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Oct 15, 2022 - Oct 15, 2022


Time Sat Oct 15 2022 at 10:00 am

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Elements Collective, 17 McLachlan Street,Brisbane,QLD,Australia, Newstead, Australia

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AUD 53

GOAT YOGA - 15 OCT, 15 October | Event in Newstead | GOAT YOGA - 15 OCT
Goat Yoga has arrived! Join us for some mindful fun!

Cost: $49 per person plus eventbrite fees
-Yoga mat (6mm)
-Hand towel
-Baby goats

Inspired Events is proud to partner with Karmably Goat Yoga! For each ticket purchased through Inspired Events $10 will be donated to the charities we support.

Karmably Goat Yoga
If the thoughts of mundane tasks on your free day give you the heebie jeebies, look no further because we’ve got you!
‘Breath-in, Bleat-OUT’ is a Karmably event that accommodates the vibrant energy from baby goats whilst embodying the peaceful art of meditation.
Now, we know what you’re thinking, “why would I want to meditate with goats? Doesn’t that go against everything about meditation?”. The short answer is yes. The longer answer is yes, ‘Breath-In, Bleat-OUT’ is a metaphor for what meditating actually feels like when you first embark on your journey for inner peace.
Ask any guru, your first meditation or yoga practice isn’t going to be perfect (and it certainly won’t be still). You’ll be occupied with thoughts that distract you, forcing you to distance yourself from the current task at hand. Well, let us tell you that this is normal! It’s all part of the process and what better way to teach you than with the help of our fur babies!
These cuties will nibble, nuzzle, and bleat at you for your sole attention, but we promise you won’t get worked up over it. In fact, we guarantee you that you’ll leave with nothing but a smile and a few selfies (good luck trying to get a fur baby to pose!). Instead of criticizing yourself for being unable to perfectly pose in spiritual silence, this session will guide you to compassionately observe this chaotic beauty provided by our baby goats. You’ll learn to embrace the present madness and flow with the moment, accepting that it simply is what it is. Perfection is an illusion.

Your Friendly Warning:
Our furry companions sometimes lack complete control over their bladders and can release when excited! Remember, they’re still little babies and only want to run around and enjoy the day with you! But don’t worry because our Karma-Krew is always standing by; prepared and primed to handle any mischief!
So, Invite your friends and family for an unforgettable experience with Karambly! Observe community come together and immerse within the chaotic beauty that is ‘Breath-In, Bleat-OUT’. We hope you see you soon!
Why baby goats?

1. Therapeutic companions

Acting as a third-party improvement, therapy goats help ground patient’s in their social, emotional, and cognitive functions. These cuddly creatures can help liven the mood and dampen overwhelming situations. Knowing that you have a companion that fails to judge is a friend to everyone.

2. Historical Martyrs

Goats have been used as therapy animals since the 18th-century! Mental institutions allowed inmates to interact with goats and surprisingly, famous psychotherapists like Sigmund Freud observed that patients with anxiety or depression were significantly more relaxed. This is because they know that these friendly animals lack judgment, leaving patients with more energy to enjoy their relationship!


Previous research has shown that goat therapy can positively affect your brain chemistry by increasing dopamine (reward-motivation behaviour), oxytocin (bonding), and decreasing cortisol levels (stress). For individuals struggling with short or long-term issues, having a friendly, fur baby that’s eager to bond will be of huge asset to your mental health.
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Tickets for GOAT YOGA - 15 OCT can be booked here.

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Sat Oct 15 2022 at 10:00 am
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Elements Collective, 17 McLachlan Street,Brisbane,QLD,Australia, Newstead, Australia