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8-week yoga therapy for anxiety - Starts 26th Oct - Online & pre-recorded

8-week yoga therapy for anxiety - Starts 26th Oct - Online & pre-recorded

Oct 26, 2020 - Dec 21, 2020

8-week yoga therapy for anxiety - Starts 26th Oct - Online & pre-recorded

Time Mon Oct 26 2020 at 09:00 am to Mon Dec 21 2020 at 12:00 pm

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GBP 250
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8-week yoga therapy for anxiety - Starts 26th Oct - Online & pre-recorded | Online Event | 8-week yoga therapy for anxiety - Starts 26th Oct - Online & pre-recorded
Comprehensive and evidence-based course for anyone experiencing anxiety, to better understand and self-manage their symptoms.

About this Event

Mindwalk Yoga’s eight-week course is a comprehensive and evidence-based course for anyone experiencing anxiety to better understand and self-manage their symptoms. This course is online and on-demand, and it is available from Tuesday 1st September 2020.

Yoga-therapy-for-anxiety combines yoga postures, breathing practices, mindfulness, applied neuroscience, and yogic philosophy all tailored to understand and treat symptoms of anxiety. Participants go on a healing journey finding stability, safety, growth, and empowerment.

Who is the course for?

The course is for anyone experiencing general anxiety symptoms, stress, and/or depression.

During the course you will:

Enhance the functioning of the nervous system to improve mental stability and resilience

Develop self-awareness through the practice of mindfulness which can increase confidence

Grow self-acceptance through the healing practice of Restorative Yoga

Build strength and stamina through tailored breathing and movement practices

Develop positive patterns of thought and behaviour

Access a toolkit of practices to self manage anxiety and stress

The course has been designed to encourage self-management. Once enrolled, participants will have direct access to the course content and can engage with it at their leisure. If anxiety and stress are left untreated symptoms can become debilitating leaving participants more prone to developing further mental health conditions.

The course format has been designed with busy people front-of-mind:

An 8-week online distance learning course comprising 8 pre-recorded videos which are released weekly in sequence, and which participants can access and review in their own time.

Each weekly video is 60 - 80 minutes’ duration and is accompanied with a series of audio and video home-practice sessions of 10 - 30 minutes’ duration. Participants are guided through the course with weekly prompts for practice, reflection, and journaling.

We have found that the pre-recorded format is favored by time-poor people rather than ”live” online classes as it can be challenging to do the same time each week. The pre-recorded format allows also participants to take the class when it is most convenient for them. However, if a live class is something you would like to arrange then please contact Mindwalk Yoga for details.

Each stage of the course has a theme explored through tailored yoga practices to treat symptoms, breathing practices to create calm and strengthen the nervous system, mindfulness to encourage moment by moment awareness, and applied neuroscience through basic theory.

Week 1 - Find Safety - through regulation and parasympathetic activation

Week 2 - Build Awareness - through mind-body-breath recognition and connection

Week 3 - Find Stability - through grounding the mind-body-breath in space and time

Week 4 - Build Strength - through challenging the mind and body to balance

Week 5 - Nurture Growth - through fostering self-acceptance and self-trust

Week 6 - Build Resilience - through an exploration of self-controlled stress (sympathetic) activation

Week 7 - Find Stillness - through contemplative, restorative practices

Week 8 - Be Empowered - design your onward yoga-therapy for mental wellness journey


Samantha is a woman living with depression. She took part in a yoga-therapy-for-anxiety online course in April 2020. Samantha has incorporated many of the practices into her everyday life to self-manage her anxiety and depression.

“I am in my 30’s and have struggled with depression for about 3 years clinically but in honesty I think I’ve been depressed for most of my life. I’ve dabbled with Yoga before, as a Beginner, on and off and enjoyed it. But it never really ‘resonated’ with me because I was uncomfortable with the ‘spiritual’ bit and being under-represented in class. What has happened to me since is miraculous! The peace I started feeling after doing the Week 1 homework felt so good. But I didn’t really notice it until after Week 2. I was enjoying doing all the exercises as part of my routine and realised I couldn’t hear the constant negativity and buzzing thoughts in my head as much. I was more focused and less fuzzy.”

