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Banish the Covid Winter Blues - 6 Week Program

Banish the Covid Winter Blues - 6 Week Program

Jan 18, 2021 - Feb 25, 2021

Banish the Covid Winter Blues - 6 Week Program

Time Mon Jan 18 2021 at 07:00 pm to Thu Feb 25 2021 at 08:30 pm

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USD 360
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Banish the Covid Winter Blues - 6 Week Program | Online Event | Banish the Covid Winter Blues - 6 Week Program
6 Week Program to be in community and practice simple-easy-to-use techniques to banish anxiety, stress, loneliness and more.

About this Event

Do you wake up feeling like you are in a Grade B Dystopian Movie?

The changes in our daily lives due to this global pandemic have been going on for 11 months now. Our lives in upheaval. Socially, financially, professionally, psychologically. For ourselves, our immediate and extended families, our loved ones.

Many of us did somewhat alright getting through the summer and then autumn - we could be outside together where it was warm and safe to gather with social distancing without too much concern.

November arrived, the weather changed, the clock fell back, and a new level of loneliness and depression set in.

And then Came Thanksgiving, the Holidays and the New Year

It really hit me this Thanksgiving. The holidays - times to share with friends and family.

We have had a tradition for the past 15 years of having 10 to 16 friends over for dinner - and then opening our home to our community of friends to come and hang out, dance, share stories, sing Beatles songs late into the night and early morning.

It was a tradition I thought would always happen - and then it did not - covid led to statewide bans on holiday gatherings .

I woke up the next day in tears of grief and loss ...

Then is when I decided to double down on the practices I have been using and share them with others.. so that we can all get through this winter season with our emotional health intact.

I want to share the practices I have been using, and benefitting from, with all of you.

The practices I am using come out of all the teachings and experience I have accumulated over the years: all the meditation techniques, all the tantra techniques, all the shadow work, and all the breathwork techniques and more.

I boiled it all down, and identified the ones that were simple enough to use consistently. Simple enough to use multiple times every day. Simple - and yet very deep - capable of creating profound and lasting transformation.

I then chose the most powerful of these techniques, The Simple 3 Step - “Let Your Body Lead the Way” as my FREE New Years gift to everyone.

I have packaged the rest of the techniques I use for myself and my family, into a winter long program that you will be invited to join.

Are the Covid Blues Getting You Down?

Is the thought of the long, cold winter getting you down?

Has missing the usual holiday traditions has been getting you down?

Are you suffering from all the social distancing and isolation of Covid protocols?

If so.. you will want to attend...

My 6 Week - Twice a Week through the Winter"Learn Simple Techniques to Banish Stress and Beat the Covid Winter Blues" Workshops

This 6 week workshop is about learning and practicing simple ways to beat the Covid Winter Blues - especially right now as the winter truly begins.

This last year has been challenging for all of us. I have found that I needed to find techniques that work quickly, and for the wide range of feelings that I sometimes experience. Unlike traditional meditation techniques that require an hour or more per session; I found that simpler techniques that require only a few minutes are best.

I will be teaching these techniques during this 6 week workshop that will start on Monday January 18.

Summary of What's Included

Each week will have two sessions.

On Monday Evenings, at 7:30PM to 9:00 PM we will learn and practice new techniques. These are all techniques that I am actually using to help me and my family get through these challenging times.

On Thursdays, at 5PM we will have a 60 minute question & answer session, where I will answer questions and give laser coaching for any challenges that people ask about.

We will also have a private Facebook group. This Facebook Group will contain the recordings of the sessions, extra bonus tips (and possibly short videos) to address whatever is going on for people. It will also be the place for all of us to come together as a community and support each other.

Finally, for those who want, we will pair people up as buddies to connect with each other for a few minutes every day or two (as you decide); so that you are even more connected (and less alone) during this coming winter.

About Me

Hello, my name is Dr. Penny Goldmuntz, I am a psychologist, coach and personal growth facilitator. I have been working with people for decades to deal with depression, anxiety, feelings of aloneness, fear and worry and more.

Since the beginning of Covid back in February when we started realizing how much our lives might change over this year, I have been really diving into all the tools and practices that I have studied over the years.

I was looking for the best tools out of the hundreds I have learned that would help me to cope with the stress of this pandemic.

These are the tools that have helped me and my family "stay sane" during the pandemic.

One of the “gifts” of this pandemic for me has been finding the gold in slowing down, in finding the inspiration and wisdom that arises from the stillness and silence. What has evolved are a number of practices that I can use to be grounded, calm, to get to the heart of what may really be under some distress/anxiety I am experiencing. Practices that are simple to use, can be done in just a few minutes, and that when used regularly go very deep and open the space for lasting transformation.

