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Art Deco New York and the Race to the Clouds Webinar

'Art Deco New York and the Race to the Clouds' Webinar

Fri May 14, 2021

'Art Deco New York and the Race to the Clouds' Webinar

Time Fri May 14 2021 at 01:00 pm to 02:30 pm

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'Art Deco New York and the Race to the Clouds' Webinar, 14 May | Online Event | 'Art Deco New York and the Race to the Clouds' Webinar
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New York Adventure Club |

Flashback one hundred years ago: while New York City was just about to enter a period of limitless social and economic prosperity now known as the "Roaring Twenties," the skyline was about to roar as well. This is the story of how oversized egos, overheated real estate rivalries, and relentless competition fueled NYC's skyscraper boom and relentless rise into the sky.

Join New York Adventure Club as we embark on a virtual exploration of the magnificent Art Deco skyscrapers built between the 1920s and '30s that propelled our metropolis into the sky.

Led by NYC Tour Guide Deborah Zelcer, our unique digital walkthrough around Midtown Manhattan will include:

-An overview of 1920s New York , and why it went from a city of six-story walkups to a towering metropolis
-A look at NYC's evolution of art and architecture in the early 20th century, which morphed from emulating European historical revival styles to the adaptation of Modernism
-The incredible story behind the race to build the tallest building in the world , and the colorful characters who clashed along the way
-A virtual 3D walkthrough of some of NYC's most notable lobbies , including 30 Rockefeller Plaza, the Fred. F. French Building, Chrysler Building, and the Empire State Building

Afterward, we'll have a Q&A with Deborah — any and all questions about New York's art deco buildings are welcomed and encouraged!

Can't make it live? Don't worry, you'll have access to the full replay for one week!

See you there, virtually!

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About Deborah

ProwlerNYC Walking Tours are immensely entertaining while being information packed. Led by design professional and urban enthusiast Deborah Zelcer, the details of the political, social, economic and aesthetic influences that have shaped New York are revealed in story telling fashion. Join in to discover secrets of the city that amaze newcomers and seasoned veterans of the metropolis.


"It was so thorough and enlightening. I saw things I overlooked being at some of the sites. D was an excellent presenter, informed and enthusiastic. The best!" -Anita
"Excellent presentation! The stories behind each building were fascinating. Loved also the use of google maps to show real-time views of the buildings. Loved inside and outside views also." -Rachel
"OMG the speaker was the best you ever had! So interesting!" -Marcia
"I liked the virtual "walk" to the buildings. Learning about the "behind the scenes" battles and competition. Seeing the insides of buildings with Deborah pointing out the details and what inspired them was fantastic." -Brent
"Loved her enthusiasm. I also thought the Google street view was a great add for a virtual 'walking' tour. She navigated the technology well." -Jessica
"I liked the guide's organized delivery. She knew her stuff but also had a prepared text that gave us useful information and told a story, with clearly established characters, conflict, and resolution. Great job!" -Gardiner
"Deb Zelcer is an engaging and interesting guide. She has an ability to connect a number of historical strands in her lectures/tours." - Marion
"Being back in new york, even virtually, es great. Terrific information. lots of interesting history I've never know about New York architecture and the development of the city. Enjoyed it very much." -Maria
"Great anecdotes that I had never heard before. Deborah had a great relaxed style, with humor." -Karin
"I liked the stories that brought to life the people involved in creating these fabulous buildings, the details about the murals and architectural features, and the photographs and videos of details that are hard to see up close in person. Thank you all for presenting this webinar. I learned a lot and am now looking forward to going back to several of the buildings highlighted and visiting a few for the first time!" -Ann
"We learned so much had the impression that we were on her tour" -Michele
"Very knowledgable and well spoken - easy to understand!" -Paul
"Good backstory on many of the buildings. Good detail about the designs." -Frances
"Deborah Zelcer was the most articulate and best organized speaker of all the Adventure Club webinars I have attended. In addition to telling a clear and factual story, she had a wonderful image collection and made good use of Google street view technology. A bravura performance." -Doug
"Discussed exactly how to find these buildings, not just how fantastic they are in design history." -Eileen
"She gave the best description of the removed Diego Rivera mural at 30 Rock of all the Rock Center presentations. I also liked how she carefully traced the route of her tour of buildings on streets for us." -Robert
"I loved the presenters knowledge and the incredible detail she went into." -Meredith
"Organized to be walk-able. Pictures showed architectural highlights of each building." -BJ
"The presenter was very knowledgeable about the subject. and resented the information clearly." -Carole
"Informative. Printed in an interesting manner." -Karen
"Switching back and forth between Street View and close-up slides was a good innovation." -Susan
"Everything! Guide was fabulous - especially appreciated her mastery of the technical pieces of the presentation (just one small glitch which was overcome gracefully)" -Linda
"Everything...she was so well read and knew her material with excellent visuals." -K
"Knowledgeable. Moved quickly. Covered a lot of info. Interesting. Glad I can watch it again." -Anita
"Great presenter, knowledgeable, good pace." -Joanne
"The photos and the information were so interesting! Good pace too." -Karen
"Besides the plethora of information given, the presentation was lively and engaging. Top notch lecture!!" -Ellen
"Deborah's incredible knowledge of detail & her obvious love of the subject. Would take ANYTHING else she's lecturing on. It made me miss NYC so much !!" -Anne
"Everything ! Knowledgeable lecturer, well organized, great storyteller ! Fascinating information ! Deborah is the best ! I would follow her anywhere!" -Norma


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Categories: Virtual, Moments in History

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Fri May 14 2021 at 01:00 pm to 02:30 pm
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