Archetypes in Leadership Embodying The Mother

Archetypes in Leadership: Embodying The Mother

Archetypes in Leadership: Embodying The Mother

Tue Sep 17 2024 at 05:30 pm to 07:00 pm


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Archetypes in Leadership: Embodying The Mother, 17 September | Online Event | About the event Archetypes in Leadership: Embodying The Mother
Bringing the Divine Feminine to Work

About this Event

This is an immersive and experiential workshop series to invoke the divine feminine in our professional realms. In this session, we explore The Mother.

Creator, Nurturer, compassionate, generous, ferocious, Keystone of the Triple Goddess

The What:

Through the use of guided discussion, self-reflection and somatic exercises, we will:

  • Explore The Mother archetype and attributes
  • Identify when/where we currently embody these traits
  • Practice wielding the power of The Mother in oppressive patriarchal workplaces
  • Clarify actions to reduce the harm of those cultural structures

For Who:

  1. You value intersectional feminism.
  2. You are a leader who identifies as a woman or as non-binary.
  3. You are curious about harnessing the power of the Divine Feminine archetypes.
  4. You are looking for creative strategies to thrive while working within the structures of extractive capitalism, white supremacy, and patriarchy.

The Cost:

The suggested donation for this event is $20 - $50. That said, we are committed to this being an accessible event, so please pay whatever you can afford. We mean that, sincerely.

The Details:

Please bring the following to our virtual time together:

  • A candle to celebrate the Full Moon and our circle
  • A notebook or journal and writing tools
  • A talisman or artifact that represents the feminine archetype, The Mother

The Fine Print:

This session is for people who do not identify as cisgender men. We believe that this type of exploration could be of value to men, but that men have a different path to fully engage in this discussion. If you ARE a cisgender man who is interested in this material, please reach out to us directly so we can gauge the level of interest and begin to assemble an experience for you.

The Facilitators:

Daelynn Moyer is a Software Engineering Manager at Indeed. Prior to moving into a leadership role several years ago, she was a 20-year software engineer, building systems in support of transportation and heavy manufacturing. She's built networks of electric vehicle charging stations, flight deck software for commercial jets, programming tools for heavy trucks, and control interfaces for electron microscopes. She is proud to be a woman of transgender experience, and through the hard work of transition, she has come to think of herself as a gender witch. She relies on that magic as she builds and guides engineering teams from a place of empathy, trust, and authenticity. She and her wife live in the Portland, Oregon area where they obsess over their 1963 ranch home and all things mid-century modern. Her life's greatest achievement is teaching her cat to stand on his hind legs and turn a pirouette.

Lori Eberly, LCSW is the owner of Radius Executive Coaching + Development and the author of Fuckery. She brings experience in leadership development, change management, and cultivating psychological safety across sectors and industries. Lori's work in hospice, as a licensed clinical social worker, developed expertise in grief, trauma, and communicating taboo topics. Her somatic practice is grounded in understanding our nervous stystems and creating space for collective healing. She identifies as a white cis woman and mother. Lori lives in North Portland and can often be found foraging at the Goodwill bins.

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Tue Sep 17 2024 at 05:30 pm to 07:00 pm



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