazy sales tactics?

Eliminate the “slow months” and make every month a winner.

Take control of your business and make more profit every month.

Training employees made simple over six weeks Mindset–check into your mindset and the mindset of a client Simple step-by-step focus that will guide you through creating an experience for your clients opening questions that make it easy for clients to open conversations with you understanding what clients want creating visualization for your clients that allows them to discover their story creating a desire for this experience and wall art. This creates clients expecting to want to buy from you.

Bird Personalities and how to adapt to each one when it comes to a booking situation.When to quote.How to quote, and the perfect time to quote.

Who this is for Anyone that wants to make a difference to the families and individuals we have the privilege of serving. Anyone that wants to create quality clients for their business.Anyone looking to fill their calendar with quality clients.

Anyone wanting to on-board someone to make calls for them and have them trained for the phone.Anyone wanting to move from low sales average, to a much higher level of reward from every client.Anyone wanting to learn the secrets of how to convert ordinary people into extraordinary clients, whilst giving incredible value.

Anyone wanting to increase the number of clients walking in with the expectation of value that are prepared to spend.

The Course ContentThe Discovery Call structure in detail.The mindset of each stage of the call. Preparing for the call.

Levelling up your ability to understand the hidden messages of what a client truly wants and what will move them from just being an ordinary client to becoming extraordinary.

Opening lines for multiple avatars that make your call easy with them.The right questions to ask your avatars. Layering your questions to allow your client to access what truly matters to them. 

How to adjust your language so that you do not have to deal with difficult customers. 

Understanding the nine different personality types that present themselves and how to modify your language to suit the way they want to make decisions.

Understanding the connecting avatars to your primary avatar and how to modify your call to include them, and the possible challenges they may present.

How to install a new belief in your client that makes this entire experience important and valuable.Understand how to reframe your client’s objections and turn them into the reason they need to have this. Creating desire for wall art they cannot live without. 

How to gain permission to speak to all decision makers.How to turn one client into three.Quoting with confidence.

Course Delivery

Heart and Soul Ticket

Weekly-recorded tutorials on the above content over six weeks

Quizzes that reinforce the core understanding of your learning

Weekly Live Sessions


Tickets for Discovery Calls–Train my Team can be booked here.

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Mon Nov 01 2021 at 09:00 am to Mon Dec 13 2021 at 10:00 am
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