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1021 Day Weight Loss Boot Camp  - Cycle 27

10:21 Day Weight Loss Boot Camp - Cycle 27

Oct 03, 2022 - Oct 23, 2022

10:21 Day Weight Loss Boot Camp - Cycle 27

Time Mon Oct 03 2022 at 05:00 am to Sun Oct 23 2022 at 05:00 pm

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USD 21
10:21 Day Weight Loss Boot Camp  - Cycle 27, 3 October | Online Event | 10:21 Day Weight Loss Boot Camp - Cycle 27
Lose up to 10 pounds in 21 days - flat belly challenge.

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Are you ready to loose weight and get healthy?

This month we will be intentional about getting rid of belly fat!

Did you know that belly fat, especially after the age of 35 for woman can be due to hormonal imbalances?

A healthy waistline is

- less than 35 inches for women

- Less than 40 inches for men

❤️‍?For consistency, always measure at the level of your belly button.

Of course the summer is just around the corner so we all want to look good in our summer wear.

But here’s an important reason why you want to get rid of belly fat! It has been shown to increase your risk of major medical complications such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, strokes and more.

Hormones involved: thyroid hormone, sex hormones, Leptin, cortisol!

Please see your doctor for a physical if you haven’t yet. You may need blood tests. And make sure you are cleared to participate


Please note : This Boot camp takes place on a private Facebook group

It doesn't matter where you are in your weight loss journey. The truth is,

- You've got to stay motivated

- You've got to be consistent

- You've got to learn how foods impact our hormones and our body.

- You'll need to learn how to implement healthy habits and LOSE WEIGHT

- Let's face the truth - sometimes you need a drill sergeant

I know all these things because I have been there. This is my life. At my heaviest in 2006 I was over 300 pounds. Now I am 182 pounds. It’s been a long journey. I've done multiple diets, gone to the gym, lost some weight, gained more weight, been frustrated and even given up many times. I’ve learnt a lot. I also have an out patient weight loss practice. I share all that I know do that you don’t make the same mistakes that I did. I know what it takes, that's why I'm here to help you.

One day, a successful weight loss client said to me: - "Once you get your mind right, your actions follow you mind and your body does what it's supposed to do."

Of course, everyones results are different. But your results depend on you!

Give me a small percentage of your precious time and let me help you get rid of up to 10 pounds.

And here's how..........

For three weeks, you and I, together with a group of other individuals will work virtually on multiple effective healthy lifestyle solutions.

if you are:-

?Struggling to get healthy

?Tired of your weight going up and down,

?Need accountability for constant motivation,

?Ready to understand how to change your weight for good,

?At risk of major medical problems because of your weight

?Ready to know what to do about hormonal weight gain

Then join this boot camp now

Whats in the 10:21 BOOT CAMP?

✅ 21 -days of motivation with Dr. Yembe

✅Food list & Meal ideas

✅ 6-7 Facebook live workout / coaching sessions a week that you can follow from anywhere, anytime

✅ 24/7 online support

✅ Live group coaching and live meal prep once a week

✅ Private Facebook Group

✅ Equipment needed.(Optional): Dumbells, Yoga mat, Resistance bands

✅Morning motivational videos

✅Only $21 for the three week session (except for special sales).

Click Sign Up Today to Enroll!

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Participant feedback.

Kayla lost 6 pounds during her first 14 days of boot camp.

Sharon lost 4.2 pounds just after 7 days in boot camp.

Participant impressions.
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Tickets for 10:21 Day Weight Loss Boot Camp - Cycle 27 can be booked here.

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General Admission USD 21
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Dr. Enaka Yembe is Board Certified Family Medicine Physician practicing general medicine and emergency medicine in Louisiana. She is founder and CEO of the American Stat-Care Centers that served Louisiana and Texas from 2006 to 2015 and 2016 to 2017, respectively.   She was born in Cameroon, Africa. She graduated from the university of Lagos, Nigeria with a Bachelor (Honors) Degree in Biochemistry. She went to medical school in The University of Milan, Italy. She completed an internship in Transitional Medicine in Howard University Hospital in Washington DC. She did her Family Medicine Residency  training at LSU Conway Hospital in Monroe, Louisiana, and was nominated Resident of the Year.   Dr. Yembe is a passionate philanthropist who founded the Omer Yembe Foundation. She brought healthcare to about 4,000 poor people in remote Cameroon since 2015, by leading medical mission trips and  establishing a small rural clinic/short stay hospital facility. Her education scholarships sponsored about 100 orphan children.   She is a national and international John Maxwell certified Speaker, Mentor and Coach who works with individuals and groups. Dr. Yembe was the 2019 Oschner LSUHCS Monroe Commencement Speaker. She is author of the Amazon number 1 best seller Grow to SUCCESS; Co-author of two bestsellers, Success Chronicles and 20 Beautiful women, Africa Edition. She is also a co-leader ad co-author of this book; Beyond Challenges. She has been seen on Fox 14 TV and NBC TV.   She is a mother of two girls, marathoner, loves personal development, travelling, dancing, cooking and taking care of her goats. 
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Mon Oct 03 2022 at 05:00 am to Sun Oct 23 2022 at 05:00 pm
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