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Conscious Dreaming Class Dreaming with the Divine

Conscious Dreaming Class: Dreaming with the Divine

Sun Oct 18, 2020
Conscious Dreaming Class: Dreaming with the Divine

Time Sun Oct 18 2020 at 03:00 pm to 04:30 pm

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Conscious Dreaming Class: Dreaming with the Divine | Online Event | Conscious Dreaming Class: Dreaming with the Divine

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Conscious Dreaming Class: DREAMING WITH THE DIVINE©

Interactive, online class led by Lindsey Curtis and HiRa Hosèn

ONLY 5 SEATS LEFT for both classes ✨

We dream during our sleep and we dream during the day. And when we dream, we dream different dreams through our mind, our body and our Heart. What does it mean to Dream? And what is Divine? How does one know what Sources we’re actually connecting into when we dream? ✨

Join us for a unique exploration into ‘Dreaming with the Divine’ ✨ Bridging the worlds between conscious and subconscious, humanity and divinity, logic and creativity, this interactive experience is guaranteed to meet you exactly where you are, and provide tools to expand into your greatest expression. You are a Divine Human Being, and we’re inviting you to make this inner knowing a normality in your daily life experiences ✨

HiRa will start the sessions with facilitating a deep inner healing space through meditation, where Lindsey will be offering profound imagery exercises. We’ll explore what subconscious inhibitions are in the way of Your unique Divine connection, providing ways for You to connect and embody your Divine goodness in an instant ✨

Sunday 27th of September, and Sunday 18th of October’20, at 5pm Paris EET/CET 11am NY time zone ✨


Come as you are! No previous experiences or meditation practice needed. EveryOne is welcome ✨ Due to the nature of the interactive Space, seats are limited to 10 persons only ✨

For those unable to attend in real time, replays will be sent to you and are available without time limit ✨

The interactive session lasts 1 and a half hour ✨

No need to install an app on your phone, device or computer, just follow the zoom link which will be automatically sent to you as an invitation straight after payment. More info:

You can book directly with credit card through PayPal on the current page: At payment, you’ll immediately receive an automatic invitation link for zoom.

If the above website somehow doesn't work, depending on your country and your device settings, you can directly pay €66,60 through: If you choose this way of payment, please BE PATIENT, we will send you an invitation link for zoom as soon as we’re back online.

If you wish to go through bank transfer, or any other way of payment, please feel free to contact us via the contact button on our website:

The purpose of dreaming is to remind us that we are complete and we have everything we need within us. At times we just must clean up our internal worlds to access this deeper knowing, and 'conscious dreaming' does just that ✨

Dreams are the living language of our mind, heart, body & Soul. When we meditate, we dream; when we sleep, we dream; when we make love, we dream. Our dream may be a nightmare, or it may be light. The paradox is that 'we create the dream', while 'we are the dream’. There is no separation ✨

Dreaming is everything. Right now, as you read these words, you’re dreaming. You’re experiencing a sort of dream. And as you pause and wonder, this is another dream. There's no difference between our waking and sleeping life; they're just different perspectives of the same dream ✨

Dreaming is how we interact with and create the world. The more we become aware that everything around us is a dream, and that we are indeed 'the dreamer', we then realize the ability and power to create a new dream ✨

Imagery refers to the images we see within and is practiced with eyes closed by quickly looking inside and receiving response through image. With a dream guide like Lindsey, these images are quickly induced, in order to retrieve the dreamer's 'internal weather report’, so to speak. The images pop up from the subconscious and are then received by the conscious self. Now that it’s become conscious, we have the creative power to choose anew. Within the images seen and experienced lies the treasure to greater integration, joy, love and the full abundance of life ✨

A 'waking dream' is what occurs when we begin to interact with our images in a conscious way. At times through a quick imagery exercise, we'll need to continue following the dream until transformation occurs. This allowing to unfold in a conscious way is a waking dream. Waking dreams are interactive. By definition we are awake, and when we interact with and follow through our dreaming image, then a resolution is experienced ✨

Often we must interact with, and respond to the necessity of a night time dream as well. We do this in waking consciousness through a 'waking dream'. By re-imagining the situation, we interact with the images, and we respond and dance with the occurring shifts until we're able to come to a place where we feel complete ✨

Lindsey Curtis is a dream therapist, embodiment mentor and wayshower, passionate about supporting those ready and willing to do the tenacious dance of embodying the light of their full being into form. Through her 6+ years of apprenticeship with Catherine Shainberg and the School of Images, coupled with her multidisciplinary approach to sensual embodiment, Lindsey offers a depth of perspective to support You on your unique journey of direct Divine relationship and embodiment ✨

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About The Host: Expérimentez et rejoignez la révolution de la conscience humaine d'aujourd'hui. Maintenant est le meilleur moment pour se souvenir qui vous êtes vraiment.
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Sun Oct 18, 2020
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Date & Time

Sun Oct 18 2020 at 03:00 pm to 04:30 pm
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