The practices you will learn in this workshop are so powerful they can help you to:

  • Release worry and anxiety
  • Rewire your nervous system
  • Find Inner Peace and Deep Wisdom
  • Step out of loneliness as you experience connection to Source

What's Included in the 6 Week - “Learn Simple Techniques to Banish Stress and Beat the Covid Winter Blues" Program

Starting January 18, we will 6 week long paid program to help all of us get through the Winter Blues.

The intention of this program is to help all of us get through this Covid Winter with our sanity intact, with antidotes to Stress, Blues and Loneliness.

Our goal is to allow you to apply everything you are learning and practicing to make sure that you banish the Covid WInter Blues and Stress as well as the benefit of being held by a community of like minded people.

Each week will have four components.

1 - A 90 minute Weekly Webinar

Weekly - Monday Evenings at 7:00 PM over Zoom.

Each week of this 90 minute weekly webinar we will learn new practices to overcome stress, anxiety and more. These are the practices and methods that I use all the time and that allow me to stay calm, focused and clear and will allow you to do the same.

The practices and methods I will share with you are the ones that put me in touch with the abundance of my life. These are practices that have transformed my own limiting beliefs and released me from old self-sabotaging patterns.

These practices ongoingly allow me to connect to my deep inner wisdom and to receive Guidance from the Universe.

All these practices are simple and go deep. Practices that you can learn easily. Practices that you can do in a few minutes - anytime, anywhere.

These practices have both short term impact and long term cumulative benefits.

The short term impact is to directly address whatever is ailing you in that moment. To quickly get you from "downer" feelings to a more composed and present frame of mind.

Short Term as well as Long Term Benefits

The longer term impact is that by repeating these simple processes you are likely to be able to dislodge the underlying response-patterns you have and replace them with healthier response patterns. I have found this to be the big surprise and benefit for me.

2 - A 60 minute Weekly Community Gathering and Q&A Session

Weekly - Thursday Evenings at 5:00 PM over Zoom.

Every week, we will have a second Zoom call for us to integrate what we are learning and help each other get through our challenges.

This format will be a time for Q & A where you can ask questions about your specific situation and get laser coaching.

3 - A Facebook Community

A Private Facebook Group where we will share with each other our challenges. A community where we can support each other during this Covid Winter.

I know the power of being in a community of friends - a way to know you are not alone in the struggles you are facing - a way to have built in support and connection - this will be a course that fosters connection between members - you do not have to go through this end stretch of the pandemic by yourself......”We are all in this together!”

4 - Weekly Buddies

There is power in community. Even more power in having a "buddy" you can check in with a few times a week so that you are not alone. For those who want, we will facilitate finding a buddy. We encourage you to "check in with your buddy" for five minutes every day.

Sessions Will be Recorded so that You Can View them Even if You Were Unable to Attend the Live Workshop or Q&A Session
Optional - Private 1-on-1 Coaching

Some of you may want additional advice, coaching and help with various personal challenges you may be having during these challenging times.

For those of you who desire this, Penny will make available 4 1-on-1 coaching sessions during this six week program. Each of these four coaching sessions will be for 30 minutes, over zoom (or phone) at a mutually agreeable time. The cost of these four sessions is $290. Penny usually charges $200 per hour of her time as a coach or psychologist.

About Penny:

Penny is a licensed PhD psychologist and RN, with years of shamanic initiations with master teachers as well as decades of facilitating personal growth trainings around the world. As a lifelong student of healing, her passion is to facilitate your path to transforming your challenges into gifts, to deeply connect to the beauty of who you are, and to be the full expression of your unique beingness.

Penny is known for her warmth, passion, and ability to bring together communities in a safe space of authenticity, intimacy, connection and the adventure of living life fully.

Penny’s biggest strength is how her heart melds with her wisdom. Penny listens to people from a place of empathy and experience. She then succeeds in offering people suggestions and guidance that helps transform whatever troubles them and bring themselves to a place of centeredness, connectedness, wholeness and clarity.



“Penny creates an environment of trust, safety, and remarkable skill. She offers the kind of guidance, insight, and intuition needed to experience profound and lasting transformation.

Penny has helped me shift many previously untouchable blocks and opened my awareness up to places I needed to heal in order to truly evolve.

I am deeply grateful for her incredible wisdom, non-judgemental support, and endlessly generous spirit. If you get the opportunity to work with Penny, I highly recommend do.

Katie O.

“Penny has inspired growth and gratitude across all facets of my life.

By challenging my conventional thinking, Penny has guided me into a fulfilling relationship, prosperity at work, and an abundant mindset, opening endless possibilities.

Do yourself a favor, and embrace the wisdom Penny brings through every conversation and relationship.

James F.

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Mon Jan 18 2021 at 07:00 pm to Thu Feb 25 2021 at 08:30 pm
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