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Women's Whatever It Takes - Fall 2019

Sun Sep 08 2019 at 07:30 pm to Sun Dec 01 2019 at 09:00 pm

Women's Whatever It Takes - Fall 2019

Time Sun Sep 08 2019 at 07:30 pm to Sun Dec 01 2019 at 09:00 pm

13 Week Phone/Video Meeting,, New York, United States


Women's Whatever It Takes - Fall 2019

Our Philosophy

“Women Whatever It Takes Group” is a network of women committed to the manifestation of each member’s deep, personal, and individual aspirations and goals through the loving support of other women.


Program Overview

Women choose the WWIT experience to empower themselves to accomplish a variety of personal goals through the support and encouragement of other WWIT members within a structure of deep accountability.  


There are no limits as to the type of goal a member may elect to work on, so long as the goal is legal and safe. The goal can be as simple as a decluttering project, or eating healthily, or as complex as starting a new career or new business venture. Each member chooses the goals she wants to accomplish over the course of the 12 week WWIT cycle. She is then free to seek help from the group to ensure her goal is one that is actually attainable within the 12 week time-frame.


 Members of the WWIT cycle make a commitment to convene on video conference (Zoom) once per week, followed by telephone contact during the week with a WWIT buddy for personal support and accountability. 


Power of WWIT

The power of the WWIT group lies in each member:

1. Making a commitment to pursuing identified goals within the 12-weeks cycle.

2. Doing whatever it takes, within legal and safety limits, in order to accomplish her goals.

3. Showing up and reporting to the group, being held accountable and supported by the group and her buddy.

4. Taking a pledge to bring to every session a loving heart, open mind and a positive attitude towards herself, toward fellow members, and toward the process itself. 


Members get to draw once a week on the wisdom of the group through a feedback loop of reflection and conversation. The group process helps women understand and overcome the difficulties they may face in the present or that have blocked past efforts, and receive encouragement and support. We work together every step of the way toward successful achievement of each member’s dreams, goals, and aspirations. 

“How and why does the program work?”

 It is custom designed. Each woman sets her own program and goals, based on whatever she wants more of or less of in her life. The level of challenge and number of goals can vary for each participant based on what is appropriate for her and her current life circumstances.

You don’t have to figure it out alone. The group process will help you get crystal clear on what you want to change and help you determine the practical commitments you will make for the 90 day duration of the WWIT cycle.

You are supported in your efforts and held accountable to your word. The intense support and accountability allows each member of the group to finally make that big breakthrough, and accomplish each her goals, once and for all. The wisdom of the group and the daily phone calls will carry you through moments of weakness and doubt and help illuminate patterns and places where you may have gotten stuck in the past. 


It is applicable to all aspects of life. Unique programs have changed virtually all areas of people’s lives, including programs geared towards personal relationships, physical health, financial goals, work goals, creativity, spiritual practice, fun and more. 


“How long has WIT been running?"

Whatever It Takes (WIT) Group© began in Indianapolis, Indiana in September of 2000 as a men’s support group. Originally it was in a face-to-face meeting framework. The online conference format was developed in February of 2006, and we have been going ever since! To date there have been over 50 WIT cycles. Hundreds of participants from all over the country have benefited from this powerful process by making REAL and CONCRETE changes in their lives. Based on the program’s incredible success for men, it is now being expanded to offer the same opportunities for women, hence WWIT.


“What are the requirements to join WWIT?”

 The WWIT program is open to ALL women. Participation is conditioned, though, upon the ability and willingness to follow these 3 requirements: 


1. Attend 1 ½ hour weekly video conference for the duration of the 12 week WWIT cycle. Up to two (2) absences are permitted. If a woman knows that her schedule would not permit regular participation, she may not participate in the cycle.   


2. Make daily individual phone calls with a WWIT buddy as required. 


3. Tell the complete truth about your personal successes and failures to fulfill the commitments you made at the start of the WWIT cycle. 

What is the cost of the program?

For the 12 week WWIT cycle, the cost is $350 per person. Payment plans can be arranged as needed. 

A “Taste Of WIT”, co-ed, four week introductory seminar is available for $80. If after the Taste Of WIT seminar you choose to register for a full 12 week WWIT cycle the $80 fee will be applied as a down payment toward the full cycle’s fee (if taken within a year’s time). 

How Do I Sign Up For The Women Whatever It Takes Group?

If now is the time for you, please join us. Space is limited and available on a first come, first served basis. See the Register Now section to sign up. 


Join other women in making major life improvements!


Tickets for Women's Whatever It Takes - Fall 2019 can be booked here.

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Full Registration - I am in! USD 350
FREE Guest Ticket- First Night Admission Free
Nearby Hotels 13 Week Phone/Video Meeting,, New York, United States
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Date & Time

Sun Sep 08 2019 at 07:30 pm to Sun Dec 01 2019 at 09:00 pm

Date & Time

Sun Sep 08 2019 at 07:30 pm to Sun Dec 01 2019 at 09:00 pm


13 Week Phone/Video Meeting,, New York, United States


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