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Shadow Hunting, with Frank Mondeose

Shadow Hunting, with Frank Mondeose

Shadow Hunting with Frank Mondeose

In this third installment of experiential evenings led by Frank Mondeose at Flowland Montreal, we will be exploring Shadow Work. Often avoided in spiritual circles as being "too dark or edgy" to explore, Frank will open a space for individuals to begin to face and hunt their shadows. Through a series of discussions and exercises, a field of permission and safety will be created to dive into the recesses of our consciousness to get a glimpse of the feelings we have avoided and built unsavory coping mechanisms which covertly control our lives.

This introduction to shadow work is designed to gain and practice tools to deal with emotions that are stirred up, and offer pathways into stalking one's shadows to bring more awareness and willingness to face our dark side in order to reclaim power.


"Shadow" first discussed by philosopher Nietzsche and psychoanalyst Jung in the 19th century, represents any part of our consciousness that we deny, avoid, disown or keep tucked away in the recesses of our unconscious. It is the parts of ourselves we associate with shame, fear or guilt accumulated early in our lives or through family lineage.

The shadow is the “dark side” of our personality because it consists of mainly primitive, dense human emotions and impulses such as rage, jealousy, greed, selfishness, and striving for power.

Facing our shadows is challenging and in some cases can be personally disturbing.

Unmet shadows often have a tendency to affect our relationship with the outside world by masking it with coping strategies. Shadow drains our life force energy and feeds disempowering loops of denial that prevents us from accessing our most genuine essence.

These unexamined or disowned parts of our personality don’t go away. Although we deny them in an attempt to cast them out, we cannot eliminate the shadow. The only path to resolving the shadow, is diving consciously into it, shining light on its' core, processing the emotions surrounding it, and learning to befriend and transform it into an ally.

"The shadow is not a problem to be solved or an enemy to be conquered, but a fertile field to be cultivated. When we dig our hands into its rich soil, we will discover the potent seeds of the people we most desire to be."

— Debbie Ford from The Shadow Effect book

Repressing the shadow is one of the biggest barriers in any person’s journey towards Self Love and living authentically.

Our shadow can only wield its power over us when we keep it in the dark. And instead of something to be denied, feared or rejected, the shadow has our most treasured gifts.

Exploring the shadow can lead to greater authenticity, creativity, energy, and personal awakening.

As we explore this part of ourselves we most feared, we become free—free to experience the full range of our humanness, free to choose what we do in this world.

When we make peace with our shadow, our lives transform. We no longer have to pretend to be someone we're not.


The evening will be organized as follows:

1- Introductions and setting the frame for the exploration.
2- Anonymous group shame/fear/guilt identification exercise
3- Learn and practice emotional release tools to support shadow hunting.
4- Exercise that explores shame/fear/guilt and its humiliating effects.
5- Guided Meditation to transform shadow into an ally.
6- Closing Circle and sharing.

Intensity level: High.

For Who: Those who want tools to work with their shadows and begin to transform their shadows into allies. A deep desire to cut through BS and gain power through facing difficulty.
Touch: There will be no touch in this workshop.
Nudity: There will be no nudity in this workshop.
Sexual content: There will be no sexual practices in this workshop.
What to bring: Water bottle, and a healthy dose of courage.
What to wear: Whatever you want. Be comfortable.


Frank holds an unapologetic, no nonsense container. It is a space to step out of your comfort zone, meet your edges in a compassionately ruthless manner. It is an opportunity to fully meet yourself, and the places you have disowned, in order to reclaim personal power as a creative and sovereign being.

The container is solidly held, in a protective and safe environment where all emotions and expressions are welcome and celebrated. The container is an opportunity for healing, by releasing conventionalities of society and opening a permissive space for any and all energies to move with a confident and empowering facilitator.


Early Bird $33, until Mar. 23
Paypal: www.paypal.me/SolomonK
Or, e-transfer: c29sb21vbmtydWVnZXIgfCBnbWFpbCAhIGNvbQ==
Door: $44 (Space is limited. Book early to RSVP, as the last event was sold out)
*Tickets are transferable but non-refundable.

A contemporary voice on Love, Eros & Relating, Frank Mondeose also known as the “Spiritual Playboy”, splits his energy between the realms of Sacred Sex education and sensual entertainment.

Faculty with ISTA, The International Schools of Temple Arts, and creator of the lifestyle brand Monde Osé, Frank has touched the hearts and minds of many through tantalizing their imaginations at his multi-sensorial events, to inspirational interactions that navigate people to access their personal power.

Frank is currently teaching Sacred Sexuality in over 10 countries including Canada, United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, England, Iceland, Italy, Czech Republic, Croatia, Israel, Russia and Turkey.

Learn more about his world tour at:

The Daring World Podcast:

Web Series:

Flowland Montréal offers events, workshops, retreats, and personal coaching to help inspire you to feel your deeper dimensions and discover new possibilities in your life. Our mission is to offer spaces and processes as catalysts for awakening, transformation, and connection to one’s deep truthé

Flowland’s approach is unique. It utilizes multiple embodied practices and processes for personal transformation and sharing from the heart.

Flowland values authenticity, creativity, self-expression, healing, harmony and well-being in oneself and in the community.

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