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6 Weeks of AR Games A Deep Dive  Into Authenticity & Connection (Online)

6 Weeks of AR Games: A Deep Dive Into Authenticity & Connection (Online)

Thu Jan 13, 2022

6 Weeks of AR Games: A Deep Dive Into Authenticity & Connection (Online)

Time Thu Jan 13 2022 at 03:30 pm to 05:30 pm

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6 Weeks of AR Games: A Deep Dive  Into Authenticity & Connection (Online), 13 January | Online Event | 6 Weeks of AR Games: A Deep Dive Into Authenticity & Connection (Online)
Authentic Seattle is hosting another Deep Dive - an opportunity to meet in a closed group of the same ~8-14 people every week for 6 weeks, encouraging authenticity, growth and deeper connection.

We'll do specially crafted activities, called “Authentic Relating Games.” These are designed to help us get in touch with ourselves in the moment (our body sensations, feelings, emotions, thoughts, judgments, stories, and curiosities), and then connect with each other. Each time we’ve done a Deep Dive, it’s led to warmth, intimacy, care, and deep connection. There’s been self-discovery, tears, laughter (plenty of laughter!) and insight.

Both experienced Authentic Relaters and newbies (with some personal or spiritual growth experience) are welcome to participate in our Deep Dive. All diversity is exuberantly welcome and encouraged! And, please join us from all over the globe as we'll have all of the experience online during this time of continued physical distancing.

Participants are encouraged to attend all 6 events, as possible (attending the 1st event and at least 3 more is required - if needed ask for the super rare exception). After we begin on the first Tuesday, this will be a closed group.

A few of the Games we may play (along with many more) include:
* HOT SEAT -- Someone is in the hot seat (mild, medium & spicy!). Only ask the questions that interest you, and actually say as soon as you are tired of listening to their answer!
* Getting ‘n’ Giving -- Remember your childhood dreams of getting endless presents on your birthday? Prepare to receive them!
* Noticing -- What is happening within you? What is happening just outside of you? What is happening within your perception? What is really here, right now?
* Last Day on Earth -- You are face to face with someone with whom you have unfinished business. It’s your last day on Earth. Given that you won’t have another chance, what will you do?

We’re designing a program with movement, music, togetherness and intimacy. Even online! We hope you’ll join us.

AR (Authentic Relating) is about what is real. It's about what you are feeling and experiencing in the bodily felt sense. It's about your actual thoughts and emotions in the moment, whether they be frightening, silly, sexy, or questioning. It's about the nature of connectedness when you look into the eyes of another being.

AR Games (aka Transformational Games) are a collection of experiences and activities that give participants a hands-on taste of both the joy and skills of genuine interpersonal connection. Games provide an often lower-stakes venue to feel the power of being vulnerable in community with the aim of bringing more authentic connection into our lives every day.

Being Here Now, in a Circle is a group experience with less structure. There is space for emotional expression, reflection, and sharing of impact. We aim to follow our impulses, speak our truths with compassion, and relate authentically in the moment. We do our best to own our experiences, reveal transparently, and connect from a place of genuine curiosity and wonder. We celebrate and honor who we are now. These events are also offered on many other days and times as well.

AR is a growing movement with communities around the globe gathering to connect and enrich the human experience. Learn more at ( and

We are a community of people unleashing our aliveness through self-expression, connection, and bearing witness to each other.

On every Wednesday eve, AS offers drop-in AR activities: Games (usually) and Circling (sometimes). Both activities are ways to practice authenticity and presence while in relationship with each other. Drop-in Circling is offered many other days/times as well. If you can’t attend this full series, we encourage you to jump into these events! &

- WHAT: A Deep & Playful Dive into Community & Authentic Relating

- DATES: 6 Thursdays - Jan 13, 20 & 27, Feb 3, 10 & 17 - you are encouraged to come to as many as possible, and it must be at least 4, including the first session on Jan 13. (In Australia, this is on Friday 14 Jan, the next day.)

- TIME: Please sign in around 3:25pm PT (5 minutes early) to settle into the online space so we can begin at 3:30pm PT. We'll regularly go from 3:30-5:30pm PT (6:30-8:30pm ET and 9:30-11:30am AEST in Australia)

[If this time is too early, we have a later version from 7-9pm PT on the same day -]

- WHERE: Online at Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 834 6973 5928
Password: 051863

Supporting = $175
Sustaining = $150
Supported = $125
BIPOC* = $75
*BIPOC = Black, Indigenous & All People of Color

- How to Pay: PayPal at (or to bGF1cmVsaSB8IHRocml2ZS13aXNlICEgY29t) or Venmo @LaureliShimayo or Laureli can run your card on Square
Please pay ahead or right when you enter the zoom room (mention that it is for Deep Dive #11A).

We offer a lower *BIPOC price as a step towards creating racial justice and ending racism in this generation. We aim to educate and take a step towards making reparations for years of systemic cultural racism and white benefits/advantage/privilege that white-bodied people receive despite how aware, conscious and unbiased we may each be.

5.4% of revenue on this even is also paid to Real Rent Duwamish - as Authentic Seattle is on unceded ancestral land of the Duwamish people.

10% of revenue goes to support Authentic Seattle

- APPLY: Reach out to ZGF2aWQgISBiZXR6emFsbCB8IGdtYWlsICEgY29t & bGF1cmVsaSB8IHRocml2ZS13aXNlICEgY29t (or text 720.352.2434) to share your interest in participating. We’ll do brief conversational interviews with applicants to ensure we’re ready to be in a container together. If you have any questions or requests, please reach out!

- WHO: David Betz-Zall (he/him) and Laureli Shimayo (she/they) will be the facilitators throughout the 6-week journey. Other AS Facilitators are likely to participate in the Deep Dive too! Meet us on video at:
Youtube Video

Laureli Shimayo is a body psychology coach and intuitive. She has been leading AR events for 7 years with Authentic Portland and Authentic Seattle. To learn more about Laureli and her background, go to

David Betz-Zall has been Authentically Relating for 4 years and leading for 2. He specializes in helping people get out of their own way to find the joy and enthusiasm that exists within everyone.

*David and Laureli are committed to facing our white body privilege, ending white supremacy and making **reparations for systemic racism. We are actively educating ourselves, and we know we've got a lot more to learn and integrate.

This event is at:

Additional Considerations:
- Please note that Authentic Relating events are not a therapeutic setting, and the facilitators are not there in the role of counselors. If you have needs that would best be served by a mental health professional, do not consider this practice as a substitute for such care.
- We intend to cultivate conscious living, conscious loving and freedom. Intrinsic in the work of increasing our consciousness is a keen noticing of our bodies and of those around us. This deep listening doesn't mix well with alcohol or other substances, so please don't consume those that would hinder your natural state before attending our events.

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Thu Jan 13 2022 at 03:30 pm to 05:30 pm
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