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A fun guide for developing self-awareness and emotional intelligence

A fun guide for developing self-awareness and emotional intelligence

Oct 01, 2020 - Nov 30, 2020
A fun guide for developing self-awareness and emotional intelligence Time Thu Oct 01 2020 at 12:00 am to Mon Nov 30 2020 at 12:00 am
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A fun guide for developing self-awareness and emotional intelligence | Online Event | A fun guide for developing self-awareness and emotional intelligence

About the Course

This on-demand video course of 52-videos is a collection of handpicked cards to help improve your life. Taking this course will enable you the opportunity for a life of full awareness. Each concept is designed to give you a spark of an idea. The concepts involved include solving stressful problems finding balance and purpose and learning to understand your emotions.

• Collection of 52 simple tools to lead a more fulfilling life.

• Each card is designed to provide you with an idea. Just like a spark of inspiration these notions will help you build and maintain mindfulness.

• The topics can be experienced in sequence or you can pick an idea you’d like to work on each day.

• It’s simple to learn and easy to implement in your daily life.

Are you up for the 52- Day Challenge?

Whether you are a student or a professional a homemaker or an entrepreneur you can benefit from the life-changing guidance and methods of the Emotional Intelligence Deck. Anyone who aspires to become the best version of themselves will find all the necessary information and tools right at their fingertips. This course will help you identify your potential and rise to the successes you know you’re capable of.

The Emotional Intelligence Course

Proposing simple ways to make life better for everyone with one card at a time. It’s an optimistic and empowering type of work. The best part is that you can learn it at your own pace and when it’s most convenient according to your schedule. By watching each video and then practicing through self-introspection you take the journey to self-discovery and appreciation as you are ready. This is a simple yet powerful way to build your Emotional Intelligence. You will go through each video from Card 1 with the understanding of what it means to be alive to the very last card Card 52 and finding purpose.

Some of the things which you will learn in this on demand video course are:

Being Grateful - You woke up this morning with a heartbeat so be grateful as you take your next breath. Somewhere there is someone taking their last.

Growing Stillness - The “blank” space where you are no longer associating with your body your breath or your thoughts. This space is pure stillness.

Simplifying Life – Some of the powerful tools you can implement are learning to say NO to cut back on time wasters and to limit your media consumption. Embrace minimalism and the natural joys of a happy life can be realized.

Solving Problems – Learn how to use the simple tool of ‘stacking’ to solve problems that were once too big to contemplate.

Dissolving Fear - Words that you use have a biochemical reaction in the body. If you say that you always feel fear you’ll have a different biochemical reaction then when you say you always feel confused. Words are powerful on their own but with the wrong emotions they can be overwhelming.

How you should take this course?

This unique online on-demand video course provides an inclusive entertaining and useful learning experience. The course is designed to be taken at your own speed. You complete the videos as you can fitting them into your schedule so that you never feel rushed. Growth is a natural process and you should follow your feelings to progress comfortably.


• Listen to the introductory video by Anish Baheti.

• Watch one video each day for the next 52 days.

• Perform self-introspection on each video and stay mindful about it the entire day.

• The next day pick the next video and repeat the same process.

• Listen to all the 52 videos in the organized sequence.

The Targeted Audience

This course applies to anyone who wants to build Emotional Intelligence for personal or professional development.

Key details:

Language: English

Content: 52 on-demand videos

Duration: 3.5+ hours

Delivery: Online in video format

Mode: Self-paced learning

Charges: USD $29.99 (one-time fee and lifetime access)

Payment: Using the ticket link provided here.

How to access the course:

Once your payment has processed you’ll receive an email with your course access link. (Please check your spam folder in case you haven’t received the email.)


About the Speaker:

Born in India Anish Baheti is a qualified Chartered Accountant (IND) an MBA in Accounting & Finance (AUS) a Certified Life Coach (AUS) Certified Trainer & Assessor (AUS) and a Certified Practitioner for Brain Mapping (UK).

As the founder of Train My Brain® (IND) & Concepts Coach® (AUS) Anish has delivered thousands of entertaining energizing and engaging conferences. Helping educational institutions corporate offices entrepreneurs students and athletes alike Anish has formed a lasting presence in the world of life improvement.

After spending his early life in India Anish lived in Australia becoming familiar with reliable lasting brands as their success became his own. Not all victories were immediate however. His life has dealt him many challenges but now that he can reflect his growth and success are more rewarding than he had ever imagined. His life’s journey has now brought him to a place where he can help others overcome their struggles and have the life they dream.

Anish enjoys long-distance riding exploring new countries and engaging with people from different cultures. Dancing and singing to new music from all over the world is one of his favorite ways of interacting with new people.

DISCLAIMER: This course is provided for educational purposes only. It cannot be considered a form of professional advice and cannot take the place of a professional opinion or diagnosis. Viewing and attending this on-demand video course means that you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions listed on our website.

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Thu Oct 01 2020 at 12:00 am to Mon Nov 30 2020 at 12:00 am
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