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LoST on the Great Miami River Trail - Dayton/Piqua, Ohio - 48 or 22 miles


LoST on the Great Miami River Trail - Dayton/Piqua, Ohio - 48 or 22 miles

When is the last time you were in Piqua, Ohio? Do not miss this scenic adventure along The Great Miami Recreational Trail and The Great Miami Trail. Both are part of the greater Dayton area's impressive 340 miles of paved bikeways - the largest in the nation!

This is a LoST tour - Long or Short Tour - two tours in one to accommodate more cyclists - those who prefer long rides and those who prefer short ones all riding together.

The LoST plan: (1.) Long distance riders meet at 11 AM to ride 13 miles to meet up with the (2.) Short distance riders at 12:30 PM (3.) Together all will ride 11 miles to a tasty spot for a delicious lunch and great selection of beverages. (4.) Afterward, all will ride 11 miles back to the Short distance starting spot and then (5.) the Long distance riders will ride 13 miles back to their starting spot. The total tour miles for the Long distance riders is 48, and for the Short distance riders the total is 22 miles.

Expect a pace of 11 MPH. Route is 98% bikeway. Tasty refreshment spot is a well-reviewed family restaurant in Piqua (RSVP for the details).
Points of interest include The Great Miami River, Treasure Island, Taylorsville Dam, Eldean Covered Bridge, Troy, Tipp City, and Piqua.

RSVP for starting location and details at
Watch the email address you have associated with Meet-up for last minute changes, tour updates and reminders.

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CycleNuts is an alternative cycle touring experience where seeing and socializing take emphasis over speed and (ugh!) sweat. Join along on bike-way touring adventures to destinations near and far. We call what we do 'touring' - as in what it is that we do in addition to or while riding.Expect a slow pace under 11 mph average with CycleNuts 50% downhill guarantee. Sweating is optional. Pictures, merriment, and other touring activities encouraged.

The goal of CycleNuts is to encourage casual cyclists and cyclists interested in casual social cycling to get together and ride. All that is required is a cycle of some sort - uni, bi, tri, or tandem - and the ability and desire to ride, no matter what it is.

The vision of CycleNuts is to create a society of cyclists who ride at casual social speeds for the cause of fun, exercise, cycling awareness in the community, cycle-touring, and producing lots of good memories and smiles.

CycleNuts Tours in a Nutshell: All skills levels are welcome. Helmets are not mandatory. CycleNuts tours give preference to bicycle trail routes. Tours may begin and end or drop in midway at a point of interest serving food and refreshment. The speed will be at a comfortable casual class E (for easy everybody) pace determined ‘comfortable’ to fit those attending. Nobody is dropped, abandoned, or left to fend for their self (unless they wish to be). A tour may split midway to accommodate riding speeds and schedules of attendees. CycleNuts tours are self-supported with only the slightest of guidance. Emergency road support – if necessary – may be a creative, collective group effort. Or, you may need to fend for yourself. Be prepared with options.

Goals: To explore and enjoy as a group the sites and flavors of neighborhoods, communities, and regions; increase cycling awareness and appreciation in society; interrupt the doldrums of the week with a pleasant cycling activity; develop a community of cycling friends interested in touring together; get a bit of exercise, have fun, socialize, and smile.

Recommended Gear: A cycle (uni, bi, tri, tandem, or cycle/trailer rig). Front and rear lighting. Communication device. Spare tube or patch kit. Water. Energy bar. Air pump and wrench kit. Cycle lock. Funds for refreshment breaks. Warm and weather protective clothing – including protection for feet, hands, head, and face for the colder seasons.

Recommended Preparation: Always check your brakes, tire pressure, and lights prior to any tour. Routes may include bicycle trails, dedicated bicycle lanes on streets, bicycle ‘friendly’ streets, and at times of necessity, regular streets, parking lots, sidewalks, and dirt paths. We may experience darkness on evening or early morning rides as the days grow shorter. As well, consider what you are wearing and what you may need for changing weather conditions such as heat, cold, rain, sleet, and/or snow during a riding event.

Yes – CycleNuts will offer cycling events in all four seasons – what else could be expected from CycleNuts?

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