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Accounting for Non-Accountants - the fun way

Accounting for Non-Accountants - the fun way

Oct 01, 2020 - Nov 30, 2020
Accounting for Non-Accountants - the fun way Time Thu Oct 01 2020 at 12:00 am to Mon Nov 30 2020 at 12:00 am
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Accounting for Non-Accountants - the fun way | Online Event | Accounting for Non-Accountants - the fun way

"I gained a deeper and broader understanding of applied accounting measures. This was very helpful training specifically as a refresher. Thank you for offering this event!"

– As reviewed by Valencia from the US as an attendee from 30th July 2020 batch.

What will you learn:

By the end of this course you will be able to understand the 5 key Accounting elements and how they are linked to financial statements. You will enjoy the playful way of solving business transactions using a deck of 52 cards. There are twelve total lectures with over 90 minutes of content which teach you every aspect of the basic Accounting. The lectures are laid out step by step so that you can speak the language of business naturally and become comfortable with the topics.

Course Description:

Learning the fundamentals of accounting especially for people who are not accountants is quite puzzling and time-consuming. This course aims to overcome this challenge by introducing a fun way to learn accounting in less than 60 minutes.

Learn Accounting Swiftly Using a Deck of 52 Cards (inspired by the theme of a regular deck of cards)

• Build the basics of Accounting as you play with the 52 cards

• Find playful techniques to solve complex accounting transactions

• Recognize the 5 Accounting elements and how to use them to read financial reports

Gain Simplified Knowledge and Communicate with Confidence

Whether you own a small business or have a major corporation at your fingertips understanding the language of numbers is the key to success. Knowledge about fundamental concepts in accounting will not only provide you with an edge but it will also improve the performance of your business. With the proper tools and an understanding of how numbers work on a professional level you’ll be making more informed decisions that will benefit you your employees and your company.

The Numb€₹$ Deck™ method created by Anish Baheti makes Accounting for Non-Accountants a stress-free and fun learning process.

Content and Overview:

This highly interactive on-demand video course will run for over 90 minutes. It’s designed especially for people from non-accounting backgrounds regardless of their experience level. Any person who wishes to understand and comprehend the language of business in a simple quick and fun way will benefit from the tools and advice included.

In the course you will learn the 5 key accounting elements the flow of the accounting cycle and the 7 golden rules.

You'll then learn the Numb€₹$ Deck™ method to ‘unpack’ any business transactions and demystify ‘Debits’ and ‘Credits’ using a simple easy-to-use format. Further you'll learn how to play with numbers as you start solving transactions using the 52-card deck. And finally you'll discover how solved transactions are reflected into the key financial concepts with our industry-leading tools and worksheets.

By the end of this short course you'll learn how to test your new-found accounting skills in your own career. You'll have the ability to communicate well with other accounting professionals having gained confidence in your skills and understanding of the world of numbers. You’ll never again have to guess at the reports and try to piece together information that once seemed complicated. With the Numb€₹$ Deck™ method you’ll be ready.

Who this course is for:

People without a background in accounting will benefit from the tools and strategy within the course. Users who learn best in visual situations will do well with the video lectures.

Key takeaways:

At the end of the power-packed interactive on-demand course participants will be able to:

• Understand the 5 key Accounting Elements and the Accounting cycle

• Demystify "Debits" and "Credits" with a priceless rule to forever remove worry

• Realize the 7 golden rules of accounting and the process of preparing financial statements

• Identify transaction analysis which is the heart of the accounting cycle by using a deck of 52 cards

• Learn any business transaction using these simple yet powerful techniques

• Master the 3 principal types of financial statements and how they are linked to each other

• Discover how to read financial statements using the 5 Accounting element

BONUS: 30 pactice transactions with solutions to help you build your Accounting skills.

Target Audience:

Learning the language of numbers is beneficial for all sorts of people. From founders to entrepreneurs and students to career professionals any person with the desire to learn can and will benefit from the online course and the Numb€₹$ Deck™ method.

Recent testimonials:

"An insightful session! It was really fun and easy to understand such tricky situations. Great connecting and learning! Thank you Anish Baheti for your valuable and impeccable knowledge" - US

"Wow!!! I come from a non-accounting background and am a small business operator with 23 years of business life. Anish was able to 'unpack' concepts in a playful manner. I tip my hat to you Anish." - Australia

"Profit is NOT equal to Cash was such an eye-opener for startups like mine. Thanks for an incredible session. You made it really simple for all of us!" - New Zealand

"I wish to thank you for your coaching to help me to date. You have provided me with some clear tips to help and I will now rely on your coaching and will certainly look to use you again for any coaching and or analysis work that I may become aware of." – Finalist the Businesswomen Awards (Australia)

Key details:

• Language of delivery: English

• Charges: USD $99.99 per person for on-demand videos

• Mode: Online (All details will be sent through email to registered participants only.)

• Payment: Using the ticket link provided here.

About the Speaker:

Born in India Anish Baheti is a qualified Chartered Accountant (IND) an MBA in Accounting & Finance (AUS) a Certified Life Coach (AUS) Certified Trainer & Assessor (AUS) and a Certified Practitioner for Brain Mapping (UK).

As the founder of Train My Brain® (IND) & Concepts Coach® (AUS) Anish has delivered thousands of entertaining energizing and engaging conferences. Helping educational institutions corporate offices entrepreneurs students and athletes alike Anish has formed a lasting presence in the world of life improvement.

After spending his early life in India Anish lived in Australia becoming familiar with reliable lasting brands as their success became his own. Not all victories were immediate however. His life has dealt him many challenges but now that he can reflect his growth and success are more rewarding than he had ever imagined. His life’s journey has now brought him to a place where he can help others overcome their struggles and have the life they dream.

Anish enjoys long-distance riding exploring new countries and engaging with people from different cultures. Dancing and singing to new music from all over the world is one of his favorite ways of interacting with new people.

DISCLAIMER: Train My Brain® reserves the right to cancel or postpone the workshop in case of an emergency. The web conferencing platform may change depending upon the number of nominations. Pre-payment and pre-registration are required. Participation fee is non-refundable/ non-adjustable against any other program of Train My Brain. A change in nomination(s) is generally accepted. Attending the online course or personal session means you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions listed on our website. 

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Thu Oct 01 2020 at 12:00 am to Mon Nov 30 2020 at 12:00 am
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