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Black People do - 21 Days of Yoga Challenge

Black People do - 21 Days of Yoga Challenge

Jan 04, 2021 - May 24, 2021

Black People do - 21 Days of Yoga Challenge

Time Mon Jan 04 2021 at 06:30 am to Mon May 24 2021 at 09:45 am

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Black People do - 21 Days of Yoga Challenge | Online Event | Black People do - 21 Days of Yoga Challenge
Join this general level super 21 day Yoga Challenge.

What a fine way to join a new community and to start the New Year.

About this Event

Doing yoga to start the day, every day is know to have many health benefits for both mind and body. Such that yoga is now practiced all over the world by people aged from 2 to 102, and found to be a helpful aid for reducing stress and improving life.
The many benefits of doing yoga include body lengthening, strengthening, calming and improved focus.
There are many styles of yoga, for this online class a smooth style of Hatha is used. The movement sequences or flows includes breathe work and meditation.
This class is inclusive, and for all shades of people regardless of age, gender, class, status, etc.
Preparing for class:
To prepare for the class make sure you have
  • a thick yoga mat,
  • space to exercise,
  • a warm room, and
  • suitable clothing.

Please keep you camera on so as to connect with the teacher.

Optional supports:

To best help you enjoy the class, have to hand two yoga blocks and a yoga belt.

If you have any questions contact the teacher, Yv Yogini for details.

Health & Safety

The class level is for beginners to experienced. It is best suited for people with good mobility and generally good health. If you are not used to doing aerobic exercise, unsure how to manage your body when exercising and are unsure whether to join this movement class, it will be best to seek medical advice from a professional first.

Question 1 - I am not very flexible, isn't Yoga for dancers, gymnasts and flexible young people?

No - Yoga is for everybody.

There are lots of different types of adapted yoga classes to suit every situation a person might be in, such as pregnant, wheelchair bound, toddler and elderly as examples.

Your flexibility will improve with patience, regular practice and a progressive growth mindset.

Question 2 - Why is it called a Black People do .. class, why not just people?

During recent history black people have been sidelined, this class is to centre and welcome POC in a safe space with inclusion genuinely at its heart.

Question 3 - Why are there so many types of yoga?

Yoga has been taken up by different types of schools over thousands of years, each adapted the practice into different forms.

Question 4 - Surely yoga should be free. During its inception thousands of years ago, yoga was free? Surely it doesn't matter to the teacher to be paid?

Modern yoga is a highly skilled profession, it is providing a beneficial body and mind service, rather like a personal trainer. The train to become a yoga teacher in the western world cost thousands of pounds. This is a job of dedication where living in the modern western world, in order for the teacher to maintain knowledge and skills, regular living expenses also have to be paid. The payment is an exchange of energy, payment for a valuable service.

Question 5 - Why are there different levels of pay?

To account for people with different circumstances in this current unprecedented economic situation. The different payment is to promote honesty, integrity and inclusion.

Question 6 - How do I join?

To join use the registration button below.


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Mon Jan 04 2021 at 06:30 am to Mon May 24 2021 at 09:45 am
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