Juan Leon is Head of Production at, a busy creative agency. Juan was a participant in a yoga-therapy-for-anxiety course in 2020.

" To say that the job in an agency is stressful is a gigantic understatement. Organising film shoots was taking a toll on my mental health due to the amount of stress and information I had to process every shoot. It came at a point during the pre-production where it was very hard for me to regain control of how I was feeling. Stress kicked in and lead to anxiety. Manifesting as a pain in my chest that would last all day. ALL day.

With the Mindwalk 8 week course I learned some of the in and outs of how our brain works. This was a big eye opener for me. Somehow, knowing what was the process that was leading my brain to feel stress, allowed me to process, understand and access a way to control it by doing a series of different exercises and breathing techniques. I really wish I had known all of this before. But I am so happy I know now! Never too late! It has changed the quality of my life and the way I work. I cannot recommend the 8 week course enough!"

Eric is a man living with severe anxiety. Eric was sectioned when he was a teenager, he is now in his 50s and still experiences severe episodes of anxiety and depression. He took part in a yoga-therapy-for-anxiety online course in April 2020. Eric is now a regular participant in the free drop-in classes.

“I thoroughly enjoyed Zakiya's eight week yoga program. Her program definitely helps in reducing anxiety by giving you tools you can use throughout the day. She has a warm, engaging, and supporting presence which made the classes fun. I'd recommend her classes and I myself intend to attend more of them.”

Xianan is studying towards a PhD at LSE in London and was a participant on the yoga-therapy-for-anxiety course in April 2020.

“I feel calm and grateful. This is what Zaki’s class brought to me. During the pandemic, as a Chinese young woman, I live by myself. This generates a lot of anxiety and loneliness. I saw myself gradually losing control of my own mental status. So when I saw Zaki’s post about her yoga class, I could not have a second thought but to join. During the eight weeks practice, encouraging myself to join every Tuesday evening to dedicate time to myself was precious. Zaki’s yoga practice is especially slow, focusing on breathing and mindfulness, which I feel the most grateful for. For me, yoga is about putting my mind and my body together. Zaki’s class did a good job. So thank you Zaki and hope many of you will join her!”

About the course provider, Mindwalk Yoga

Mindwalk Yoga is a social enterprise on a mission to reach diverse and vulnerable people with yoga-therapy tailored to treat anxiety, stress, and trauma via online classes and practice-at-home videos.

Classes, courses, and videos are designed and led by Zakiya Bishton, founder and long-time yogi. Zakiya graduated from the British Wheel of Yoga with a diploma in teaching yoga in 2009, she comes with more than 10 years of yoga teaching experience, specific training in yoga-therapy-for-anxiety, and yoga-therapy-for-PTSD.

Mindwalk Yoga courses have been designed from a considered and knowing place. Zakiya is a woman of colour and uses yoga-therapy as a tool to help manage and heal her mind and body from the effects of intersectional discrimination.

Zakiya is hugely interested in understanding the impact trauma has on the brain, behavior patterns, and how we can use yoga-therapy to heal minds, bodies, and positively change negative behavior patterns. Zakiya completed a mini master’s in Race, Racism, and Mental Health at King’s College in February 2020.

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Tickets for 8-week yoga therapy for anxiety - Starts 26th Oct - Online & pre-recorded can be booked here.

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Mindwalk Yoga is a start-up social enterprise focused on inclusive and accessible yoga-therapy-for-anxiety classes and practice at home resources.   Drop-in virtual classes and longer courses available.   Founded by yoga teacher Zakiya Bishton in 2019, Mindwalk Yoga is on a mission to inform and empower anyone experiencing anxiety to improve their mental wellbeing through tailored therapeutic yoga practices.    
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Mon Oct 26 2020 at 09:00 am to Mon Dec 21 2020 at 12:00 pm
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